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Chapter Fourteen

After five years of being Marley's sole provider and caregiver, I find it a little strange to sit back and watch another person do the things I'm used to doing on my own.

Like getting her up and dressed for school.

Monday morning was a nightmare.

Having spent the past three days attached at the hip with her birth mother, Marley lost it when she found out she had to go to school and that Bella couldn't spend the day with her class. Tears were shed, a bowl of cereal was thrown and broken on the kitchen floor and my Muffin ended up getting grounded from cartoons for her nasty behavior.

Her teacher wound up moving her lady bug to red instead of the usual green lily pad on the behavior chart and for the first time since she started school, I got a call from Miss Aimee to discuss my daughter's attitude.

Tuesday was a little better.

The tears were there and she wound up getting a yellow lily pad. Together, Bella and I sat Marley down to explain that if her attitude didn't change Bella would be going and staying at a hotel.

Here we are Wednesday morning and it's been smooth sailing for the most part.

Bella makes French toast for breakfast. She helps Marley get ready and irons her little uniform. She even braids her hair into a crown on her head, something I don't know how to do.

All while I sit back and watch, jingling my keys nervously.

We pile into my car and drive across town to the school in silence. Bella has convinced Marley into apologizing for her behavior, so we walk her inside and wait for her to talk with Miss Aimee. And then we're at a standstill.

The past two days were tense after dropping Marley off. Both of us just sort of stood by the phone waiting for a call from the school, worried that Marley was throwing temper tantrums. Tuesday we decided that although she was acting like a brat, we would still plan the trip to Disney.

It makes Bella nervous when I ask her opinion on things, but I don't know what else to do. I've never done mutual parenting until now, so I'm just trying to go with the flow.

The flight is booked and our hotel reservations made. We'll be leaving next Thursday and return on Monday morning.

Marley waves goodbye and shoos us out the door with one dainty little hand. Both Bella and I let out a sigh of relief.

"That went better," she laughs.


Not having to sit around the phone worrying about Marley gives us ample time alone and I'm unsure as to what to do. We just sort of sit in the living room in awkward silence.

I have classical music playing on the television. My laptop in on my lap as I go over a few contracts for Rose and Emmett. Bella produces a small stack of paperback books from her suitcase and flips through one at the other end of the couch.

It takes thirty minutes of avoiding each other's wayward glances for her to crack. Her book is tossed on the coffee table and she gives a heaving sigh.

"Let's talk, Edward. I'm bored and this is awkward."

I shut my laptop and set it on the coffee table next to her book. "What do you want to talk about?"

"I don't know," she huffs, throwing her hands in the air. "Both you and Marley pouted and bribed me into staying here rather than going to a hotel, so why don't you tell me what I'm supposed to be doing while she's at school?"

"Would you rather stay at a hotel?"

She growls.

Could my daughter be any more like her birth mother?

"No. I like being here, but it's just awkward when she isn't around. I'm not trying to come off as needy or anything, but entertain me. Please."

I scratch my head and think.

"Do you want to go somewhere? I can take you to our local haunts… if you want."

"Will Marley be upset if you take me to these places without her?" she asks. I reply with a nod. "Then no."

I try to come up with something, but come up short. When Marley insisted on Bella staying in her room, I never thought about the six hours a day that she would be at school. I have no idea how to entertain this woman.

"Do you want to see Marley's home videos?" I ask finally. "We have DVDs under the television. They're all labeled."

She bites her lip. "Really?"

I nod. "Help yourself."

She crawls over to the entertainment center and I grab my laptop trying very hard not to stare at the way her jeans hug her ass.

So it's been a while for me since I've spent alone time with a woman.

An attractive woman.

Her name was Jane and it was years ago. Jane and I were together for a few months when Marley was two, but I never brought her around. The relationship was purely physical and only took place when I was able to get a sitter for Marley. I wasn't looking to find a mother for my daughter, but wanted normalcy, and for a while it worked.

Until Jane wanted more and I flounced.

Bella brings out reactions in me that are unfamiliar.

Three days in the same house with an attractive female that is completely devoted to my little one and I'm more than smitten.

And then I remind myself that said female is merely devoted to my little one because of their blood relations.

She's beautiful, undoubtedly so. With her long red-brown hair, her big expressive eyes and contagious smile.

Her tits are a-maz-ing.

There's a physical attraction between the both of us, but the hesitance and constant reminder that we're here for one reason and one reason only – Marley – hangs thickly in the air.

Bella flips through the DVD case and pulls a disk out. "This won't bother you if I watch it in here?"

I shake my head and keep my eyes transfixed on the computer screen. She grabs the remote and flops down next to me on the couch before pressing play.

"Daddy, I don't want to."

"What don't you want to do, Muffin?" I ask from behind the camera as she stomps her little foot.

"Don't wanna go to school. I wanna stay wif you."

The camera jostles as I lean down so that we're on the same level. "What happened to my big girl who was so excited to start school last night? Did you eat her?"

She giggles despite herself. "No. I was s'ited, but now... I wanna stay wif you."

"Are you a big girl, Muffin?"

She nods.

"Then I want you to look into the camera and tell everyone what a special day it is. Can you do that for Daddy?"

She pulls at one of her pigtails nervously, but turns her big blue eyes directly at the camera.

"Hi. I'm Marwey Elizabef Cuwwen and today I start school." Her face falls and her eyes fill with tears. "But I weawy don't want to. I wanna stay wif my daddy… always."

The camera shakes for a second, I curse softly as I try to find the off button and set it on the ground not realizing that it's still recording. It's pointed towards the sky as I talk to Marley in hushed tones.

"You know daddy loves you, right?"

The camera falls over and shuts off.

I clear my throat.

"She was so excited to start school. We packed her little backpack probably twenty times the night before to make sure she had everything and then she clammed up right outside the doors of her classroom."

Bella wipes her eyes as she stands up to get another DVD.

"Monday and Tuesday were pretty much a cake walk compared to the first three weeks of pre-k, trust me," I laugh. "She used about every excuse she thought would work. She even hid all of her shoes in a suitcase under her bed for two days. I think that's what got her addicted to rain boots. They were the only ones I had because they were in my car."

Another DVD is placed in the player.

An elfin face pops up on the screen.

"This is Alice Brandon reporting from the Cullen estate on a very important day. A day no one in history will ever forget," Alice says with a straight voice as she walks backwards into the kitchen where everyone is waiting. "Miss Marley Elizabeth Cullen turns one years old only once in a lifetime.

"Marley, share with the world how you are feeling right at this very moment," she insists as she shoves the camera in the face of a fat and cranky baby that's sitting on my lap. Marley's cheeks are bright red from fever and she has four fingers shoved in her mouth. I try pushing the camera away, but Alice just shoves it in my face.

"Alice, she's teething. Go bug Jasper."

"Ah, Daddy Cullen… you're little girl is one years old. Practically a grown up. How does it feel, old man?" Alice taunts.

I glare at her over the camera.

"Come on, Edward," Jasper calls from across the room. "Let Alice have her fun."

"Thank you, baby."

I frown at my brother and stand up. Marley then starts to wail.

"I'm going to get her some more Tylenol. Mom, can you help?"

My mom shuffles behind me as the camera turns back on Alice.

"Edward Cullen, you're going to thank me for recording such a momentous occasion. Sure she's a cranky devil child right now, but you can't get these memories back." She sticks her tongue out as Jasper slinks up behind her and rests his chin on her shoulder. "What do you have to say to your niece, baby?" she then asks Jasper.

He winks at the camera. "Happy birthday, Marley. We love you and hope those teeth stop bothering you so you can enjoy some cake. Hopefully by your second birthday we'll have you a little cousin to play with and boss around."

Alice rolls her eyes and swats his chest.

"Happy Birthday Mars. We love you, kiddo. Alice Brandon, signing off."

The video turns to a slideshow of pictures from the party.

"Who was that?" Bella asks.

"Alice... she was my brother's fiancé." My phone chirps. "It's time to go pick up Marley. You wanna stay and watch these or come with me?"

"I'll come with you," she decides, stretching her arms above her head. Her shirt rides up, showing off a large, angry, red scar along her abdomen. I avert my eyes and she notices pulling the fabric back down.

"Sorry. I–"

"No. I'm sorry for staring."

"It's from her, just so you know. C-section." She bites her lip and leads the way out the door.

We're almost at the school when she brings up Alice again.

"Did she have to work? She wasn't at the party Friday night and your brother was in a less than pleasant mood."

I grit my teeth for a second before explaining the situation. "Alice is no longer welcome in my house or around my family whatsoever. And Jasper isn't just a dick towards you because he's trying to protect Marley. He thinks you're after my family's money."

She gapes like a fish at my admission.

"Alice swept into his life like a tornado and then she left town after she drained his bank account and broke his heart." I reach out and squeeze her leg. "It's not just you, Bella. He thinks any new person in any of our lives is after money."

She looks down at my hand and then back up at me.

"With damn good reason."

Soo there's your answers about Jasper and his shitty attitude. originally Alice was supposed to be cannon Alice with spikey hair and tons of energy. I have no idea how this Alice came about. So let's add one more name to the chopping block, shall we?

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