The 8a Team: Good Times – Novelised from the Comic


The final London Underground trains were leaving from the O2 to Waterloo station. Thousands of people stampeded their way into the Underground station, desperate to get home early after the concert they had just been to. The trains filled to the brim with them, the platforms full of angry civilians grabbing their way into the vehicles like zombies. The final few squashed their ways into the trains as the doors slid shut, trapping the outsiders on the platform for the night. The trains began to move, speeding their way through the labyrinth of tunnels that would lead the people to their destinations. Destinations they would never reach.

Yellow bolts of energy suddenly filled the tunnels, striking the trains. The vehicles came to a halt, their lights dimming. People inside the trains started panicking, looking outside at the darkness of the tunnels. Nothing moved, apart from a few rats scurrying on the rails, sniffing the air around them. Suddenly, a small orange light filled the tunnels in front of the various stilled trains. The passengers peered through the windows, trying to make out what the source of the lights was. When they saw it, they began to scream.

Roaring flames were spreading through the tunnels, moving towards the trains at a deadly speed. The passengers were rampaging towards the back of the train, crushing each other as they did it. A baby started to cry, and its mother cradled it, telling it everything was going to be fine. The flames reached the first train, causing it to explode almost immediately. The passengers on board it were smothered in fire, melting into the vehicle's structure. The burning metal shards from the train shot into the train behind it, impaling the passengers who were looking through the windows. A head rolled onto the rails, a terrified expression on its face.

The fire spread onto the second train, causing it to erupt like the first. The mother who was cradling the baby used her body as a shield to protect it as the flames reached her. It couldn't save either of them as the fires destroyed every sign of life within the train. In the remaining three trains behind the first two, the doors were smashed open. Screaming passengers sprinted through the tunnels, heading back towards the O2 station. Behind the fleeing crowd, the third train burst alight and sent metal fragments towards them. The people at the back of the crowd were not so lucky as the sharp, burning metal hit them. One burning piece of metal burst through a man's chest like a spear, causing his ribs, lungs and heart to fall out of the front of his body.

The crowd raced into the Underground station, screaming orders to the thousands of people still waiting on the platform. A massive uproar began as hundreds of panicking humans stomped up the steps and took the lifts back towards the O2 arena. The people still on the tracks burst into flames as the fourth and fifth trains sent a volcanic eruption of fire and metal through the tunnel and into the platform. Due to the weight of the number of screaming people on the stairs, the metal steps gave in, breaking and sending men and women plummeting into the flames below. The remaining survivors fled out of the station, where they were met by police cars and ambulances. Five fire engines were behind the other vehicles, the night sky filled with the sound of sirens. The O2 arena itself was in flames, which were set in a particular pattern. Police helicopters flew over the arena, filming what they saw.

The flames had drawn out a shape into the burning arena. A circular body, filling the main shape of the arena. In the middle were two huge burning eyes, a deadly smile under them.

Gregory Grayfoo had risen from the shadows.