A/N: Not sure where this came from, exactly. Random neuron and a wish to see Jasper. I dunno. Entirely Canon, but it's Post-BD.

Last Place He Expected

Dateline: 2016, Laramie, Wyoming

Surprise was the first emotion he registered. Surprise with an edge of nostalgia. It was the last that got Jasper's attention as he was unfolding himself from his apple-red 1965 Mustang convertible. It took him a moment to find the source, but he had already done so by the time they called his name.

"Jasper? Jasper Hale? No way!"

Her hair was darker and tamed, now, but Jasper never forgot a face. "Jessica? Stanley?" he asked, drawling it out to charm her.

It worked. She looked a little dazed as she smoothed down her business-casual outfit with her palms. "You remember me? That's so sweet!"

Yeah, her voice hadn't changed at all. "Yes, ma'am. What brings you here to Laramie?" He hefted his briefcase, which held his lecture notes.

"Oh!" she said, fluttering hands moving to the messenger bag she wore. "Um, yeah! So. I'm on the Spartans' Ten Year Reunion Committee." He nodded and she went on. "Like, Go Spartans, right?"

"Honestly, Jessica, I try not to think too much of high school." He looked significantly across Ivinson Avenue at the History Building. "I'm more into the college scene right now."

"Of course! But here, have this card, okay? I came out here because we're trying to track some of our Oh-Six class down and some of us are really hard to find." Her smile was bright and her manner unrelentingly cheerful. Jasper did his best not to roll his eyes. "You're here and so's Austin Marks."

"Uh, Jessica? I'm not even in your class, sugar," he reminded her, laying it heavy on the accent.

She blushed and her heart raced and Jasper swallowed back some venom. She might be annoying, but Jessica smelled good, today. "Oh, I totally know. I do. But I thought maybe if you could pass this along to Edward and Alice? Do you guys—are you still, you know...?"

"Family?" He smiled at her obvious embarrassment. "We're family, yes. Edward and Bella—"

"Oh, they're still together?"

Her emotions were on rock-and-roll frequency, jumping all over the place. "Yes, ma'am. They've even had a daughter. I'm an uncle," he added with a smile.

"And you and Alice...?"

He bobbed his head, as if a little sad. "Not for us. But we're happy being auxiliary parents."

She paused, clearly at a loss for words. Then, her motor revved again. "Well, that's great! So! Give Alice this card and have her register for our reunion, okay? I gotta go find Austin. He's working in Animal Something and doesn't even have e-mail!"

"I'll do that, Jessica. Y'all have a good day."

"You, too! And see you in Forks this summer!"

"Not if I see you first," he whispered, crossing the street and passing between the stately pines in front of the History Building. "Alice," he whispered to himself, "I am going to tie you in knots for not warning me about that."

When his phone rang buzzed immediately thereafter, he grinned. "Hi, sweetie!" his wife said in his ear when answered. "Knots, huh? Kinky! I'll be waiting!"