A God was roaming the earth that day, disguised as a normal man. It was Loki, the norse God, the God of mischief. He did that sometimes- disguise himself and walk the earth, playing tricks on humans. He did it mostly for his own amusement, when he had nothing else to do.

But that particular day, as he was wandering through the dark pine forests, he discovered something that caught his interest. The sound of beautiful fiddle play reached his ear. It was beautiful and enchanting with a light, playful tune. He followed the sound to a creek, where he saw a beautiful, fairhaired man sitting and playing the fiddle. He had blonde, curled hair, fair skin and a lean body, perfectly shaped. Loki smirked. "Ah.. The Nix." He thought and decided he would observe the scene for a while. In a swirl of black smoke, Loki shaped himself into a crow and watched from a nearby tree.

It took little time before the first human came wandering through the trees, enchanted by the tune. It was a young woman. As her gaze discovered the Nix, she stopped and gawked at him like some dumb animal. The Nix's naked body moved closer to her while playing, always keeping eyecontact with that sensual, somewhat intense stare. When he came so close, their noses were almost touching, the girl looked like she was about to jump him, but stood still nevertheless, like she was frozen. Seductively, he took her hand and led her to the creek, where he suddenly grabbed the back of her head, and pushed her under the water, holding her head there until she drowned.
Loki watched with facination the rest of that day, as the Nix seduced his victims and then drowned them in the creek. By the time the sun had crawled behind the horizon, four people had walked into their own death. First, the young woman, followed by a girl who looked to be her sister, later a robust looking man who were probably out chopping firewood and last an older woman who looked quite lost, so far out in the forest and who started praying the moment she saw the Nix.

When the evening came, the Nix started dragging the corpses up the creek, which led to a big lake, where he pulled them down into. When he had dragged the last body into the lake, he disappeared into the water and it went quiet for a long while. The moonlight shone on the still surface and with the thin fog that were creeping over it, the scene was quite mysterious. When finally something stirred, it was not a man, but a beautiful white horse that came up from the water.

At this, Loki swooped down, swirling back into his man form and the Nix turned to a man again too. He gasped and watched Loki with big eyes.
"Impressive!" Loki praised.
"Who are you?" The Nix asked, seemingly alarmed to see someone else posess the gift of magic.
"My…" Loki purred in a dark voice, stepping closer. "Do you not now?" The Nix took in his appereance for a moment, before he realised who he was.
"Loki!" He gasped. "The God of mischief.. the master of all trickery."
"Quite correct. I was quite impressed by your trickery with the fiddle there." Loki murmured, stepping closer yet. He licked his lips, thinking his devine beauty was probably enough in it's own to lure these dumb humans. The fair, blond man blinked at him, clearly out of his element, when it was him that was being toyed with and not the other way around. It was nightfall by now and the moonlight in his raven black hair and reflecting on his white skin, along with the cold night air worked for Loki's advantage. His cold breath came out as frost steam on the fair creature's neck and he shivered.
"Let me give you your award. Nix.." Loki purred and ran his fingers along his jawline, the Nix watching him questioningly.
"Master?" He said, before Loki's cold lips caught his breath in a deep, passionate kiss.