The Truth about Finland

by: Alissa Turner

Is it true?

Is it a fact, that no one cared for Tino Väinämöinen.

Some ask "What is wrong with him?"

Some reply with "He had a messed up past."

Some ask "Why is he so Quiet, yet Annoying?"

Some Reply,

"He is GAY,
He is a FAG,
He is a RETARD,
He is FAT,
He is to QUIET,

Tino is not normal.

He is not deaf,

But he is not juding you..

He is just speical.

He Believes we are all the same.

Tino starts believing everyone's opinions on him.

Tino does not go to school anymore.

He just stays in his house.

All Alone.

Surrounded by Silence.

So The next day Tino does not go to school.

The next week Tino stays in his house.

The next month Tino Does not wake up.

A couple hours later Berwald finds Tino.

Tino will not wake up.

Tino is not asleep.

Tino is not breathing.

Tino hated the truth everyone believed.

but the truth actually was Tino was surrounded by lies.

Now Tino will not wake up.

He overdosed himself.

And everyone is sad. They only worry since he is gone.

Couple months pass, now it is back.

The empty feeling. Of how no one,

Ever cared for,

Tino Väinämöinen.