This story is Peeta's version of the ending of the first book The Hunger Games. After Katniss had told him it was all fake and that she really didn't love him. And he locks himself up and this is when they've reached district 12. I hope you enjoy it. It's short and tragic.

He threw yet another vase at the wall, watching the glass shatter on the floor. Tears steadily coming from his perfectly broken eyes. He tosses another glass object at the wall, screaming in frustration.

"Ahhh!" He wails, hating how weak he felt. How the hurt inside left him empty.

He sank to the floor on his knees; he rested his wet face in his hands. She was pretending this whole time! And that hurt! He didn't care if she had saved his life; he wanted to die now more than ever! More tears flooded his hot cheeks, and he threw the last vase. He winced as it shattered and cracked the paint on the wall. He stood up and looked in a mirror, that was hanging on a single nail on the wall.

He loved Katniss, he loved her since the moment his ears heard her voice. He wanted her, he needed her. He thought she had felt the same way. But it was just an act to keep them alive. But she was so beautiful, so fragile, but yet, deadly. She was perfect, in the rain, the woods, the arena, and in his arms. Peeta walked over and picked up some glass; he tossed it at the wall again. Hatred filled his empty eyes just for a second. Gale! He thought, she doesn't want to love me in front of him. Tears clouded his eyes faster, but then he let it pass. Because he would let her love Gale, because he loved her.

Now he had to face her soon, so he cleaned up and left his room. Tears still hidden behind his eyes, but he wouldn't let her see them. Instead he would show her nothing. That way when she looked in his eyes she would see how empty he was. He would pretend, today he would kiss her, hold her hand. Be that star-crossed couple in love. All for the show, the part he never played before. He would smile, and watch her pretend along side of him. And that killed him inside.

So when he saw her coming towards him, he smiled and grabbed her hand. One last time for the people, as they entered district 12… And he wondered when he could let go and finally be alone…

Sad...Right? I love this story though. That's why it's going to be the first one I post. There are tons more where this came from. I'll be posting them soon…please review this and give me ideas you'd like me to write about Peeta, or Katniss or Gale or any Hunger Games character. Thanks.