My eyes opened slowly. It was still dark in the room, so obviously I'd only gotten around three hours of sleep. The clock read 5am. Make that two...

I stretched and turned, hoping to drift off again. I pressed into the warm, hard body next to me and sighed, trying to relax my mind. It had been this way for a few weeks now. I was lucky to get more than an hour of sleep before being awoken by the dream. Just a dream. Not a nightmare.

Sometimes I remembered what it was about, but it would slip away within seconds of waking. All I remembered was the warmth and safety and then waking up strangely empty.

The body next to me stirred and groaned, "You can't sleep again." It was a statement that Dyson murmured into his pillow without opening his eyes.

"Go back to sleep, I'm fine," I whispered, running my hand over his stubbly cheek. He was exhausted, I knew, because of me. Since I hadn't been sleeping, I'd been taking more chi from him without meaning to. The deprivation was taking its toll on me as well as him.

Dyson grunted as I got out of bed and headed downstairs. I'd never really liked coffee before, but now it had become somewhat of a lifeline for me. I prepared the machine then walked over to the couch to find a passed out Kenzi. Shaking my head, I walked back to the kitchen and slumped onto a stool, holding my head in my hands. It was time to ask Trick for help. He always knew what to do."

I was at the Dal by 8am, waiting for Trick to come back from his study. He said he had some herbs to put into a tea that would make me sleep without dreaming.

My mind still couldn't grasp the dream, only feelings. Even if it was a good dream, which it seemed to be, the not remembering and the residual emptiness weren't worth it.

"This," the old Fae began, "is a recipe for dreamless sleep created to prevent one's consciousness from entering Limbo during sleep. And certain Fae have the ability to manipulate dreams; this is a safeguard against that," he explained, then added gently, "Its also a good sleeping aid for anyone with nightmares."

I looked at the ingredients he'd placed before me and shook my head. "I don't think it's a nightmare though. At least, it doesn't feel like it." It was frustrating not being able to explain.

Trick touched my arm and said, "Whatever it is, Bo, its making you weak. We can't have that."

I looked at him and realized what he was saying. "If someone was going to manipulate my dreams to weaken me, why would they put pleasant dreams instead of nightmares." It didn't make sense, and I could tell Trick was also perplexed by it.

"Maybe its nothing, maybe its not," he said vaguely.

"Maybe I'm reading too much into this," I sighed, "I'm just so tired."

Trick nodded and looked over to Kenzi who was playing pool across the room. "Kenzi, will you drive Bo home?"

The younger girl looked up and nodded, "Of course. Come on, Bo-Bo." She trotted over and grabbed my hand. Trick handed me the bag of ingredients.

"Call me when you've gotten some rest," he smiled warmly.

I returned it, "Will do. Thanks, Trick."