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Chapter 1

A girl is walking down a road into Sherwood Forest, her name is Andy. She is 16 years old, has long brow hair, blue eyes. It was clear she did not care about modern fashion, she was wearing jeans with a t-shirt and sweater.

She was going to her favourite place when she needed to be alone, the river in Sherwood Forest. She was listening to "Shine on you crazy diamond" a song that always calmed her down.

She lied down and closed her eyes, willing herself to relax. She had a fight with her mother, something about her new best friend Steve. For some reason her mother didn't like him. She let the thought of the argument float from her mind and focused on the music instead. She fell asleep soon after.

She woke up because she sensed that someone was standing over her. She opened her eyes and looked at the man above her. He had short black hair and an axe in his belt.

"Something the matter?" Andy asked.

"You're dressed weird." the man answered.

Andy sat up, looked down at her clothes, then turned to the man and said "Look who's talking, you are wearing something that could come out off the Dark Ages."


"Never mind." Andy said with a smile.

Another man came up behind him. He was holding a bow. "How about a donation to the poor, you look like you can afford it.", said the man with the bow.

"I think I've heard that before." Andy mumbled, she frowned trying to think where she heard it, then she suddenly asked "What's your name?"

"Robin Hood", the man answered warily, "How about that donation?"

She looked at him, confused "Robin Hood? Do you really think I believe that?"

"You should, since it's the truth." A new man came walking up behind them. He was a big guy, with black hair and a huge staff, the size of a baseball bat.

"Let's say I would believe that" Andy said, "My money wouldn't be any good to you."

"Why is that?" Robin asked.

"Because it's..." She tried to think of the right words, that wouldn't make them too suspicious, "Because it's from a different country."

The man with the axe in his belt turned to Robin "That might explain the way she is dressed."

Robin nodded, "Let's take her to the camp, we can not let her been seen in these clothes or she would surely be hunt down by the sheriff."

The tall man with the staff moved forward and grabbed Andy by her arms, she struggled but was no match in strength for the man. Robin pulled out a piece of cloth and tied it around her eyes. Then the tall man flung Andy over his shoulder and carried her away, followed by the rest of the men.

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