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Chapter 3

Outlaw camp

Andy took the time she had on her own to try and think of something to tell the men if they came to ask questions again.

What if they asked her why she was in England? Could she just say that she was traveling?

She couldn't say she was here to see King Richard; he should be on crusades since Robin had already been outlawed.

She would tell them she was just traveling, though it was very unusual for someone her age.

If they would keep her here, but trust her enough to let her walk around on her own, she could try to get back to her own time.

Satisfied with what she had thought of, she relaxed. She started tapping to the rhythm of her favourite songs. She was so busy with the music in her head that she didn't see Much approaching.

Only when Much sat down in front of her, she noticed him.

She looked around the camp and saw that the other men were gone.

"Where are the others?" she asked.

"They went to the courtyard."

"To rescue the three people who were sentenced to hang?"

Much nodded.

They fell silent for a while. Then Andy suddenly asked

"What's your name?"

"Much." he answered, "why do you want to know?"

"It would be rude to just call you 'you', if you know what I mean."

Much looked at her confused.

"Let's say that I needed to ... , you know, Go. It would be rude to just yell 'Hey you'."

Much smiled at her explanation.

Nottingham Castle courtyard

The crowd was already in the courtyard when Robin, Allan, Will and John arrived. The hanging was supposed to take place in a matter of minutes.

"Will, Allan, go stand as near to the gallows as you can get without attracting to much attention." Robin said.

They both nodded and disappeared into the crowd.

Sheriff Vaisey walked through the doors of the castle and announced the hanging.

Three men were brought out and up the gallows. Robin took three arrows and prepared to fire one of them.

The men were all placed on the stools and the nooses were tied around their necks.

With a nod of the Sheriff, the executioner kicked the stool from under one of the men. Robin Immediately fired his first arrow and the man fell to the ground, panting.

"Hood!" the Sheriff cried out "Guards, get him! And you executioner, get on with it."

The executioner kicked the stool from under the feet of the other two men. Robin fired his other two arrows, both cutting the ropes of the other two men, who fell to the ground as well.

Will and Allan quickly took the hoods of their heads and ran towards where Little John should be.

Robin and Little John were both fighting of the guards, Robin with his sword and Little John with his staff.

When they saw Will and Allan approach with the three men, they started backing up towards the gate.

Once Will, Allan and the three men were far away enough, John and Robin made a run for it towards the forest.

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