HEY GUYS! Just a little authors note here. :3 I want you all to know this is probably going to be written in a way you're not used to. We (my friend and I) write out stories in a script format. ^^ So, you'll catch on quickly i promise! Oh yes! And please feel free to comment! Tell us what you think and who your favorite character is. X3 Well, AFTER we get some more up anyway.


A program with blue shaggy hair with blue and white lights on her suit and a black ribbon covering where her eyes should be, slowly walked around the city of Purgos. She frowned slightly, stopping by an alley and leaning against the wall, crossing her arms.

Program: Tron...are you there..?

After a short moment of silence, the sound of footsteps were heard, stopping after a few paces.

?: I'm here Margo.

Margo smiled, chuckling.

Margo: Where have you been Tron?

Tron, mask up and in his almost completely black suit stepped into view, looking at Margo.

Tron: I've been around.

Margo faced her head to Tron, smiling.

Margo: When aren't you?

The two began to walk down the alley. Margo's face softened slightly.

Margo: I heard about Able...

Tron looked forward down the slightly dark alley, nodding.

Tron: Able's death was a tragic loss. To Beck, to me, even to the revolution itself...

Margo: ...

Margo sighed, shaking her head slowly.

Margo: This can't be happening.

Tron glanced down at her, stopping and placing a hand on her shoulder.

Tron: We can't control everything Margo...you know that.

Margo nodded.

Margo: I know, I know...

She stayed silent for a moment.

Margo: ...So how is Beck..? He holding up okay?

Tron slowly nodded, rubbing the back of his neck gently.

Tron: Surprisingly, not as bad as I thought. He's grown stronger, mentally and physically.

Margo chuckled, smiling lopsided.

Margo: Reminds me of myself...

Tron smiled under his mask, placing a hand on Margo's hair and ruffling it.

Tron: Yes, but he's less annoying, I thank the Grid for that.

Margo laughed, swatting Tron's hand away slightly.

Margo: Heyyy! XD

Tron chuckled, for once in a very long time. He sighed, looking forward again.

Tron: ...Lately, now more then ever, I think Beck's gotten lonely...

Margo frowned slightly. She patted Tron's arm beginning to walk off.

Margo: ...Then you'll have to stick with him then...alright. I gotta go. I'll meet up with you later with info on Cyrus.

Tron frowned slightly, placing a hand on Margo's shoulder, stopping her from walking any further.

Tron: Speaking of Cyrus...about Beck getting a bodyguard, I was thinking, maybe...

Margo raised an eyebrow slightly, turning her head to face Tron.

Margo: Thinking maybe what?

Tron sighed, his mask switching off. He leaned down next to Margo's ear whispering something into it. Margo made a face.

Margo: O e...Wut? Since when are YOU the love doctor?! XD

Tron sighed, placing a hand over his face.

Tron: Just do it Margo. I think it would be good for Beck.

Margo laughed, nodding.

Margo: Alright alright...sheesh. I haven't heard you talk about love since well...you know.

Tron drew a deep breath, closing his eyes and nodding slightly.

Tron: I...I know.

Margo sighed sadly, forcing a smile as she patted his arm.

Margo: Hey...you never know Tron. You might see her again, one cycle.

Tron looked at Margo, his face gone back into his normal, stern expression.

Tron: Yori's dead, Margo. As much as I want to see her again, all I have are memories...and that's all I'll ever get.

Margo sighed, shaking her head slightly. She began to walk off, a lopsided smile slowly growing.

Margo: You never know Tron! Yori being her crazy perky self; She could pop up at ANY GIVEN MICRO.

She turned around to face Tron, pointing to him as she walked backwards.

Margo: Gotta have faith sometimes Tron! You gotta have faith!

Tron chuckled, nodding as he watched Margo turn back around and walk off.

Tron: Alright, be careful!

Margo waved a hand, laughing.

Margo: Yeah yeah!

Tron looked forward as Margo rounded the bend out of the alley way. He held up five fingers, counting down from five quietly and placing a finger down with each count. When the last finger was put down, there was a lud THUD!

Margo: (in distance) OW! MY FACE!

Tron laughed, shaking his head with a smile. He turned the opposite way, beginning to walk out.

Tron: Good old Margo.

WELL! Hope you guys liked the prologue! XD And for the record, me and my friend each have different characters, which i will later post up who does who on my profile, but as of now;

Tron- Kayla

Margo- Isabel (Bestie Friend. X3)

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