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Chapter 3

The Dark Lord swept down the long hallway while adjusting his black cloak. He was going to go interrogate the filthy Muggles that were Harry's family as well as give each of them a good dose of the Cruciatus….

Voldemort clasped his hands behind his back and continued to make his way to the Grand Hall where he conducted most of his meetings. He had ordered his Deatheaters to bring up the family and hold them in the Hall until he got there for their interrogation. The man had a bad feeling about what he would get out of the vile people. Voldemort massaged his face, wearily. He was growing tired of discovering how deep the old man's manipulations ran….

"Marvolo?" An inquiry hiss came from the floor. Red eyes looked down to gaze into golden yellow ones. The large snake slid over the maroon rug to match the man's pace. Green scales shimmered in the candlelight as Nagini's long slim form slithered along beside her human familiar. She was a magical viper with deadly venom along with strong muscles to choke her prey. She was roughly 12 feet long and as thick as a person's thigh.

"What issss it Nagini?" Marvolo sighed, rubbing his temples. (AN: I will call him Marvolo from now on. Harry will get to call him Marvolo also.)

"You are troubled." Nagini hissed, her black tongue flicking in the air as she raised her head off the ground. "The sssmall sssnakeling you brought back from the non-magicssss issss troubling you. What about the youngling hasss you sssso worried?" Marvolo sighed. Nagini was surprisingly smart when it came to judging his emotions, especially when the snake knew just when to stop annoying him before he hexed her…

"It isss…It'sssss...I am worried about Harry." Marvolo finally admitted. "Harry hasss been manipulated sssso much that I have the feeling if any more sssecretsss that are dissscovered it will tear him apart. The old man created a fake prophecy sssso I killed hisss family for nothing and I feel I am resssponsssible for his placement in his relatives abusive home. I have also tried to kill him ssso many timesss. How can Harry ever grow to trussst me when I have hurt him sssso much." Marvolo spoke wearily.

Nagini looked up at her familiar in concern. Obviously the hatchling had been through a lot in his "home" because Marvolo wouldn't be showing his emotions so openly right now, even to her. Personally, Nagini thought it was good for him. The man had always wanted a child of his own but with the war between the Dark and Light it had ended any of his thoughts about mating and producing hatchlings, though Nagini always nagged him about giving her some cute nieces or little nephews for her to be an aunt for.

They continued down the long hall in silence while Nagini thought of a way to respond to Marvolo. She could always come up with ways to cheer him up. Nagini always liked seeing her honorary brother in all but blood and species laugh. Not like the cold, heartless and evil laugh that made a shiver run down her spine but the happy, full laughter that warmed the room and relaxed her. She enjoyed seeing Marvolo happy and it was very rare, especially now, with everything that was happening.

"Ssssmall green-eyessss issss sssstrong." Nagini assured helpfully. "I mean, how could he have defeated you if he wasssn't ssstrong." She snickered for she could feel the dark glare being directed at the back of her broad head. If snakes could grin Nagini would be doing so right now.

"Sssometimesss I wonder why I have not killed you yet…." Marvolo sniffed indignantly.

"You would misssss me and you know it….bassstard." Nagini hissed in retaliation. Her yellow eyes glittered with mirth when Marvolo's scowl deepened.

"I could do without your insssultssss big sisssster." Marvolo hissed darkly, his pupils barely visible due to his annoyance.

"I love you too little brother." Nagini responded sarcastically as she thought of the little one that Marvolo, in such a short time, claimed as his own. In the past, if Nagini even mentioned hatchlings Marvolo would try to change the subject or ignore her altogether. She believed that he would create a whole new line of little snake speakers that not only would carry on Salazar Slytherin's legacy but provide Marvolo with some family. He had her of course, but she was a familiar, not actual flesh and blood. With some children of his own, Marvolo wouldn't have to be so stressed and could actually relax once in a while. Green-eyes seemed to change Marvolo's views on family in a heartbeat and Nagini was grateful for it.

They followed the maroon rug in silence before they came to a pair of mahogany double doors that would lead into the main hall. Nagini, while flicking her tongue into the air, and could already taste the non-magics that lay behind the two doors. She dearly hoped that Marvolo didn't expect her to clean up after this interrogation. These humans smelled foul! Nagini almost regurgitated her breakfast right then and there due to scents that seemed to radiate off of the three humans.

"Thesssse….thingssss ssssmell horrid!" Nagini hissed in disgust at the scent of the muggles dominated all of the others. "How can othersss even breathe around thesssse people without choking on the air?!"

"Would you like to accompany me?" Marvolo asked Nagini innocently, his lips twitching as he suppressed his laughter.

"Urgh….Leave me out of it." Nagini choked out as she began to slither away from the door the stench leaked from. "I'm going to leave the maiming and flaying of the onessss who hurt green-eyessss to you while I go and study this child that hasss you practically falling head over heelsss to protect him." Nagini hissed as she slithered down a joining hall that led away from the foul odor. "It'sss about time I get a nephew."

Marvolo groaned in annoyance. Stupid Nagini…He was not even sure if Harry was ready for a family yet, especially for Marvolo to be a part of it. He had killed Harry's parents, put him through Hell, and tried to kill him many times. Marvolo had even broken his oath he and all of his followers took! The oath that stated that no magical child was ever to be tortured by the Dark! Marvolo was so stressed with all these new emotions and thoughts swirling in the forefront of his mind. He needed to burn off some steam.

"I can assssure Harry." Marvolo hissed softly, pulling the hood of his cloak over his bald head. "I will protect you from now on." He then pushed open the large double doors between him and the filth that dared harm magical blood.


Marvolo strode into the hall briskly, cloak billowing behind him with barely a rustle of fabric as he strode across the white marble floors. A silver high-back chair that had rubies embedded into the metal sat at the front of the hall. Obsidian colored pillars seemed to hold up the white colored ceiling while forest green walls enclosed the large room. Low to the floor windows reached up to the ceiling along the walls, black drapes hanging from each one. A long matching forest green rug ran from the dark-wooded double doors to the three stone steps that led up to the Dark Lord's throne. Two black tapestries hung on either side of the chair, each with a green, moving picture on the Dark Mark. A fanged skull had a snake, a similar version of Nagini, winding out of the skull's mouth. The snake moved as if it were alive on the dark fabric. Rearing and faintly hissing. 20 or so masked and cloaked Death Eaters stood in between the pillars, watching as Marvolo swept to his seat.

The Dursleys, the pathetic muggles they were, cowered before Marvolo in their bound and gagged state. Vernon and Petunia were huddled together, shaking in fear as they now realized that this was all too real. Dudley Dursley was shaking and crying big, ugly tears as he shook in fear between his parents.

Marvolo drifted up the steps to his seat before sitting regally in his throne, red molten eyes surveying his followers. He could already feel the disgust and fiery rage rolling off many of his followers. Barty, who stood off to the side with Lucius and his wife, Narcissa Malfoy, was practically crackling with his own magic as his emotions got the better of him. His blue eyes were filled with insanity and dark intent, a true cause of his stay in Azkaban prison, from the eye holes of the skull mask that all Deatheaters wore.

Lucius was gripping his snake head cane, where his wand lay. Not many knew that the top of the cane held the man's wand, so at all times it was in his hand and right now he was struggling not to use it on the muggles that lay before them. Lucius had been annoyed with the Boy-Who-Lived, not only with the stories of the boy's ignorance from Severus and his own son but also for the whole second year disaster with his Master's trinket. However, seeing the boy's memories of pure torture and along with the added prophecy that he knew made his Master go after the child was a fake, a trick all played out by Dumbledore, had changed his views drastically. He clenched his left hand into his wife's robes as Narcissa rubbed his arm in an attempt to soothe her husband.

Marvolo steepled his fingers under his shrouded chin, elbows resting on the armrests, and focused his gaze on the three…creatures, for a lack of a better term, before him before speaking:

"You, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, have committed the ultimate act of sin. You have not only abused and tortured your nephew that you were entrusted to care for but have also beaten into the child's mind that he is a freak," At the word 'freak' Deatheaters from on all sides of the room began to snarl and whisper excitedly around room, waiting to see the muggles dealt with. "and forced him into harming himself , trying to reach death." Marvolo stood up suddenly with a snarl as he spoke on, voice rising higher and higher until he was screaming. "You are nothing but a disgrace to magical blood! How dare you harm an innocent child for his gift of magic! How dare you try to beat what is not only in his heritage but in his blood out of him to purge what you claim to make him abnormal and a freak! I may be a murderer and Dark Lord but even I have limits! I don't condone the torture of children with magical blood!" Marvolo breathed harshly in and out. His Deatheaters were shaking in fear as their Lord's anger and dark aura swept over them, making them shiver at such power.

Marvolo flicked his wrist, letting his white yew wand slip into his hand. Twirling and caressing the wood in his hand he strode up to the three. He sneered, nose scrunched in disgust, when he noticed the fat Dursley boy had wet himself, a large wet patch staining the front of his brown trousers. He signaled to two of his followers to take the woman and boy so he could stand before the large walrus-like man, alone.

Vernon eyes were bulged and bloodshot, swirling with fear and anger. His fat body quaked and quivered under the ruby eyed glare that seemed to spark with molten fire and destruction from the fiery pits of Hell itself. His purple complexion faded quickly to a pale, ghostly white as he saw the wand level with him, reds glowing ominously at the tip.

"You have caused the brunt of Harrison's many injuries. Squashed his supposed to be happy childhood into nothing more than a sink or swim life. Beat him and punished him to get your point across to him that he was nothing more than a freak of nature." Marvolo pressed the wand into the sweating man's neck as spit dribbled from the gag that kept the Dursley from replying, eyes glowing from under the dark hood.

His followers shifted in anticipation at seeing the muggle filth get what was coming to him. They wanted to watch the man to scream and writhe on the ground with no mercy or pity. They wanted to see him beg for death and not be rewarded with that simple mercy. They wanted him to pay for everything that he had done to the boy that was sleeping upstairs, sick, malnourished and hurt. They wanted him to be turned inside out, severed limb from limb, burned in the hottest fire and tortured to the brink of insanity.

Many of Marvolo's followers could remember the first instance when one of their own had broken the sacred oath to never harm a magical child unless with the use of the painless killing curse. Jonathan Kherr had cornered a little, six year old, half-blood child and began to torture her with the Cruciatus. The girl had almost been swept into the depths of insanity, one of the many effects of long duration under the spell, until the Dark Lord had stepped in himself and put an end to it. Marvolo had handed off the unconscious girl to one of his healers before dealing with the scum that dare disobey the oath. Jonathan had begged for what seemed hours on end until he just screamed after his mind was shattered from the Dark Lord's torture. He had been set aflame, well alive, and burned before everyone. The girl's mind had been broken and she had been nothing but a husk of herself, drooling and gurgling nonsense. The healer had tried as best he could to save the girl but it had been too late. Marvolo had spared the child of her madness and ended her life, quick and painless, so she could be at peace.

Marvolo gazed around the room as some started to shout out ideas of torture. 'Burn him at the stake!' 'Sever him limb from limb!' 'Throw him to Fenrir and his dogs!'. Rang around the room as his followers began to riot and cheer him on. He heard a 'Cut him up and douse him in lemon juice!' from Peter Pettigrew as the stout rat like man seemed to get pumped up from the thought of his once best friend's son being harmed in such a way. If Marvolo were not so angered he would have rolled his eyes at such a silly torture idea, but he was far too upset to care. Turning back to the cowering man, he spoke sinisterly:

"It is time for you to face the punishment for what you have done." He then stepped back a little ways before hissing out a single curse: "Crucio!"


Nagini used her blunt snout to push open the large door to Marvolo's bedroom. She then slithered forward, door shutting softly behind her. Moving across the floor and to the side of the bed, she pushed her head up to inspect the lump in the bed.

Her glowing yellow eyes peeked up over the edge to see Green-eyes' chest rise slowly and steadily. He was curled up in the center of the bed, raven hair splayed across the pillows his head was propped up on. Nagini eyed the bandages with a critical eye as she shimmied up onto the covers, approaching the cute little hatchling.

She curled around Green-eyes, careful of his injuries so not to irritate them further, and nuzzled her head into his shoulder, tasting his scent. He smelt of sickness, blood and malnourishment as well as potions. What surprised Nagini the most was that he smelled of Marvolo! Not the small lingering smell that was transferred from contact or touch but the deep odor that was just there.

Nagini pulled back to study Green-eyes. It was strange. She had this weird feeling that she was connected to him, through what she had no idea, but it seemed right. Green-eyes shifted in his sleep and burrowed into her cool scales. Nagini grinned as best as a snake could as she curled up around him gently, deciding to join him in sleep.

'I finally have a nephew.' She thought lazily as she drifted off, warm and content. 'And if Marvolo even thinks of teasing me for getting so attached, I will rip off his balls, the smug bastard.' With that Nagini fell asleep, never making the connection that Harry held with Marvolo and how special he was to be the first life sustaining horcrux that Marvolo had ever made.

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