There was a pained silence in the wake of Abed's declaration. Jeff winced as he shifted, and pulled whatever was on his face, and making him sweat uncomfortably. It was a phantom of the opera mask. His buzzing brain got caught in why Abed would have a phantom mask, but then he decided that he didn't want to know.

"Abed," Jeff started. His own voice made his head pound. "We should get up."

They needed to get going. Study group was at five, and he needed to see Britta, see if whatever he'd dialed last night had made a difference.

Abed only moaned unintelligable words, and wiggled his foot. From the floor Jeff could only see the bottom of the drawer and his hanging limbs.

Jeff groaned, as he rolled over and got to his knees. As the more experienced drinker, it was his responsibility to get Abed back on his feet. He'd only been drinking to help him, after all. His stomach churned as he moved, and his head seemed to want to detach itself from his neck, but he got himself upright, and jiggled Abed's leg.

"...Don't..." Abed mumbled.

"You'll feel worse if you don't drink some water." Jeff said, staggering to his feet. His head spun, and he grabbed hold of Abed's drawer.

Abed way lying perfectly still, staring at the ceiling, with a nerf gun dart stuck to his forehead. Jeff plucked it off with great concentraction, and tossed it to the floor before offering Abed a hand.

"We have to go to study group, I have to see what I said to Britta."

"Yeah,"Abed gripped his hand, and sat up. His skin went sickly yellow. "I think I'm going to throw up."

Jeff jumped back, and raised his hands like he was avoiding getting shot.

"Not in the drawer! Deep breaths, okay?" Abed sucked in a breath, swallowed and breathed again.

"Okay..." He breathed, and some of the color came back to him.

"You alright?" Jeff asked, and Abed gave him a tiny nod. "How did you get in the drawer?"

"I don't remember."

Hopefully, it had been easier than getting him out. Abed staggered, and Jeff ended up practially supporting him entirely (not that there was muc of him) as he dragged him out of the drawer.

Finally he was standing slumped in the middle of his dorm, and squinting around at the mess. Jeff picked the purple boa off from his neck.

"I'm never drinking again." Abed said, looking like he was swearing a solemn oath. Jeff smiled, and dropped the fluffy boa.

Abed lifted a hand to his forehead and pressed hard against his temple.

"Last thing I remember is reenacting the scenes from...that movie...with the guy..."

"Breakfast Club?" Jeff asked again, and Abed shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut.

"I don't remember. All my movie quotes, they're gone. My mind is blank."

"Your mind is still sloshed. It'll come back once you get the alcohol out of your system."

Abed swallowed again, and rubbed his stomach.

"If you're gonna puke, you should go now. You know how the bathroom gets that afternon rush."

"I'm not going to puke," Abed said. He gulped. "Ugh,"