Ahsoka is High!

R2 D2 trundled through the back streets of Coruscant, he had never been ordered by Anakin to do this before. In fact the faithful droid was rather confused, his master was a Jedi, they weren't supposed to be buying this sort of thing or dealing with these sorts of people for that matter, but orders are orders. As he rounded a street corner into a back alley he heard a gruff voice call to him.

"Ah Astro Mech… ". R2 scanned the area, detecting a rather imposing Weequay male standing in front of him. "I've been expecting you tin can…I have what your master wants. Do you have the credits?"

"Beep beep squeal".

Clearly the guy understood droid binary to some degree as he responded with "Excellent. Hondo will be pleased, well…what are you waiting for?"

R2 unfolded one of his tool arms with credit chips. They were snapped with glee by the man.

"Here..Tell your master it's a little stronger than expected buts it's the purest we could get"

R2 hated this. He may only be a droid, but he was well aware the damage this stuff has done to society, 'surely Anakin wasn't…..?' he didn't want to answer his own question, just get out of here quickly and hope that C3PO didn't find out, he'd never let him forget it. He clasped the pack in one of his arms and retracted it.

"Good doing business with you…hahaha" send the man before he turned and walked away. R2 didn't waste any time in turning around and trundling away. Now back to the temple.

Anakin Skywalker was sitting at his desk in his quarters. Although everything was fine he still couldn't help but be worried. The source of his worry was his Padawan Ahsoka. She seemed to him to be down and slightly distant. 'I knew sending a 15 year old kid into a war was a bad idea. Sometimes I just don't get the council'.

Anakin's thoughts were interrupted by a familiar beeping at the door. The door was opened with a wave of his hand. "Ah R2, come in buddy".

As R2 trundled in, the door closed behind him. "Did you get it?" enquired Anakin.

"Beep beep squeal. Squeal Beep Squeel"

"I know, I know I shouldn't be getting this stuff, I hate it too. It's not for me R2. I need it to cheer someone up, only as a one off of course."

His bright idea was to juice Ahsoka a little. Make her happy if only for one night, she deserved that. He could sense through the force that her thoughts were not as bright as normal for her, besides it would be a scream as well. Now how to give it to her?

This cannot end well!