Hi everyone. Here is the final chapter of my story. It has actually become more complicated than I initially thought

Ahsoka is High Chapter 3

Her eyes weighed heavy as she finally woke up. Her head was dizzy and her sight still slightly blurry but she looked around nonetheless. Ahsoka was back in her quarters; how she got here she had no idea. The last memory she had was dual saber training with Master Skywalker. To her great relief she spotted her lightsaber resting on her desk and her clothes on the chair next to the desk. The biggest puzzle though was what looked like a holo disk placed on the desk with what looked like a hand written note on top of it.

She managed to get up and dress herself with some difficulty, and then she turned her attention to the disk. 'Hey Snips, it was good to see you happy' was written on the note in what was clearly Anakin's handwriting. At this point Ahsoka wasn't sure whether she wanted to watch the disk or not; if her Master was raving about it, then it couldn't be good.

Ahsoka sighed, 'Well might as well find out. I've got know I suppose.' She placed the disk into the player on her desk and instructed the computer to play. Ahsoka's eyes widened as she watched herself dancing round the practice room singing and immediately stopped the disk when she watched herself starting to strip.

'How? Why? What have I done?' Her thoughts raced 'Everyone must think I'm mad. I'll get expelled for this. Can I just die right here?' She was sick; all her hard work becoming a padawan, earning Master Skywalker's trust and friendship undermined by what she could only deduce was a mental breakdown of some description. After all, she had no idea how long she had been like that, or why she couldn't remember it. She sat back down on her bed, her head still spinning slightly and cried.


In the other room Anakin was patiently waiting. His plan had worked to well; he never had the intention of Ahsoka losing complete control like that, as funny as it was. He had been assured by Hondo that it would just make her happy and a bit giggly for an afternoon. He felt terrible, especially after the nightmare he had had with the council. To say they were unhappy was an understatement; there were even murmurs of taking Ahsoka away from him. This would rip his heart in two he prayed with everything he had that they wouldn't. In the meantime he would be there for her when she woke.

At this point he heard the holo player in Ahsoka's room, and heard it rapidly shut off. He could sense his padawan's fear and distress. He will go into her and be strong and funny, he thought it would be for the best. For once in his life, he will take the blame as well, and he will let her know that whatever happens to him, she is in no trouble whatsoever. He wasn't looking forward to this, but here goes.

"Snips, Am I ok to come in?" he asked at the door, trying his best to hide the distress in his voice.

"Yes Master." She sobbed. He could tell from her voice that she was crying, it hurt him, he had really made a big mistake this time. Maybe the council should assign her to somebody else; she would hate him once she knew the truth.

Anakin entered the room, his sights immediately focussed on Ahsoka sitting on her bed in front of him, tears dripping down her face. If felt like a knife through his chest but he hid it, he must make her see he did it for her and the strength of the reaction was an accident.

"Master, how…how bad was it?" she sobbed in a very subdued voice. Anakin thought that humour might help the situation slightly here.

"Well let's see….Three younglings screamed and fled in terror.."

Ahsoka squealed.

"You stripped in front of Obi-Wan." Anakin continued.

Ahsoka's face dropped. This pleased Anakin bizarrely, he sensed that Ahsoka would have to feel worse before she felt better.

"You erm..danced around a palm tree in the room of a thousand fountains.." he continued. Ahsoka slumped when she realised what Anakin meant.

"You gave Master Windu the finger when he came to see what was happening."

'Now I really am dead' she thought.

"When we did eventually get you down you threw up all over me." He glared "Thanks for that Snips."

She lied back unable to contain her tears. She didn't want to hear the answer to her next questions. "Why did I do that? What happens now?" The two questions came out like a repeating blaster. Anakin could sense Ahsoka was fearing for her place as a Jedi.

"Relax Snips! You weren't yourself. You were under the influence of a mind altering drug that erm someone put in your drink."

"You mean I'm not in trouble?" Ahsoka asked suddenly picking up.

"No Ahsoka. It wasn't your fault everyone in the temple has been informed of this." He assured her. "And the three younglings are in therapy." He added with a smirk on his face.

A wave of relief rolled through her mind, she had really thought this was it, but she has got her second chance and as she began to calm down her mind began to work again. "Wait a minute, who did this to me?" Before she could finish asking the question the realisation dawned in her mind. "MASTER! You did this to me didn't you?"

"Err Ahsoka, I want to understand that I had no intention of you losing control like that. You had been so down recently and you wouldn't talk. I just thought I could give you one afternoon of happiness."

"I knew it! You certainly succeeded. I doubt I'll be able to show my face around here for a while. How can you say you had no intention of me losing control?" Ahsoka was annoyed. Anakin had done some silly things to her in the past, but drugging her was over the line.

Anakin knew he was wrong, he wondered if it was even worth trying to defend himself especially with the council's decision pending but at least Ahsoka should know the complete truth. "I had the drink analysed. The dose was far stronger and purer than I had ordered. I just wanted you to be happy and a bit giggly for an afternoon."

"Huh, like I'm going to believe that. Now please master, leave me alone." Ahsoka sort of regretted those words as soon as she said them. Anger wasn't supposed to be the Jedi way, but she just couldn't help herself.

Those words hurt Anakin, but he couldn't blame her. Maybe she will be better with her new master. He felt certain she would be reassigned; still he may as well give her what he had planned. He had only just got back from Ilum just before Ahsoka had woke up and it seemed silly not to give it to her.

"Ok Snips. I hope you will do well with your new master." His voice was audibly decreasing in volume as he finished that sentence.

"What? New master?" asked Ahsoka, visibly shaken.

"The council are deliberating whether to move you to someone else. I've failed you." Anakin's words were heavy. Ahsoka could sense his distress. Anakin continued. "Anyway, whoever you end up with, you will need this." He handed Ahsoka a small box. He had done his best to wrap it and make it look presentable.

Ahsoka was puzzled she took the box and proceeded to open it. Anakin rarely gave gifts, and those he did give were of usually of dubious quality. Ahsoka looked inside the now open box. "Master!" she bleated. A massive smile beamed across her face. Ahsoka picked up the shoto in the box and pressed the activator. It emitted and green blade with a yellow tinge and was the perfect complement to her main saber.

"I noticed how good you were with the second blade." Anakin began. "And you won't need to raid younglings anymore."

Ahsoka was touched. She knew what it meant for a master to give his student the gift of a lightsaber. In a strange way she now felt better about the day before; sure she had embarrassed herself and would definitely have some funny looks aimed at her for a while and this was all Anakin's fault but in his own slightly twisted way he had tried to help her. She had been down, she couldn't argue with that. She also realised that in a strange way his plan had worked, she felt better now that she had in a while, and she just hoped she wouldn't be reassigned.

Anakin sensed the improvement in his apprentice's mood and it made him feel slightly better. Whatever happens with the council will be the will of the force. He will accept any punishment they give him but if they take Ahsoka away it will certainly almost destroy him. "I will leave you in peace now Ahsoka. Take the day off to recover. I really am sorry."

Ahsoka smiled back as she wondered what she would do on her day off.


Later in the day Anakin knocked Ahsoka's door again. "Are you there Snips?" he asked. Ahsoka opened the door. "The council have made their decision."

Ahsoka took from the smile on his face that the news was better than she feared. "So Master, have they split us?"

"No they haven't" he said with a smile. In fact the council decision was a lot better than expected they seem to have accepted the fact that he had tried to help her and that the dose was an accident. Also they were impressed with his trip to Ilum, but it will be the last trip he will take for a while. "They have agreed to leave you as my padawan but….."

"But what Master?" she asked. Ahsoka had a feeling she was going to like this.

"Er…I'm sort of restricted to speeder pool duties for the next month."

Ahsoka burst out laughing. She had visions of her master choking someone with the force over bad parking. "That's what you get for drugging me." She said with a wicked grin.

"Oh the council have ordered you to report to Master Windu whilst I'm minding speeders. He's going to give you extra lessons with your new secondary blade."

Both Ahsoka and Anakin smiled. They knew what they meant to each other and they were delighted to still be together.

The End

Thanks to those who have read this story. I know it's not perfect but as it's my first I'm hoping you don't sledge it too much. One final thing, take a look at the first chapter. Do you think R2 deliberately forgot to tell Anakin something?