Ten-year-old Anna sneezed into her tissue. She was fighting off a cold and had been lying in her bed for the past two weeks. Her aunt, Mary, was coming over to her house to watch while her mother went back to work. Mary was a writer and would always tell Anna stories. She hoped that today she would have new story to tell all her friends.

"Anna, Auntie Mary's here," Her mom called out from the small bathroom where she was getting ready, "Why don't you call her up?"

"Sure," Anna coughed, then pulled the blanket back. Slipping on her pink robe and Cinderella slippers she ran down the stairs and jumped into her aunt's arms. "Auntie, I missed you," Mary smiled at her niece and carried her up to the bathroom where her sister was.

"Mary, I see you are here, and not a minute to soon, I need to leave right away so please bring Anna back into her room and I'll be back at 5. Now Anna come here and give you mom a hug and kiss," Anna gave her mom a hug and kissed her cheek.

"Of course, Denise I promise that Anna is in good hands," Mary turned and picked up Anna, and brought her back into her room. "Bye Denise have fun at work," Mary called back down to her sister.

"Bye guys," Denise said, then closed the door. After hearing the slam Anna turned towards her aunt and asked the dying question.

"Do you have a story for me? Please say you do. I love your stories," bringing her hands up to her chest she jutted out her lip and gave her best puppy dog look. Mary smiled and nodded,

"Of course I do, now this is a story of true love and finding the beauty within. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Yes! What story is it?"

"Beauty and the Beast. Now sit back and let me take you on a journey. Once upon a timeā€¦" The adventure had begun.