Anna smiled up at her aunt as she got more and more into the story,

"All that seemed to be in the castle was a clock and a candelabra, but it was two of the servants turned into items. Cogsworth the majordomo turned clock and Lumiere the maitre'd turned candle."

"Hello? Hello!" Maurice's voice carried out as he called into the castle. Cogsworth turned to Lumiere and whispered,

"What? Who is that?" No one came to the castle anymore, not since the curse.

"He must have lost his way in the woods." Lumiere knew that the man needed to leave but it had been so long since someone was in the castle. Maurice, who still thought no one was with him, called out,

"Is anyone home?" The man needed to leave,

"Maybe," started Cogsworth. "If we keep quiet, he'll go away." That made sense. Maurice tried once more to get someone to help him.

"I don't mean to intrude, but I'm lost and need a place to stay for the night."

"Poor fellow," Lumiere watched the man some more and turned to Cogsworth. "Oh, Cogsworth, have a heart." Stepping out from the wall were he was standing, Lumiere hopped up to Maurice. "Monsieur, you are welcome her!"

Maurice looked down to see a candle...with a face on it. Screaming "Ah," he bumped into a clock, also with a face on it. Pushing Maurice towards the door the clock started to speak,

"And good-bye!" Maurice bent down and picked up Cogsworth, then started poking at him as well,

"Wait...wait...wait! You're a clock, and you're talking?"

Cogsworth started laughing, the man was tickling him, "Really sir...hee-hee...stop it, I say!" Maurice, realizing what he was doing stopped and put Cogsworth down,

"I don't mean to be rude. It's just that I've never seen a...aaaachoooo!" Letting out a sneeze, Maurice started to shiver. The cold of the night finally getting to him. Lumiere moved over and pointed his flame towards the Master's chair.

"You're chilled to the bone, Monsieur. Come warm yourself by the fire." As Maurice sat down Cogsworth realized what chair this was.

"Not the Master's chair! I'm not seeing this. I'm not seeing this!" Babette, a maid turned feather duster, was walking by the room and spotted Maurice. Making herself known she walked over to the chair and batted her eyes at the mystery man.

"Oh la la...what have we here? Do my eyes deceive me or is this a man?" Maurice smiled sheepishly back at Babette,

"Oh! Well, hello!" Mrs. Potts, a cooker turned pot came rushing through on a tea chart. With her, Chip Mrs. Potts son turned tea-cup.

"Coming through! How would you like a nice spot of tea, sir? It will warm you right up in no time."

Maurice took Chip, "Oh yes please!" and right before he was about to take a sip saw a face and gasped,

"I think I scared him Mama." Chip smiled back at Maurice,

"Hey there, little fella! What's you name?"


Babette swished over holding a blanket, "Care for a blanket, Monsieur?" Draping the blanket over his shoulders, Cogsworth made his worries noticeable,

"We've got to get him out of here! Do you have any idea what the Master will do if he finds out we let a stranger in-" Lumiere knew that he wouldn't stop if he got started so he cut him off.

"Calm yourself, Cogsworth. The Master will never have to know." Right as he said that there was a roar from behind and the Beast made his way over to Maurice, who was now shaking. In a deep gravely voice he spoke,

"There's a stranger here!" It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

Trying to spare the poor man's life Lumiere stepped in, "Master, allow me to explain-" but he was cut off by the Beast.

"Who let him in?" Cogsworth, who only wanted to spare his life spoke up,

"M...Master, may I take the opportunity to say, I was against it from the start." Beast didn't care,

"You have all betrayed me!" Mrs. Potts, who knew what was coming whispered,

"Oh dear." The Beast then turned on the intruder, and realized he was an old man,

"Who are you?"

Maurice was shaking in the seat since the Beast entered the room and it took he a couple of seconds till he regained his voice and was able to whisper out "M...Maurice"

"What are you doing in my castle," the Beast had slowly made his way over to his chair.

"I lost my way in the woods-"

"You're not welcome here!"

"I'm sorry. I...I'll just be on my way." Maurice went to stand up but was stopped by a paw holding him down. Looking up he saw a face full of fur and no human body parts at all. The Beast, noticing Maurice's silence smirked,

"It's hideous, isn't it? You've come to stare at the Beast, haven't you?"

"No no!" Stumbling over his words Maurice tried to take back what he had just said. "I mean no harm! I was merely looking for a place to stay!"

Well then you can stay in the dungeon. "I'll give you a place to stay." The Beast roared the dragged Maurice towards the cell. Lumiere, Cogsworth, Babette, Mrs. Potts, and Chip all raced back to where they were standing. Acting like there wasn't a man in the castle.

"Oh no. What's going to happen to him now?" Anna leaned up to here aunt.

"Well, I'll get back to that but, on the other side of the forest back at the village Gaston was getting ready to ask Belle to marry him. The Silly Girls -Jilly, Jan, and Janice where all crying. Janice called out..."

"It can't be true! I don't believe it." Janice cried into her sister's shoulder.

Jan sobbed, "Why would you go and do a thing like that?"

Jilly hiccupped, "Oh Gaston, say it isn't so."

Gaston looked down at the girls, "It's so." Those words brought on a whole new onslaught of tears.


"Girls, girls," Gaston started, trying to calm down the Silly Girls. "I'm just getting married. Don't tell me a little thing like that's going to change your feelings or me?"

"Oh No!"-Janice



"Good well, if we're going to have a wedding, I guess I'd better propose to the bride." As the girls walked by Belle came out of her cottage holding flowers. When she realized that Gaston was in front of her house she put down the flowers and turned to him.

"Gaston what a...pleasant surprise." With Belle's back turned Gaston got down on one knee and picked up her flowers. Belle turned back around and saw him.

"Isn't it though? I'm just full of surprises," Holding the flowers out, "For you...Mademoiselle."

Belle smiled "Oh, Gaston..." she looked down and saw that her flowers were gone, Gaston was holding them. "You shouldn't have." Slowly Belle put the flowers down and walking as Gaston pulled her along.

"Dont mention it. Belle, this is the day your dreams come true!" Belle stopped.

"What could you possibly know about my dreams, Gaston?"

"Plenty! Picture this." Gaston began the tale of their future. "A rustic hunting lodge. My little wife massaging my feet while the strapping boys play on the floor with the dogs. We'll have six or seven." Belle was appalled.


Gaston laughed, No, boys!"

"Imagine that!"

"So," Gaston got on one knee and grabbed Belle's hand, "What'll it be?"

Belle needed to say this in the nicest way possibly, "I just don't...deserve you."

"Who does?"

"But thanks for asking!" Belle ran back into her house as fast as she could. Janice, Jan and Jilly all walked back in.

"'d it go?"Janice asked

"You know that Belle. Always playing hard to get." Gaston didn't want to admit he had been rejected.

"She turned you down?!" all three girls cried.

"For now but I'll have Belle for my wife. Make no mistake about that!"

The girls looked at each other and started to talk,

"Madame Gaston! Can't you just see it? Madame Gaston! His little wife. No sir, not her, I guarantee it!" They started to mock Belle. "She wants much more that this provincial life." They started after Gaston screaming "Oh no, he's mine,"

Belle slowly walked out of the house, "Is he gone? Can you imagine...he asked me to marry him, me the wife of that boorish, brainless... I want adventure in the great wide somewhere! I want it more than I can tell, and for once it might be grand to have someone understand. I want so much more than they've got planned." LeFou suddenly past Belle, stopped then walked back to Belle,

"Hey, Belle! Have you seen Gaston?"

"You just missed him." LeFou started to walk away when Belle realized that he was wearing her scarf. The one she had given her father. "Wait a minute, where did you get that scarf?"

LeFou looked down, "This? At the crossroads in the woods. Pretty nice, huh?"

"It belongs to my father. Something must have happened to him!"

"Yeah, well." He grabbed the scarf. "Finders-keepers." LeFou ran off.

"Oh, Papa!" Belle ran off towards the forest.

"What's going to happen to Belle Auntie?"

"You'll find out soon. Now back at the castle, Cogsworth and Lumiere where talking about the man in cellar..."

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