Title: Heart, pay him no mind
Characters: Hunter Clarington, Nick Duval, Jeff Sterling, Sebastian Smythe, Thad Hardwood.
Pairings|Friendships: (Hints of) Huntbastian | Jeff+Nick+Sebastian+Thad; Hunter+Sebastian.
Rating: PG-13 (T for language)
Summary: Nick likes to think he has a good eye for noticing certain things, and Thad knows he loves to put plans in motion to prove his theories right. What will become of Hunter and Sebastian when he decides they're bound to be together?
Warnings: Headcanon, headcanon everywhere! And some unintended OOC.
IMPORTANT: I am not a native English speaker, so I apologise in advance for every single mistake I've made. I had no intention of killing the English language with this story. This isn't beta-ed, so as I've said, expect to see mistakes. Also, I took a few writer liberties and made up a lot of things, and I am sure the majority of them don't fit the canon whatsoever.
Author's notes: My initial intention was to write a drabble. I can't pinpoint the exact moment when I got carried away with it and this ended up being a short multi-chapter FanFiction. I'd also like to apologise for my mistakes once again and point out that I wote this in British English (since it's the one that I know) but I tried to keep the dialogues in American so it sounded more... realistic? I don't know, I guess you'll have to judge this piece of writing :) Thanks in advance for reading!
Oh, and before I forget, the story is named after one of my favourites tangos, "Corazón, no le hagas caso" by Carlos Bahr. Btw, the lyrics barely have something to do with the main events of the story -just in case someone is curious enough to check them up.

Heart, Pay Him No Mind

Part I

Thad was a most diligent student, he really was, but the prospect of writing an essay about Voltaire on the great importance of his ideas wasn't precisely an easy task –or enjoyable for that matter. He had already crumpled several papers into balls, which were scattered all over the desk and the floor.

He sighed heavily, frustration starting to build up as ideas remained absent in his mind. Lazily, the boy went through his notes with the hope of finding something useful. He was reading a particularly interesting passage when a sharp poke on the back of his neck broke his concentration.

Rolling his eyes and sighing once again, he continued reading. When he was about to highlight a sentence, he felt another poke but this time on his head. Yet, he did nothing but keep on working.

At the fourth time, Thad couldn't bare it any longer and turned around, anger transforming his usual calm expression into a one of pure annoyance.

"Sebastian, would you please stop that?" He bellowed, clenching his teeth afterwards as he glared at the boy in question.

Sebastian's smile widened, and far from acknowledging the plea he simply threw the paper aeroplane aiming to Thad's face. The other boy ducked it easily, glancing irritably at his roommate afterwards.

"Don't you have homework to do?" Thad inquired, arms folded over his chest in a clear gesture of disproof.

Sebastian merely pointed at the pile of solved Calculus and Physics exercises on his desk to answer the question; and then he sneered, full of himself. Thad couldn't do anything but admit defeat before going back to his own homework. However, it seemed that Sebastian wasn't of the same idea, for he was the target of the little aeroplanes as soon as he started writing.

"Don't you have a French test tomorrow?" Thad growled in distress, as he considered burning all Sebastian's notebooks and draft copies from the face of the Earth as a plausible way of action. The moment the question left his lips he knew that it was an utterly stupid resource to use, and the boy's reaction proved him right as he raised an eyebrow –a plain and mute version of "You are kidding me, aren't you?".

Thad didn't bother asking if Sebastian was teasing him simply out of boredom, because after being his roommate for a whole year and a few months he already knew the answer. Truth to be told, if that essay wasn't due to the next day, he would have probably even went along with it.

However, as the paper aeroplanes continued hitting him for the next five minutes, his characteristic pacific nature began to fade to be replaced with irritation. In the end, the latter won and he got up, rushed angrily towards Sebastian, gripped his notebook and before the taller boy could even protest he had already thrown it out of the window –although moments earlier he had wanted nothing more eagerly than throwing the damn book at him, both literally and figuratively.

Sebastian pulled a stunned face at his roommate.

"You know, I was actually doing something productive rather than just stuck my nose on a book." He said, soon afterwards, with an odd bantering tone in his voice.

Thad raised his eyebrows, not believing what he had actually heard coming out from his friend's mouth. He was really taking the teasing to an extreme, bordering on ridiculousness.

"I beg to differ, since when doing paper aeroplanes and throwing them at people can pass for something productive?" He retorted, matter-of-factly.

Sebastian let a wry laugh escape from his lips.

"I wasn't just randomly doing such a thing. I was actually studying gravity, you know?" He replied, as his expression grew both mocking and defiant. And even though Thad had felt indignant at the way Sebastian had been treating, couldn't help but laugh out loud, briefly, at that statement. "And speaking of studying gravity, this will make you come back down to Earth." Sebastian chuckled.

The taller boy grabbed a spiral-bound book from the book shelf above his bed and threw it to Thad, who this time caught it grasping it tightly, rather than ducking the flying object. He looked at Sebastian soon afterwards, half stunned and half relieved. The boy before him merely shrugged his shoulders and gave him an encouraging look to just open the book. It was actually a recompilation of notes from Philosophy classes; Thad recognized the neat and slightly spidery handwriting of his roommate.

"Voltaire is not that difficult, you know?" Sebastian mumbled at the other boy's silence, while he was going through his Physics notes. "Well, at least what we've seen so far. Besides, I owed you once since you helped me with Calculus a week ago. So consider my debt paid." He smiled fondly at him.

After so much time spent together, Thad had learnt to grow fond of Sebastian. Regardless of his assertive and arrogant personality, which gained him hatred for voicing his thoughts with no filter whatsoever, Sebastian was indeed a good person beyond that brash exterior of his.

They had learnt to understand one another, thanks to not what they said but to those things which were left unspoken. Both have come to comprehend each other silences with no need of words. Thad now knew that Sebastian's apparently perfect American accent soon faded when he was anxious, nervous, and angry or any sort of combination between the three –gaining a marked and thick French accent, the boy even swung between the two languages when he was especially nervous or worried. In the same way, Sebastian couldn't help but notice how Thad soon became more sensitive, sometimes aggressive even, when someone disturbed him while he was doing anything of great importance.

There was something similar in their personalities, as if somewhere in between Thad's reserved attitude and Sebastian's daring one there were commonalities that bound them together in mutual understanding.

Thad had come to the conclusion that the facade was a defence mechanism to guard against suffering, a suffering directly related to a love relationship –at least, those were Thad's assumptions after reading between the lines of Sebastian comments about such topic, and also the way he reacted to the mere idea of romance in general.

Sebastian was known for having numerous wanton amorous advances, to put it nicely. Not even once had Thad heard him talk about a past romantic relationship, but it was Sebastian's reluctance to even mention the topic what gave him grounds for suspecting a past dreadful experience. Besides, there was also this name, Louis, which was brought up in almost every serious conversation between Sebastian and his siblings –conversations that, obviously, Thad had overheard. He had never pushed for details, though. If his memory served him well every now and then Sebastian would be in low spirits, and there was nothing that anyone could do to cheer him up. Thad suspected it had something to do with this Louis boy, and the painful memories to him linked.

Truth to be told, those moments had decreased that school year. Nick and Jeff would claim that it had to do with the undeniable chemistry between him and the new Warbler Captain –Thad wouldn't be of the same opinion, since both of them basically brabbled about almost everything, having quarrelsome chatters at every single Warbler practice. It was hard for him to believe that there were hidden feelings behind those rows, especially since Hunter was straight... 'Or so he claims', Nick's usual statements echoed in his mind.

"Do you have a table of integrals?" Sebastian's question interrupted his rail of thoughts abruptly.

Thad grabbed his rucksack and handed Sebastian the table. A few minutes after, it was obvious that his roommate was having troubles with something, for he didn't cease flicking his hazelnut-coloured hair, as he twirled a pencil around with his fingers.

"There's an x missing. The correct integral is 3x + 2x^2, and the domain of the integration goes from -9 to 5, not from -9 to 4." Thad said suddenly, looking at the exercise above Sebastian's shoulder.

Sebastian looked up and then nodded, thanking him with a small smile that curved the corners of his mouth slightly.

An hour later, they were both heading to the canteen to have dinner. In their way there, they nearly ran into Hunter and some students of the showjumping team. However, they took a seat at a nearby table, and Sebastian couldn't help but glancing at them from time to time.

"Sebastian, seriously. Do all of us a favour and go talk to him, flirt, and then fuck him senseless if you want to. I swear to God, if I have to endure another Warbler practice choking with your heavy sexual tension, I'd personally lock you both in the locker rooms." Nick hissed after Sebastian had sighed heavily while glancing at Hunter.

However, it was Jeff who choked with his food due to Nick's threat out of laughter; Sebastian simply shot him a furious glare and swallowed an acid answer, but picked at his food in anger instead. The implicit fury made Jeff wonder if he was channelling the urge to punch either Nick or Hunter, maybe both. Thad watched his friend by the corner of his eye, but remained silent.


"So, Hunter finishes practice today at half past five. At the same time Sebastian does." Nick said in a whisper out of the blue, leaning over his French textbook as if he was giving some sort of top-secret information.

Thad raised an eyebrow, puzzled at the statement. The Dalton reading room was filled with a deep silence, a welcome to study in peace –or so Thad had thought.

"What are you suggesting?" He asked, suspecting beforehand where the conversation was going to aim to.

A mischievous smile appeared on Nick's face. "Don't play dumb, Thaddeus Hardwood. You know what, what I suggested yesterday at dinner. And don't tell me you're actually okay with them fighting all the time... if the situation doesn't change quickly, we won't be ready for locals in time and we both know that's a luxury we can't take." His voice grew serious as he spoke, to end with a harsh warning tone.

Nick, indeed, had a point. What Thad actually feared was that they were going to put Sebastian between the sword and the wall. Besides, they didn't know how Hunter would react, what if he actually saw that as some sort of predatory-gay move on Sebastian side and... No, he wasn't going to let his imagination take that path.

"I don't agree with you on this. It can be a risky situation for Sebastian. He's our friend, for God's sake, Nick!" Thad answered, scandalized. "Are you seriously so worried about a competition that you'll jeopardise a friendship?"

"Of course I am not, Thad. What I am trying to do here is make them both come to their senses." Nick pointed out in a conciliatory tone. "And don't you dare to tell me they don't feel anything for each other. Not even remotely bi-curious, my ass! I've seen Hunter looking at Sebastian when he thinks nobody is watching, and I swear that he's eyefucking him." He told Thad bluntly, with a serious expression in his face.

"Nick, you're also very imaginative when it comes to this sort of things..." Thad reminded him as tactful as he could, he certainly didn't want to start a quarrel with one of his best friends out of discussing a plan to get two people together -such thing was utterly stupid.

The other boy rolled his eyes in frustration and disagreement.

"Don't give me that crap. You're all blind, that's all. The moment Kurt set a foot on that choir room I knew he was totally head over heels in love with Blaine. And in the end I was right, do I need to remind you what you told me when I first spoke my suspicions?" Now it was his turn to raise an eyebrow; as he glared at Thad with a full-of-himself look that was a strong reminiscent of Sebastian.

Touché. Well, maybe it was high time he listened to his friend thoughts on the matter for a change; as it was said: no pain, no gain.

So, any thoughts? what do you think about the story? Remember that's more yet to come, and you'll get to see if Nick's assumptions were correct or not. Btw, All critics and reviews will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much for reading if you've made it this far! :)