Note: I admit that one of the items in this chapter was inspired by Harry Potter. In this story, fairies can sense True Love.

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Belle was excited as she flitted through the library. It had taken a lot of work, but the library was almost ready for opening. Everyone seemed really excited; Mary Margaret had already promised that the school would be bringing children in for projects and storytime and she and Ruby had busted their rears setting up an area just for the children with cheerfully painted walls, comfy cushions to sit on, and a chair for the storyteller with every kind of children's book.

As she was settling down to finish up the history section, she heard a whooshing sound followed by a woman's scream and a thud. Running to the main room, she found a girl lying in the middle of the floor. She cautiously approached the figure and knelt down beside her.

The face was young and unlined, but Belle recognized it immediately as the woman she knew as Emma Swan. She rushed to the phone and dialed the sheriff's office, hoping Emma or David was there.

David opened on the first ring, "Sheriff's Station, Deputy Nolan speaking."

"David, it's Belle. I need you to come to the library."

"Calm down, Belle," David said, soothingly, "I'll be there in a minute." He hung up and grabbed his jacket before heading out.

Belle knelt beside the girl, she wasn't what to do, she didn't seem to be bleeding or hurt, but Belle was certain that she wasn't supposed to move her. She could see that the girl was young, likely in her teens and from a time and place Belle remembered all too well. Except…it wasn't possible. Emma and Mary Margaret had said that while the Enchanted Forest hadn't been destroyed, it was now overrun with monsters and not really fit to live in.

Before she could investigate further, the door opened and David strode in. "What's going on, Belle? Why did you-" He froze when he saw the girl. "Who's this?"

Belle shrugged, "I don't know! All I heard was a whoosh, a scream, and a thud and when I came to see what was going on, there she was."

David nodded as he knelt beside the girl, his eyes widened with shock when he saw her face. He looked at Belle, who shrugged, "I know. The minute I saw her face, I called you."

David nodded, and after checking to make sure the girl was still alive, gathered her up in his arms, "I'm going to take her to the hospital. Could you call the school and leave a message for Mary Margaret, telling her to meet me there? I'll call Emma as soon as I'm at the hospital." At her nod, he gently lifted the girl into his arms and carried her out to the car.

****A Little While Later****

Mary Margaret rushed into the hospital, a worried look on her face. All Belle's message had said was that David needed her to meet him at the hospital, though she'd assured Mary Margaret that David was fine. Mary Margaret, however, would not be convinced until she saw David's face.

She found her husband standing outside a room, a confused and worried look on his face. "Charming! What's going on?! Why did you ask me to come here?! Is it Emma? Is she alright?"

David held up a hand, "Emma is fine, I just spoke to her." He sighed, wondering how to explain this.

"Take a look and I'll explain."

Mary Margaret frowned, but she peeked in, and when she saw who was on, her eyes widened in confusion, "How?"

David shrugged, "I don't know. She's not our Emma, I just called her, just to make sure it wasn't our Emma. According to Belle, she heard a whoosh, a scream and a thud and found her lying in the floor."

Mary Margaret frowned, "How is this possible? She can't be more than seventeen or eighteen."

David shook his head, "I don't know. I'm waiting for Doctor Whale to finish some tests and we'll go from there."

He'd no sooner spoke than Doctor Whale came down the hall.

"Got the tests back. She's as healthy as can be expected since she apparently fell onto a hard floor out of thin air." He scanned the file in his hands. "Also, she's pregnant. I'd say about 4 months along. We'll run an ultrasound when she wakes up, but right now, except for some dehydration, probably from morning sickness, everything looks good."

David and Mary Margaret nodded and sat down.

"So, we've got an Emma who looks to be about eighteen and pregnant, the same as our Emma ten years ago," Mary Margaret sighed. "I don't understand how this is possible."

David shrugged, "I don't know. Maybe we should ask Mother Superior, she'd probably know how this is possible." He sat up a little straighter, "Why don't we go back to the station, I'll call Mother Superior and ask her to meet us there and we'll talk about what's going on and what it means. Also, this was found in her clothes," He held up a bag that Mary Margaret had never seen before. "I tried to pull something out of it and got nothing."

Mary Margaret hesitated, torn between wanting to know more about the girl that so resembled her daughter, and wanting to stay and make sure this girl was alright, whoever she was.

David saw her look, "Mary Margaret, there's nothing we can do right now. She's going to be out for awhile and there's no guarantee that she'll know who we are when she wakes up. Let's go to the station and try and get some of this worked out before she comes to."

Mary Margaret finally nodded and followed David out of the hospital. Hopefully, they'd find an answer to this mystery.

Emma was waiting on them when they got back to the station, "Hey, what's up? I heard something about you having to take someone to the hospital."

David nodded, "Has Mother Superior gotten here yet?" He didn't want to have to explain this twice. It was headache inducing enough as it was, without having to re-explain it.

Emma shook her head, "No. Why?"

David sighed, "Because I don't want to have to explain this twice."

A few minutes later, Mother Superior rushed in, "David? What's going on?"

David sighed and gestured for her to sit down. "I got a call from Belle saying that she needed me to come to the library. When I got there, I found a girl that looks just like Emma, except that she looks to be about eighteen and is dressed in clothing I recognize from the Enchanted Forest. I took her to the hospital and Dr. Whale says that other than dehydration, she's fine. She's also pregnant." He looked at Mother Superior, "How is this possible?"

Mother Superior sighed, "There are many worlds besides this one and our Enchanted Forest. It's likely that this Emma came from a world where the Dark Curse didn't happen and so, grew up in an Enchanted Forest, just not ours."

David nodded, and pulled out the bag. "This was found in her clothes. I tried to get something out of it, to tell me who she was, but I came up empty."

"It's a Secretkeeper bag," Mother Superior said, in awe. The owner can put any item into it and it will hold it and still be light as a feather and only the owner can access the items within. They're very difficult to make and are usually given as gifts for a special occasion, like a milestone birthday or a wedding." She looked over at Emma, "Why don't you see if you can get something out of it? The bag may recognize you as the owner."

Emma looked at her skeptically, but took the bag. "So, how does this work?"

Mother Superior shrugged, "I've never made one myself, but if the bag recognizes you as its owner, you should be able to just reach in and pull something out."

Emma still looked skeptical, but reached into the bag and, to her amazement, felt her hand close around something. Giving the item a tug, she was stunned to find a bow in her hand."

"Okay, so we know that the bag recognizes Emma as its owner," Mary Margaret said. "Now what?"

Emma shrugged, "I guess I keep pulling stuff out until I get it all."

It seemed to take forever, but Emma finally cleaned out everything in the Secretkeeper bag: A bow, a quiver of arrows, several knives, clothes, a small bag of coins, some food, a flask of water, some jewelry, including a locket that made both Mary Margaret and David well up with tears, an all-too-familiar baby blanket, and a stack of letters tied with ribbon. Carefully untying the ribbon, she divided the letters between the four of them and began reading.

The letters all seem to be love letters, and from the looks of things, the girl(she refused to think of her as anyone else) and her boyfriend were clearly in love and discussing their future together. However, Emma kept reading about how the boyfriend was confident of earning the approval of the girl's father. "Seems like our girl's father didn't approve of her boyfriend."

Mary Margaret shook her head, "I don't think so. According to this letter, he wants the father's approval so he can ask for her hand. Sounds to me like the father didn't know."

Mother Superior was quiet as she browsed through her stack of letters. Each letter was signed the same, 'Love, Bae'. The name nagged at her, she'd met only one person who went by Bae, and the thought both haunted and intrigued her. The letters spoke of True Love, her powers as a fairy confirmed it. She couldn't be certain of who 'Bae' was, but if her suspicions were right and the story that was playing out for this young girl was the same as a story that had already played out in this world, then things were about to get very interesting.

Suddenly, the phone rang, making them all jump.

"Sheriff's Station, Deputy Nolan speaking. She is? We're on our way." He turned to the others, "Our girl's awake."