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Author's Note: Just a somewhat fluffy drabble for Ed and Winry as an entry for fma_fic_contest on LJ and their prompt "Weakness." After finishing Brotherhood I just wanted to write something, though I wasn't sure exactly what so here it is... :)

"Ed, what is that?"

The swaying breathlessness in her voice catches him off-guard, quiet as a summer breeze but somehow as powerful as a tornado.

He clenches a single fist. "The Colonel required me to have one on my journeys. It's only in case of an extreme emergency." His aureate stare pinches hers like too much sun on exposed skin.

Winry's gaze wrangles free of his and sits, splintered, on the aging wood at their feet. She loses the words she meant to say, maybe even shout, as she unwillingly relinquishes her attention to memories she swears she repressed many years ago. She flexes her calloused hands as she tries to shake the feel of sleek, cold metal in her hands aimed at a man with a heart and leer as skin-piercing as the bullets trapped within the gun. Her skin, suddenly, feels too tight, like it's not the right fit for her, like she's someone and somewhere other than she should be, like it's not her shield but somehow her weakness instead.

"Hey." His voice and warm hand on her slouched shoulder walks her back from where she and her mind had wandered. "You and I both know I would never use this unless I knew absolutely I was down for the count. And I've never met an ass I couldn't kick."

She laughs and sniffles all at once. "I know, Ed. I just want us to have a somewhat peaceful life now. It's what I hoped for. But when I see that, I think of war again, of the lives that were lost that shouldn't have been."

He drags a tear away. "We will have a peaceful life, I promise. All of us," he murmurs as he presses a hand to her growing bump. "But the only we'll do that is if I come home safe every time, right?"

She rolls her eyes, and Ed grins as he realizes she's become the spitfire he loves so much. "You better not be implying that I couldn't survive without you, idiot."

"Ah, I forgot." His smile swells. "You're the one ass I could never kick."