Chapter 1

Nothing. That is exactly what had happened over summer camp. Nothing. It just turned out to be a huge waste of time. My time. I could have been doing so much more than this, but no…I was stuck here in a stupid camp with crazed, hormonal teenagers because of that stupid boy and his leads.

I hate him, and he is so going to get a beating when I get home. All I had to do is wait three more days. Three more days and this would be over. No more dirty. No more girly screams. No more cold showers. I would be going home and going back to my normal life. If you could call my life normal.

I sat at one of the many dirty tables that filled the yard that was lift up for dessert. Next to me was the only other girl I had really talked with from the past three and half weeks. Her name was Mary-Lee. She was nice with a perky voice, always laughing and giggling. She was short with pixie blond hair and a cute face that lit up whenever a boy flashed her a smile. She was talking to me about some boy she liked, though he just had realized she was lived about three hours ago. "Oh, look!" she whispered, pulling at my shirt. "He's looking over here again. He's so hot. Do you think he'll come over here?"

"Yeah, completely," I said, mostly not paying attention. I was picking at my dessert, a brownie and ice-cream. I was zooming out. I had come here to do a job and sadly that job didn't seem to exist and now I was bored out of my mind. I just wanted to go home.

"Andria! Andria!" Mary-Lee exclaimed, shaking me. "Are you even paying attention?"

"No sorry."

"What is up with you lately? You've been at…I don't know…weird."

I shot her a look. I was weird.

She looked away and shrugged. "Weirder. When we first meet, you were acting like you were ready for battle, but now, you seem disappointed almost, like you missed it."

"Maybe I did," I whispered under my breath.

She looked at me sideways, not hearing me. "What?"

"Nothing. I think I'm going to head back to the cabin, get some sleep." I stood up, stretching. I want to be alone. There were too many people around me and all I wanted to do right now was to sit and draw. I glanced up stretching my neck, to find the sky black with clouds. It would probably rain soon.

"I'll come with you…" She trailed off as she stood up because the guy, she had been eyeing was walking straight for her.

"Hi," he greeted with his hands in his pockets. He wasn't very tall compared to me, but to Mary-Lee, he was a good head taller. He was evenly tanned and blond with a beautiful smile. "I was wondering if you wanted to talk…" He glanced at me and a flash of disgust rolled over his eyes. "Alone."

Mary-Lee looked at me and then back at him, mouth open but nothing coming out. "Uh…I said…"

"Just go, Mary-Lee. I'll be fine without you. I wanted to think by myself anyways," I cut off.

She smiled a small thank you and then said yes to the boy. The guy barely glanced back at me as he walked away with my friend. I couldn't blame him. I'm tall for a girl, almost five' eleven with short black hair and dark blue eyes. I was seventeen and still convinced that boys were up to no good. I probably didn't help that I had choral all over my face, because I am an artist and had the habit of wiping my face when I was drawing. I wasn't just an artist, but a vampire hunter. I had originally come to this camp because it was meant to be crawling with vampires, but so far there was nothing. It was a dead end and a bad lead. My boss, that boy, was usually really good with his leads but this one was a dead end.

I was bored and going crazy with nothing to do except camp and listen to how much fun people are having or how many people they can sleep with before the camp ended. I was starting to get the Itch. The Itch is almost like a sickness for vampire hunters, actually almost all hunters of monsters. It is when hunters stop hunting or are put in a place where they can't hunt and then they start getting jumpy and unsure of themselves and soon they would end up dead either by stupid mistake in battle or suicide.

I wasn't that far but I was starting to get jumpy and wanted to kill something. Really, really bad.

I walked to my cabin and instantly pulled out my sketch book, an eraser and a little piece of choral. I was going to draw inside until a girl came back with a boy. They instantly began kissing, backing up against a wall. They didn't even notice me. I sighed, annoyed and left. I slammed the door behind me. No way was I staying in there.

I went into the trees and walked for about twenty minutes when i heard moaning.

Oh no, not another couple. Please don't let it be another hook-up…

I wasn't. It was Mary-Lee, body on the forest floor, blood pouring out of her throat. Her glassy eyes stared at me with her mouth gaped open as if to say something. No! Not her! She was so sweet and innocent. But it wasn't a vampire bite on her neck. Her throat had been slit. But what really freaked me out was that her blood was on the trees. I stepped towards the first tree with her blood, cautious. This only happened in the last five minutes. I studied the blood markings. It wasn't just hand prints or words to haunt the one who found her. It was weird symbols. Weird symbols in her blood stained five trees making a circle or was it a star?

"It's a star," a voice answered my question.

I jumped, pulling a little concealed knife that I had on my belt. I faced the vampire, knees belt, ready to attack. There is only one way to kill a vampire. Cut off the head. Sadly my knife wasn't big enough to cut off this leeches' head, but it was covered in dead man's blood which would poison him.

Though it was dark, I could tell that it was the same boy who had led her away to 'talk.'

How could I be so stupid and not realize he was a vampire? I questioned, hating myself.

"That's very simple, because I didn't want you to," the vampire replied, calmly, his hands still in his pockets.

Mind reader! Great.

The changes of running into one of these guys were 1 out of 10,000. I guess I'm that one.

"Yes you are that one," he smiled, showing his teeth. There weren't just two fangs but six. The stronger than freak, the bigger the bit.

"What do you mean that one?" I dared to question. He never answered, just smirked and glanced behind me. I was about to look, sensing someone behind me when a force hit me in the back, knocking me over. I instantly blacked out, knowing I was dead but when I opened my eyes seconds later, I wasn't. I wasn't even in the forest anymore. I was laying on carpet. I leaped to my feet and realized I didn't have my knife any more. I panicked and then I forced my mind to slowed down. I needed to stay calm. Keep your head together, girl. I glanced around.

There was no one in this room exactly me… Wait is this my bedroom?

It was. Same bed with blue blankets. Small pictures up on the walls. Small everything.

What the heck just happened?