I became a new student at a school for monsters called Yokai Academy. Even though I'm not exactly a monster. I'm not human either, so this is the best I could do. I'm Draco, an Antiqua Draco. And yes, my parents named me after our species.

Everything about this day felt like it was going to be great. Not even the bus driver, who's looks screamed weird, could ruin the day. Not that there was anything wrong with him other than his looks. He was really a great person once you got to know him.

"Hey, kid", he said while lighting a cigar. He inhaled deeply until the tip of the cigar glowed bright red, then he let out a cloud of smoke. I tried to ignore the smell, but it's hard with enhanced senses.

"Yeah?", I asked and stood to stretch my back from the long trip.

"What class are you?", he just came out and asked. I wasn't surprised he asked that. I studied up on this place. They think they're hidden well, and they are, but I have contacts

"Well...", I said. Since I wasn't exactly a monster, I didn't have a class. All I know was that the dark element inside me made me at least as strong as a god. "Why do you want to know?"

"Because, you don't smell as weak as a human. But I definitely smell human in you. Then there's your other side. Hate to admit it, but it sends shivers down my spine. And trust me, it takes a lot to scare me."

How can you smell with all that smoke?, I thought.

"I guess you could say my kind are just a rare class", I decided to answer.

I don't think I should tell him I literally have the source of evil in my body.

"This may be more interesting than the boy", the bus driver chuckled and tap the ash off at the end of the cigar. Some of it hit my face, but it didn't bug me as much as the smell. I just brushed it off. We went through a tunnel that I guessed was the portal from the human world to the school barrier. There wasn't much to explain, it was mostly a weird place with swirling red and black in the shape of a long tunnel.

"What do you mean?", I asked and relaxed on one of the seats. They weren't long enough for me to lay on, so I leaned against the window.

"You'll figure it out. The boy and his friends seem to attract a lot of strange activity."

"You calling me strange?", I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Even though I drive monsters to a monster school, you're the strangest yet."

"Thanks", I said with a small laugh, "Right back at ya'." The bus stopped at a scarecrow with a pumpkin head and its torso the bus schedule. I stepped off and admired the new world. The beautiful blood red skies and ocean.

"Looks like you're just in time", the bus driver said and drove off. I looked back, wondering what he meant and saw the bus disappear into the portal. Almost instantly after that, I heard shouting and something about mocha?

"Look out!", a blue haired woman with purple bat wings, long manicured fingernails and a purple devil tail said. I dropped my bag and caught her just in time where we both dragged across the ground.

"You okay?", I grunted as I let go of her back. She looked behind her with a certain terror in her eyes.

"No time to talk, just run!" I also noticed that this woman had an incredibly large chest that didn't seem to affect her as she flew into the air. A fireball hit her and made her fall far from me. Even with my speed, I wouldn't have been able to catch her in time.

"Great", I mumbled to myself, "School hasn't even started, and I'm already getting into fights." I summoned my two swords, Ferrum Igne on my right and Congelatio Herbe on my left. My swords of fire and water.

"Go! Run!", a young witch said waving her heart shaped magic wand at the air. The shape of a giant lizard with wings formed in the mist coming from her wand.

Dang it, I complained in my mind, I'm not gonna be the only dragon at this school.

"Didn't you hear me?", the witch shouted at me, "I said run!" She stopped spraying the mist and sent a golden washtub on the other dragon's head. "Moka! Where are you?"

"Right here", a silver haired, red-eyed girl said. I took a look at her and thought, A good looking vampire. Please don't sparkle in the sunlight.

"I used my mist spell, so now you can see where it is, just get rid of him", the witch said, "He's so icky!"

"That's what I plan to do", the silver hair woman called Moka said. She jumped into the air, raised her leg up. She seemed suspended in the air as she said, "It's time for you to know your place!", and slammed down on the beast. It crashed to the ground, making slight crater and it dizzily said, "Yes ma'am."

"Huh, weak", Moka said, "Yukari, where's Kurumu?" The blue-haired girl walked out from the forest rubbing her head. Her wings, nails, and tail were retracted and she groaned, "I'm alright. Just a little scorched." Well, they're introductions were in order.

"Don't worry you guys", a pale girl with purple hair said, "Tsukune's going to be alright." She was carrying a passed out man with scorch marks all over him.

"Is he going to be alright?", I asked and called my swords back. They all looked at me, forgetting that I was just standing there.

"Yes", the pale girl said, "He was burned pretty badly, but I cooled him off." She was so... emotionless.

"Is this a usual thing for you guys?", I asked and they all nodded. Moka put a rosary on her chest and changed to a pink haired girl, then collapsed to the ground.

So this must be the boy and others the bus driver was talking about, I thought, Always included in something strange. My kind of people.