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Three strikes and you're out.

Strike one

She smiled up at him. She hadn't even wanted to imagine that he would be willing to loan her the money just like that, no hesitation or deals attached. That he really saw it as a business decision as he had said, telling her it had nothing to do with them as a couple and he would not hold it over her whatever happened to them, though he would technically more or less own her with that amount of debt. But instead he was telling her he was really not, that she was a good bet, he would put his money on her. It was sweet and rather romantic honestly if she thought about, especially when she knew Peter had a risky gamblers side, the side that she also knew was what lead him to seek out hookers and the gray areas in his work like cutting deals with Kozko.

She meant it when she gently thanked him, it really did mean a lot to her, far more than he could imagine, that he was this proud of her. This was why he was the one she had rushed off to see and tell yesterday. Why he was the first one she desired to share her news with. She tipped her head lightly. That and something else Diane had told her, to do something she wouldn't normally do. Well technically she had done it before, seeking him out for sex, but normally it had been later in the day, and never in his office. However he had not been there, but now he was smiling at her happily, being proud of her as she had wanted it. She was suddenly happy she had not returned all the clothes she bought yesterday but kept the red dress she was wearing now. She let the coat slip off her shoulders and down to the floor. She took in how Peter's eyes widened a little.

"Alicia..." His voice a little husky, laced with a hidden desire. She smiled at him and stepped forward closing the gap between them sliding her arms around his neck and pulling him down to her so she could kiss him. A deep passionate kiss filled with longing and desire, God she wanted him now. The way he looked at her and trusted in her abilities was a stronger turn on than she could have imagined. His arms wrapped around her waist pulling her closer and molding them together, and he moved her so he had her pressed against the wall. She ground her hips against his, able to already feel his erection straining against his pants and pressing into her hip. She slipped her hands between them, finding his belt buckle. She was about to open it when his hand caught her wrist, and he broke the kiss, resting his forehead against hers.

"Alicia..." He panted, trying to catch his breath. She moved to pull him back into another soaring kiss but he stopped her.

"Peter what is it?" She moaned as she moved her hips against his wrapping one leg around him.

"We can't it is broad daylight, the blinds are open. Someone could see us." he whispered against her neck, placing a kiss on her throat and making her whimper lightly.

"Peter... please..." She needed this, her panties were already soaked and there was no chance she was not going to have him now. But she also knew it was risky. There they were standing right now they truly could be seen if anyone looked through the windows. She thought quickly and then smiled as she pushed him back a little, making him pull away completely and looking at her apologizing, but she just smiled and stepped in closer once more, finding his lips. His arms came around her once again holding her as she deepened the kiss while moving them.

"Alicia..." He gasped against her lips.

"Couch." was all she said as she moved them in the direction, finally pushing him down on it, before reaching to the side and turning the blinds down before coming back over to where he sat. He looked up at her waiting for her next move until she bend down and unbuckled him, he lifted himself up to help her pull his pants down before she straddled his lap. His hands found her waist, pulling her closer to him. She bend down and found his lips again, kissing him deeply. She smiled into it as she felt his hands slide down and push her dress up around her hips caressing the soft skin of her thighs. She let out a soft gasp in surprise against his lips as she heard the snap. Peter had ripped her tong off. She pulled back from the kiss raising her eyebrow at him.

"You do know I have to go back to work?" She teased him.

"Yeah..." He mumbled while sliding his hands up her back and pulling her in for another kiss. The kiss turned more fierce with hunger and desire with every second passing. Alicia shoved her hands into his hair, making the last inch of air between them disappear. She rubbed against him and felt his prominent erection press against her most sensitive spot. She broke the kiss panting for air, and moaning in pleasure as Peter latched onto her throat, sucking on the tender skin while his hands ran over her back and forward cupping her breasts, gently kneading them before pushing her dress and bra aside so he could rub her sensitive peaks.

She moaned loudly, and whimpered in annoyance as his fingers moved off them only for her moans to turn to those of pleasure as he pulled her forward a little so his lips could reach first one then the other, sucking it gently before biting it, shooting the light stinging pain with his tongue right after, making Alicia sigh. She really needed him inside right now. She placed her hands on his shoulders for balance as she lifted herself up a little, gaining enough height so she could hover over the crown of Peter's erection. He let go of her nipple making her whimper again and shifted his hips, making her gasp in pleasure as she felt it brush lightly against clit.

She placed her hands on his shoulders for balance as she lifted herself up a little, gaining enough height so she could hover over the tip of Peter's erection. He let go of her nipple making her whimper again and shifted his hips, making her gasp in pleasure as she felt it brush lightly against clit. He tensed immediately, clearly just as much on the edge as she was. She wrapped her fingers around him and positioned him against her entrance, lowering herself onto him, while sighing deeply as she felt the slick slide. She loved the feeling it gave her as she clenched tightly around him in a vice like grip, very close to coming undone right there.

She closed her eyes for a second, this was what she had longed for yesterday and today. She relaxed for a moment and lowered herself more, letting him slide deeper into her. She sighed deeply, suddenly feeling stretched to her very limit. Everything in her tightened and clenched, sucking him deeper in. She looked him in the eyes. She was sure her eyes were clouded with both desire and longing. She leaned forward pressing her lips against his in a deep kiss, while pouring every unvoiced emotion into it. Every emotion she was still afraid to let herself really feel and admit, even though she was starting to recognize them and but they scared her deeply. Because if that was true she was falling in love with him again, and that was a thought she was not ready to even start considering fully. She felt another rush of wetness as she slid smoothly down the length of him, until she was surrounding every last inch of him.

He was so deep in her she could hardly stand it, but she could not even imagine pulling up again, because no matter the discomfort of being stretched to her very limit she needed the fullness. She shifted lightly, trying to ease the slight hint of discomfort. Her body didn't seem to care about it though. She brushed his hair back from his forehead and buried fingers in his in it as she pulled him into a tender kiss, before pulling back and smiling at him, Peter let out a low groan of pleasure.

She was trembling and squeezing him in a fist like grip, already on the verge of orgasm. She lifted up knowing she needed to move for both of their sake, sliding up a few inches before lowing herself back down, and starting a steady pace. She felt an oddly delicious soreness as he pushed just past her limits every time she lowered herself, sighing deeply in pleasure, because of the fullness she needed so badly. She connected their lips in another burning kiss as the pleasure spread through her. They continued to kiss deeply as she rocked her hips, up and down, left to right, sometimes even in figures eight numbers, bringing them closer to orgasm with every slide.

Every second it grew harder and harder to hold back. Their breathing which were becoming labored was mixed with deep moans and whimpers of pleasure. Peter's hands went to he waist, steadying her hips, he gently helped her guided, her pace as well as tilting her lightly backwards into an angle that had him rubbing the sensitive, aching spot inside her. She tightened and shook, realizing she was going to come from this fast.

"Peter." she whimpered against his lips. He stroked her sides and back as fell over the edge making her shiver all over, while moaning deeply against his lips.

His gaze held hers from the moment she started to fall apart, before he moved deeply in her so he hit the very end of her with a series of deep thrusts again and again, prolonging her orgasm. She tightened around him again and felt him come apart within her, his warm release coating her inner walls.

She collapsed against him completely spent, not sure how she would be able to get up again now, but at the same time knowing she could not stay in his embrace for much longer, no matter how much she wanted it. First they were in risk of someone showing up any moment though the door was locked from when she had entered, not wanting to risk interruptions. However it was not just that alone, it was also that this was the rules she had set for him and herself when she started this again, she didn't cuddle post sex. So she let out a deep sigh as she pulled back from him, leaned in and gave him one more kiss, this one quick and gently. She then pulled up and off him and stood back up, almost falling as her legs didn't really seem able to support her. Peter's hand were immediately at her hip, steadying her.

"You're okay?" He asked her gently. She smiled and nodded.

"Yes thank you just stood up too fast I think." She said with a light smile as she brushed her dress back down and made sure it was in order. She looked at the ruined thong at the floor beside Peter's foot, raising an eyebrow at it once more, before shaking her head at him as she saw how he reached down and picked it up only to stuff it into his pocket before he pulled his pants back up and zipped them.

"So do you want me to pick you up tomorrow?" he asked looking up at her, for a moment she wasn't sure what he was talking about but then she remembered the event she had agreed to attend with him.

"Sure that would be great. Okay Peter, I really gotta run. We'll talk later?" She asked smiling at him as he nodded.

"Sure... Water?" He asked making a motion for the bottles at the table. "I mean you seemed to need it a few minutes ago." He added gently. Alicia smiled and picked one up.

"Thanks.. see you." She hesitated for a second before she walked back over where he stood, reaching up giving him a tender kiss on the lips, before she pulled back and turned around, walking to the door, picking up her coat, putting it back on and closing it. She looked over her shoulder smiling at him one last time before she opened the door and stepped back outside.

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