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Strike Three

She let out a deep breath as she looked around her office. At least making partner most likely meant that she didn't have to share one anymore, though it was only a small light in the dark. She walked over to her desk and started to pack up, most people had left and the party was finally over, so she didn't have to keep that fake smile on her face anymore. All she wanted now was to go home, have a big glass of wine, and then go to bed. She considered calling Peter, she would not mind driving to see him and have sex with him, making her forget everything else. It was not a bad idea, actually it was a pretty tempting one, but the ride to Highland Park was long and she was already tired, plus she had not seen the kids much the last day, and they would go to Peter tomorrow night, so she really should get home in the hope of them still being up.

She picked up her phone, checking it. There were 3 unanswered calls from Peter, she furrowed her brow, why had he called her that often? She considered if she should call him back before leaving or pack up and call him from the car, smiling lightly to herself. Maybe he wanted her to come over and had been thinking about her as well. Maybe this was why he had called her, she hoped it was. She did need him, badly. The kids might very well already be in bed and so there was no reason to rush home, she concluded. After all it was half past 10 and they both had school in the morning. If she was going to drive to Highland Park now, she should better wait with the call and hurry up. She could call him while she drove.

She grabbed her coat and walked out of the office. The sign on the door caught her gaze, making her sigh sadly. All of her hard work and she was now just reduced to money, a capital. And the way she found out, through that terrible court sessions and Canning. She stopped dead in her walk and hesitated for a second, before she walked back to her desk, pulled open the drawer and took out the business card Canning had left her with. She stared at it for a moment, she had never before wanted to even consider taking his offers but this time... this time it was different, she would just be one among many there as well, but at least she knew Canning had been trying to steal her away before, meaning he must at least consider her to be more than a source for cash. Of all the things she had been labeled before, this was the one that hurt the most, cash. And work had been where she felt safe and valued over the last years, where she had control while everything else was falling apart. She felt close to tears again like she had been yesterday when she learned the truth, but she couldn't cry, at least not here and now. She placed the card in her pocket and walked back out, determined to call Peter, she needed his strength and care, it would make her feel calm and appreciated once more.

She was waiting for the elevator to come up when she heard someone approaching her, and wished it wouldn't be someone needing to talk with her or Diane intending on giving her one more speech, because she had honestly no idea how much more she could take.

"Alicia... I thought you had left already?" She closed her eyes taking a couple of deep breaths, great not Diane, but Will, probably the only person she wished to see even less than Diane at the moment. She swallowed the lump that had been forming in her throat since she left her office that suddenly felt painfully big, and put on her best smile, the smile she had been used to wear every day after the scandal, and hated having to put on more than anything.

She was no longer sure what felt worse, having her husband take their personal life and everything they were and throw it away for sex, or this, having her professional life tainted and reduced to only money. Okay the scandal still won, but at least Peter had changed so much since then, he had looked at her with pride and happiness when she told him about this, and she knew him well enough to know that his happiness had been true, that he meant it when he said she deserved it and he had expected it. She opened her eyes again and looked at Will with the perfected smile now adorning her face.

"I was just about to leave. Good night Will." Damn it, she cursed herself. She might have been smiling, but her voice still sounded like she was close to tears.

"Is everything alright?" He asked a bit worried, looking at her confused.

"Yes, everything is fine Will." She considered what she could say other than that, when her phone began to ring. "I am sorry I have to take this," she gestured to her phone, and walked a bit away from where they were standing to gain a bit of privacy, while in her mind thanking Peter for his well-placed timing.

"Hey Peter..." she said, starting to smile for real this time as she heard his voice.

"Hey... I tried calling a couple of times... where are you?"

"I am just leaving work. I planned on calling you back from the car. Is everything alright?" She asked, hoping he really was calling because he wanted her to come over.

"Yes... I just... I know it is getting a little late but I hoped you would come over..." He admitted, and his words warmed her and made her smile. Further, this was just what she wished for, like he was reading her mind. The thought of sex with him and having him work his magic power of making her forget anything else, plus his comforting and warm arms making her feel protected yet strong was what she needed now.

"I'll be there in 30 minutes." She answered, her voice filled with happiness.

"You do know the drive takes 45minutes... and I prefer you didn't get into an accident because you were speeding. " He told her jokingly, making her lips twist in a grin as she let out a light laughter.

"Okay I'll be careful," she agreed.

"Good, no speeding," he answered.

"No speeding, I promise." She smiled and hung up, feeling just a little better again already, as she walked back over the elevator and to where Will stood.

"Is everything alright?" He asked her, making her turn to him again. She nodded, not sure what to tell him really. She was actually in no mood to talk with him at all.

He could have told her the truth, she would have been okay if they had told her the truth from the beginning. She thought at least he would have thought of that, and been upfront with her since he was her friend, but maybe that was the fact that their friendship and that respect had been lost somewhere between a presidential suit and other hotel rooms all over town. She had thought it still held, since they promised not to be awkward around each other, after everything that happened. She knew the hurt feelings she had at the moment weren't something she wanted to share with him. She simply couldn't for so many different reasons, just one being that he hadn't even respected her enough, that he had told her the catch on the promotion up front, acted like a friend, but maybe that meant they were no longer friends.

"Everything is fine. Good Night Will." She answered, hoping the elevator would hurry up, so she could get out of the rather uncomfortable situation.

"Okay..." He hesitated, and Alicia was relieved when she heard the sound of the elevator arriving.

The doors opened but just as she was about to step into it she turned around. She knew not knowing was better than knowing in so many cases. Still she needed to know this and she was so tempted to ask but looking at him again she realized she couldn't. She couldn't ask why he had not told her the truth, because the time where he would and she was allowed to think he owed it to her was in the past. Instead she gave him a half smile. She didn't wait for more words to be exchanged between them, she would probably not like them anyway.

So instead she turned away, accepting that yet another thing had been taken away from her, what did she have left? Her kids? Was that really it? Her marriage consisted of sex and campaign trips at the moment, her and Kalinda were better again but it was still hard and she didn't trust her former best friend completely anymore. The mentor she had come to respect and look up to - that image was tainted, and her promotion had reduced her to money and nothing more, and the friend that had helped her up from when she was lying on the ground after the scandal was no longer her friend.

She stepped into the elevator and turned to look at him, recognizing for the first time that his eyes held a certain sadness.

"Good night Will." She said once more as she pressed the button to the underground parking, letting it take her down. She walked resolutely to her car, she needed Peter more every second that passed, maybe she still had something left other than her kids, something untainted by a hidden agenda and he understood her and wouldn't pressure her.

The drive there was a long way, too long, and she more than a little wished he was in the city and she would not have to spent 45 min to get to him. As she parked the car she pulled out a hand mirror from her back along with her lipstick placing a fresh coat of it on her lips as well as running her fingers through her hair. With that done she got out of her car and walked to the house, wondering briefly why it was dark, but she let it slide as she stepped up to it and knocked on the door.

"The door is open just come in." She heard Peter shout from somewhere inside. She furrowed her brows in confusion, was he not even going to open the door for her? She had hoped she would just have to wait a few moments and then she would have him inside her sliding in and out of her hard, most likely with her pressed against the door.

She opened it and stepped inside, confused and a little annoyed.

"Peter?" She called out.

"In here..." He called from the living room, and Alicia followed the sound and walked in there, the room was dark.

"Peter what is going on?" She asked beginning to get more than a little annoyed by this. However she didn't manage to say anything else, because next the light was turned back on and Peter as well as Zach and Grace were screaming surprise at her, and the next moment both kids had their arms around her hugging her.

"Congratulations Mom." Zach smiled at her.

"Yes, why didn't you say anything?" Grace added.

"I don't know... I've just been busy, and not completely sure on a few things." She explained, not wanting to crouch their happiness with telling them what she knew now. "How did you find out? And what are you two even doing here?" She asked confused.

"Dad called and told us, and asked if we wanted to surprise you. We drove out here and we made you a cake." Grace answered happily.

"I hope it is okay, Alicia." Peter answered this time. She looked over and met his gaze, smiling happily.

"It is perfect..." she answered, and it truly was. On the table was a cake they had baked for her, Peter had started to light the candles on it, that and the kids here was perfect to her.

"Come on Mom." Grace said and started to drag her over, Alicia following her daughter smilingly.

Sometime later when the cake was eaten and the coffee Peter had made for her and him drunken, Alicia looked at Grace, realizing her daughter was half asleep and her son looking tired as well and both had school the next day, and it would be an hour before they would be back in the city if they drove soon, and it was already half past midnight, where had the time gone?

"Grace, Zach, go to bed." She told them gently, making both look at her confused.

"But Mom what do you mean are you letting us stay with Dad?" Grace asked confused while yawning.

"If it is alright with your Dad, yes, you can sleep 30 minutes longer tomorrow when you stay here, and it is already late." She looked over at Peter who nodded.

"Your mom is right, it is very late for you two on a school night, and this will mean you can sleep a little longer and get to bed sooner." He said, Zach and Grace both started to object with the comment about it being late.

"Bed..." Alicia said without adding any further, and both kids gave in, while pouting a little, as they stood up and said good night before going upstairs.

"So do you want any more coffee?" Peter asked as he stood up.

"Coffee is not among the things I want." She answered, the moment they were left alone again she remembered how much she needed and wanted him right now. Peter looked at her almost speechless.

"Alicia the kids..." He started, but was cut off by her lips on his, silencing any further words he might have had to say. She kissed him deeply, running her hands through his hair and pulling him closer to her, their tongues battling for dominance and control. His hands came around her and stroked her sides and she could feel how he tried to slow the kiss down. But she didn't want any of that, she sucked on his tongue, making him moan deeply. They broke the kiss panting for air, his hands once more gently caressing her sides.

"Bedroom... now..." She panted; she really wished they didn't have to move up to it, that he could just take her in here, right now like she really wanted.

"Alicia..." he started to protest, but she pulled him back in for another kiss, one that was filled with longing and desire... "Please, Peter..." she begged, her voice husky with need. She tipped her head to the side looking up at him through her eyelashes, making him groan and pull her back in for another kiss. The next moment he had picked her up and was carrying her upstairs, never breaking the contact between their lips.

She didn't consider the fact that the kids could easily have seen them, in fact she had forgotten all about them and anything else just like she had wanted and wished for. He carried her into the bedroom and she heard him locking the door behind them. He placed her on the bed in what was once their bedroom but was now just his, and when he first pulled back from her again making her moan because of the loss. She didn't let him pull away much as she caught hold on his tie, pulling him towards her and loosening it, tossing it somewhere beside her. The next moment she smiled at him, a wicked gleam in her eyes. He might be intending on some kind of slow and gentle thing with the way he kissed her and stroked her body softly, but she needed him inside her now, stretching her completely. So she took hold of his shirt and the next moment she had ripped it open, sending the buttons flying around them.

She pulled him back in for another kiss, biting his lower lip teasingly. Her hands went to his pants, opening them.

"Alicia slow down..." he mumbled against her lips, but she shook her head. And the next moment she took him by surprise and rolled him over, straddling his hips and hiking her skirt further up, before pulling the black top she wore with it off, the jacket she had taken off earlier down in the living room. She didn't want slow or tender at all. Her hands returned to his pants this time getting them open, moving off him so she could take them off. However them moment she was not on top anymore he had grabbed her around the waist and pushing her back on the bed facedown. He leaned in over her kissing her neck sweetly, making her moan.

"Peter... please... I need..." She didn't manage to say more as he sucked on the skin on her shoulder.

"I know what you need... hard and fast right... it seems to be all that you want lately. Get on your hands and knees." He mumbled against her, pulling back enough to make her move into the position.

The next second he had once more ripped the thong off her. She should start to make a list of how many and have him buy her some new ones, as he was more or less destroying her every set of matching underwear. The next second she let out a deep moan as his fingers ran over her slit brushing her sensitive clit with his thumb. He did this a few times and then she had to bite her lip from moaning out loudly as he entered her roughly in one hard thrust. The deep penetration the position gave her was almost too much and he didn't give her any time to adjust before pulling back out and slamming into her again, making her moan and arch her back. He set a fast pace and she was close to coming within a few seconds. His hands were holding her hips hard, probably bruising the skin, and one of them slid down between her legs and was rubbing her clit hard. Those things were all too much when put together, and for every thrust she clenched down harder on him, making the feeling even more intense.

"Harder Peter, please." She begged, and he did as asked, slamming into her with even more force. He pinched her clit hard, sending her over the edge. She clenched down so hard on him that it was almost impossible for him to move, yet he did, he kept moving in and out of her, hard and fast drawing out her orgasm, until he finally followed her and she felt his warm release coat her inner walls.

She collapsed on the bed her arms no longer able to hold her. He moved in and out of her a few more times before pulling out of her and collapsing beside her. She kept laying there on the bed panting hard, trying to catch her breath again. This had been just what she needed. She lay still for a few moments, and felt Peter's hand run over her bare back, stroking her skin.

"Are you okay Alicia? Was I too hard with you?" He asked worriedly, making her smile a little and roll over to her side so she was facing him. She met his gaze and shook her head.

"No, it was just what I needed. Thank you." She reached in and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, before pulling back and looking at her watch. She let out a deep breath, it was late, very late actually. She was tired and exhausted from the sex yet she still had to get home. She started to move away from him but his hand came to rest on her hip, pulling her back down and closer to him.

"Peter..." She reprimanded him. "Peter I need to get up." She told him and moved his hand away from her hip, while meeting is gaze, that suddenly held a bunch of emotions.

"Stay..." he whispered softly, pulling her back in and moving so he could kiss her on the lips. The kiss was soft and tender.

"You know I can't... I need to get home." She said, and moved away again.

"Please Alicia it is late. Stay, Babe..." He whispered, catching her hand and trying to make her come back to bed.

"I can't." She told him, her voice getting a little harder. Why was he suddenly so insisting on her staying? He knew sleepovers were not a part of their deal.

He sat up, and suddenly he looked tired and older than he had in a long time.

"Fine go home, like you always do. That is all you want right? A hard fast fuck, and then to be gone again." She had bend over, reaching for her top when he spoke, but his words made her look back up. His voice was hard, and his eyes dark. Even if his words hadn't been so cruel she would still have known that he was pissed at her.

"Peter... " She looked at him a bit confused and hurt. Why was he suddenly angry at her? What was wrong?

"You know what Alicia, go home." He said as he stood up from the bed and moved over to a drawer in the room where he pulled out a pair of boxers and sweatpants which he pulled on.

"Are you mad at me?" She asked, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable and nervous.

He let out a sarcastic laugh.

"What could ever make you think that, Darling" He hissed, still not facing her.

"Peter what the hell is wrong with you?" She asked and started to get annoyed as well.
He turned to her, looking her in the eyes.

"Is it so wrong that I wanted to spent a night with my wife making love to her, now that I finally had her in a bed? I guess it is... because all you want is hard and fast. Over and done in half an hour and then out of the door again." He whispered, his voice low and cold, making Alicia shiver.

"Okay I don't know what has gotten into you tonight Peter. You haven't been complaining earlier as far as I know..." She shot back, getting tired of this already. Peter and being with him was what made her forget and be happy, it was the bright spot in her day, and now with the things he was saying he was destroying it all.

"What the hell did you want me to say? The woman I love and want to spent every second of the day with, wants to have sex with me after I have spent more than 4 years in celibacy. How the hell was I supposed to say no?" He hissed at her. Tears were starting to gather in her eyes, she shook her head trying to clear her thoughts but nothing came to mind other than she needed to get out of here right now.

"We are both tired Peter, saying things we don't mean" She started to reason. "I should go." She added and turned to leave. She was almost at the bedroom door when he spoke again.

"If you step out of that door now... Then we are over Alicia, completely over. I can't do this anymore. I can't. If you leave now, you should not bother coming back." His words were barely more than a whisper and yet she heard them and they burned themselves into her mind and heart, as if he shouted each of them. She froze in her steps, and the first of the tears she had been holding at bay for days ran down her cheek, followed by many more. She turned slowly back to him, meeting his gaze.

"What... are... you saying?" She whispered her voice scared and trembling,

"You heard me..." He answered, his voice low, and his eyes now more sad than hurt.

She started to shake her heard, not completely sure if it was a denial of the situation as a whole or what he seemed to be saying.

"I need you to say the words..." She whispered now more or less openly crying, and she could see that his hands were twisting, indicating he was close to walking over to her, most likely to hug her and ask for her forgiveness. She took in how he gulped.

"I am saying I can't do this anymore, that you should not come back." He replied softly. Her eyes that were already hard to look out of due to the tears suddenly swam with black spots, and she felt like fainting, like her legs were close to giving out under her, but she still shook her head.

"Say the words... Peter... you owe me that much." She sobbed, suddenly feeling completely broken. He said nothing for what felt like an eternity. A time she spent reaching out beside her, steadying herself against the wall, which was good, because the words he finally spoke were words she never thought he would ever say.

"I am saying I want a divorce..."

The meanest cliffhanger ever? (What is more shocking... originally Randi thought I should just end this chapter with him saying if she leaves now they are over. And that should be the end of the story. This was the third strike and that means you are out. I am however sweet so there will be an epilogue to this story. However here is the catch I have only written 6 lines of it so far so not sure how long you will have to wait...)