Chapter 3:It's About Time

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Loren's POV

I woke up and started getting dressed for school. I knew today was going to be a long day since I would be hanging out with Eddie Duran. Even though I spent little time with him,I knew we had a connection. I have to pick Mel up for school and tell her about meeting Eddie. I just hope she doesn't go to crazy because I can't really handle all the chaos. I finished getting dressed and left my room. I smelled the breakfast my Mom had made. My Mom! I totally forgot to tell her too! I was so caught up with getting the car that I didn't even have time to talk to her. She is not going to believe me when I say I met MK's son.

Nora:Hey Lo. I made your breakfast, it's on the table.

Loren:Thanks Mom, it smells great. So I forgot to tell you something.

Nora:Oh no your not pregnant are you?! Loren how could you do this!? You just got accepted to Brown and...

Loren:Mom! Calm down! No, I'm not pregnant are you crazy!? I don't even have a boyfriend.

Nora:Oh thank God! You might have given me a heart attack.

Loren smiling: I hope not. Anyways, I met someone.

Nora:Really who?

Loren:Oh, I don't know if you would know him... His name is Eddie Duran.

Nora frowning:Okay Lo, be serious who did you actually meet?

Loren laughing:Mom I'm serious! I actually met Eddie Duran!

Nora in shock:Really?How?

Loren:After I got the letter from Brown, I went to my secret spot to think about my he suddenly came. We only talked for a little while because you called so I left. But we are meeting today after school at 5.

Nora: Lo are you sure that's a good idea?

Loren:(surprised)Why wouldn't it be a good idea?

Nora:He just broke up with his fiancee less than a week ago.

Loren:Mom come on. He doesn't even think of me in that way. We are just friends.

Nora:Okay but don't get attached.

Loren:I won't Mom,don't worry.

Nora:I love you Lo. You better get going so you won't be late for picking Mel up.

Loren:I love you too Mom. Bye.

I walked out the door into the garage and got in my new car. I started to drive to Mel's house. I was kind of nervous to talk to Mel. I knew she would have a lot of questions. I finally arrived at Mel's house and honked my horn. Mel came out wearing something totally Mel. She got in the car and we drove off. We were about 10 minutes away from school so thats when I decided to bring Eddie up.

Loren:So Mel, I forgot to tell you I met somebody...

Mel:Oh who, your secret lover Eddie Duran.

Loren(frowning):Yes actually but he isn't my secret lover, he's just a friend.


Loren:MEL! Okay so I had just gotten the letter from Brown, I had alot on my mind so I decided to go to my spot. And when I got there nobody was there. A little while later I heard someone coming up behind me. Then we were talking and we decided to share the spot and he told me his name and took off his disguise. It was Eddie Duran in the flesh. But he's nice and so down to earth, he's different.

Mel:Dang Lo, you got it bad.

Loren: I got what bad?

Mel:You like Eddie, and as much as you try saying you don't, you know you do.

Loren:Mel you're crazy.

After I finished telling Mel, we pulled into the school parking lot. All I could think about was leaving school and going to our spot. We got out of the car and started talking and we ran into Cam. Cam was in my class, he had dirty blonde hair and muscles that always showed no matter what he was wearing. We had never really talked before. He was in a couple of my classes but that's it. I saw him at the cafe during my shift but he never tried to make an effort to talk to me. He was more of a jock.

Cam: Hey Loren, Melissa.

Loren and Melissa: Hey Cam

Mel(practically drooling):So, Cam, how's everything going.

Cam: It's good. Actually Loren I could use your help.

Loren:Okay what do you need?

Mel:I'll leave you two to talk. Lo I'll see you in a bit.

Loren:Okay see you then.

Cam:Anyways, I was wondering if you could tutor me.

Loren:Yeah,Um, Sure I could.

Cam:Thanks Loren you would be helping me alot. I need to pull my grades up so I could try and get a full Lacrosse scholarship.

Loren:Yeah no problem. I'll see you tomorrow at 6 at the cafe? Is that good for you?

Cam:Yeah thanks Loren. Hey maybe it doesn't just have to be about we make it a date?

Loren:Um, I don't think so, I'm sorry. I'll see you tomorrow.

Cam:Ah, It's you tomorrow.

Cam walks away and Adrianna comes up and starts a fight with Loren.

Adrianna:Wow Loren, you really do think you are all that.

Loren:Just cut it out Adrianna. It's none of your business anyways.

Adrianna:Okay Loren whatever you say because everything is so perfect in The World Of Loren Tate.

Loren:I do? Well why don't you just go back to your perfect life Adrianna.

Adrianna: You must be dumb to turn Cam down. He's too good for you anyways.

Mel(hearing the conversation walking up): Adrianna just go back to Phil and he's not too good for Loren. Loren didn't want to go on a date with him because she's with Eddie Duran.


Adrianna:You losers are so lame. Your life is so boring that you have to make up a dumb lie that Eddie Duran the rockstar is interested in the plainest girl here Loren Tate?

Mel: Actually she has a date with Eddie after school unlike you so GOOD-BYE.

Adrianna and her clique were are all furious. Loren is still in shock that Mel told them. But she let it go and told Mel she would see her later. The day was going by faster than she thought. Before she knew it, it was already the last minutes of her class. The bell rang and Loren went to her locker to get her books. She got in her car with Mel, drove her home and went to the cafe to grab a bite before meeting with Eddie. She looked at her phone and it was already 4:30. Loren left the cafe and got in her car and started driving to their secret spot. She parked at the bottom and began hiking up the hill.

I wonder if he is actually going to come. I wouldn't know because I don't have his number. I guess I will just have to wait.

Eddies POV

I had just woken up and immediately thought about Loren. She was all I thought about yesterday. She is amazing. I'm glad I talked to Pop about her. I know he's worried about me. Loren's not like Chloe at all. I could feel it when I look at her. When I looked in her eyes I saw the light shining in them. She was different. Pop would figure that out when he met her. I showered and got dressed. Jake, my manager had sent me a message to go by the office. I got my keys and got in my car and drove to the office. About 15 minutes later I finally arrived at Jake's office.

Jake:Hey Eddie! I need you to sign some forms.

Eddie: Okay where are they?

Jake: Here you go. Sign here,here and here.

Eddie(signing the papers): So Jake, since I haven't seen you I didn't have the chance to tell you that I met someone.

Jake:Someone?Who is she?Is she famous?What's her name? Are you sure that's such a good idea?

Eddie(putting his hands up):Her name is Loren. No she is not famous and we are just friends.

Jake: Eddie, I'm just trying to warn you. I don't want another Chloe situation happening.

Eddie: Jake I know and we have just met there is no reason to freak out.

Jake:Alright Eddie, just be careful.

Eddie: Don't worry about me. I'm gonna head out. I'm meeting her in about an hour.

Jake:Alright we will talk soon.

Eddie leaves Jake's office then goes home to pick up his songbook then sees the clock and it says 5:10.

Oh man I'm late to meet Loren. I hope she didn't leave. I rush to my car hoping she was still there. When I got to the hill I parked to this car I didn't recognize. I walked up anyways and I saw her I was so happy.

I walked up to her and started talking to her.

Eddie:Hey Loren. I'm sorry I'm late. I'm happy you didn't leave.

Loren: It's okay. It's about time.

Eddie laughing:Okay I know, I know. So Loren all I know about you is that you name is Loren and that your beautiful.

Did I really say that out loud?Way to go Eddie you probably scared her away.

Loren blushing:I'm Loren Tate. I'm 18. I'm a senior at West Valley Charter. I live in Tarzana with my Mom and my best friend's name is Mel.

Eddie:Wow now I know alot.

Loren:Your turn. I know probably everything about Eddie Duran the rockstar but not alot about the Eddie Duran I front of me.

Eddie laughing: Okay, I like to stay home and play video games, I talk to my dad when I need advice or if I just want to see him. I live in a penthouse on Sunset and I like spending time with you.

Loren blushing again:Well I guess we are even.

Just ask her Eddie you could do it.

Eddie nervously: Loren would you like to be my date for my Dad's club opening on Friday night?

Loren:Um I -

Loren's POV

Is this really happening? Am I actually sitting here with Eddie Duran? The Eddie Duran that just asked me out on a date. Not a date to the movies but a date to his Dad's club opening. What do I say? I want to say yes but if I do I hope he doesn't expect something else to happen. What should I do? I know I should answer because he did put himself out there to ask. I forgot he was there waiting for me to answer. I snapped back into reality.

Loren: I would love to.

Eddie smiling:Great I think I need your number though to make sure I can talk to you again.

They gave each other their phones and put their numbers in. It was getting close to seven and the sun was setting. It was the perfect scene. Them up on the hill was like fate had brought them and Loren were both gazing into the sky in awe at how beautiful it was. Eddie then started to look at Loren. He was thinking about how beautiful she was. And how lucky he was to have found her. Loren noticed that Eddie was focusing not on the sky but on her. They started to gaze into each other's eyes for the first clicked and they both felt it. They knew that being together was right. At that moment Eddie knew what he had to do. He stood up and put his hand out for Loren to grab. They were both standing there when Eddie began talking.

Eddie:Loren, I know we just met but I feel like I have known you since we were kids. I feel so comfortable around you and that I could be myself with you. You understand me like know one else has.

Loren:Eddie I feel the same way. It's like it was fate that we met here.

Before she knew it Eddie had his hands on her waist and was starting to lean into kiss her. She couldn't believe this was happening. She leaned in too. When their lips touched it was like the spark was ignited for the first time. This kiss wasn't full of passion and lust. It was gentle and sweet. This was the happiest moment for both of them. Eddie and Loren stayed there in the same position for as long as they could. They knew they had a connection no one could break.