I'm back! sorry it's been so long since my last upload, thought I'd at least give you one of the most interesting chapters, when Brittany and Santana meet before I went on my break from fan fiction for a few days. I hope this chapter can be as good as my last! just to warn you, this one may get a little heated!

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Brittany's POV

pulling her into the house I quickly shut the door behind us, I turn around and Santana gives me the most seductive smile.

"come here you!"

I reach out and grab her shirt, pulling her into me. slamming her into the door my lips merge with hers. Our tongues battle for dominance as Santana slides her hand under my shirt, I shiver under her touch.

"I can't believe your finally here! "

I say in-between kiss. I slide my hand around the back of her head and deepen the kiss, we were getting very heated and I felt myself moaning a little. I could feel Santana smiling as we make-out.
I pull away for some much needed air, I take her hand and lead her to my room.

"let's go upstairs, you haven't met Lord Tubbington yet!"

taking her hand we both make our way up to my bedroom.

Santana's POV

As we walked into Brittany's room all I could see was pink. Pink walls, pink bed covers even pink unicorns pillows! it was completely different to my black and red themed bedroom back in Ohio. Brittany grabs my hand and pulls me into her, we're so close I can feel our noses touch. we gaze into each other's eyes for seconds until she says something I wasn't expecting..

"San, I love you."

My heart completely melts every time she says that. who knew just three words could make you feel so good. I lean in and give her a quick peck on her lips.

"I love you too Britt."

we we're just away to start making out again but we hear a meowing sound coming from the bed. both looking round, Lord Tubbington is sitting staring at us. I think he is jealous because I'm getting all of Brittany's attention!

"awh tubs! this is Santana!"

Brittany says as she picks him up from the bed. I'm not exactly what you a," cat person" but I'll try to be, just for Brittany.

"hey little guy, aren't you the cutest!"

"I think he likes you!"

Brittany says excitedly as she massages the top of his head, making him purr. She walks over to the door and puts him down in the landing.

"you stay here baby, me and San need some alone time."

closing the door behind her she turns and gives me the cutest, yet sexiest smile.

"now, where we're we?"

walking closer to her, I take her hand and pull her close. I feel her hand slide around my back and the other the back of my neck.

"I think we we're just away to make-out before we we're distracted."

I giggle and Brittany forcefully crashes her lips against mine, pushing me further towards her bed. Sitting down, she straddles on top of me, running her fingers though my hair.

"you're so beautiful."

she says as she rubs her thumb up and down against my cheek, giving me shivers down my spine. I smile.

"thanks baby, you're perfect..okay?"

she pushes me down, so I'm lying on the bed with her sitting on top of me, I moan with the feel of her lips against my neck, slowing moving up to my jaw line and returning back to kiss my lips.

Brittany's POV

I look down at who could be, the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on, she's like the girls you see on magazine covers. The one's with the silky long hair, flawless skins and fit toned bodies. I just couldn't believe she was all mine. If Puckerman saw me with her, he would sure be jealous! I can imagine Santana being one of the really popular girls at school. Ya'know, the girl that every guy wants and all the girls want to be, plus she's head cheerleader!

I felt her pull at the hem of my shirt. taking her hand I lead it under my vest top and place it so she can feel my bare stomach, she slides it round so she can rub my back. pulling her shirt up I place small kisses up and down her tummy, I could tell she was enjoying it, she was moaning a lot. Her moans really turned me on, I really wanted to all the way with her that night but I thought it would be better if we take it slow.

"Babe, want to watch finding nemo?"

I said looking up at her from where I finished kissing her, right at the bottom of her tummy. She had those "V lines" her stomach was so toned! must be from all the working out she gets from cheerleading. Not only is she beautiful but her body was so sexy.

"Sure baby, put it on."

pulling her shirt back down and giving her a small peck on the lips I excitedly get up from the bed and put the DVD in. Santana was getting changed into her night wear, cute little purple shorts and a vest top. I couldn't help but stare, her body was perfect.

"enjoying the view?"

I didn't realise I was staring so much, I smiled.

"Santana, you're body..oh my god. could it be anymore perfect!"

she giggled.

"baby, have you taken a look at yours, damn girl..I can't wait to explore it!"

she flashed me and wink and got into bed. I quickly got changed and joined her. Our bodies moulded together perfectly, our legs intertwined together. I loved feeling my skin against hers, her legs were so smooth and soft! I rested my head on her shoulder as she put her arm around me. sliding my hand under her vest I traced circles around her belly button.

"I've waited for this, for the day I'd be cuddled up to you as we watch Finding Nemo, it's just as perfect as I imagined. I remember hugging my teddy all night pretending it's you."

I felt her kiss my forehead, and run her hand though my hair.

"Me too Britt-Britt."

Santana's POV

Today I can honestly say was the best day of my life. I finally met my girl, she's even more perfect in real life than in her pictures, I never even knew it was possible!

I played with her long blonde hair and stroked her arm with my finger, I heard a noise coming from Brittany.

"Britt, you okay?"

looking down, I realised she was snoring and was sound asleep.

"goodnight princess"

I whispered into her ear, switching the TV off I rolled her on her side and slide my arms around her front, kissing the back of her neck. I finally got to fall asleep while I hug my girl, this time it wasn't my teddy bear I was hugging.