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Months had passed since the funeral of Lucy. Each had resumed their life and everyone was fine.

Emma was now a happy girl because she lived with her father. After so many years of separation, the death of Red John had allowed them to come together and form a family. Jane had sold his house to buy a smaller one which didn't contain all the bad memories. It was a fresh start and Jane did not wanted to be reminded of the horrors of Red John anymore. His daughter helped him choose a small house in a quiet area but not too rich. Having to hide all the time it was second nature to be unnoticeable something Emma learned she preferred.

The girl went back to school and she made new friends. She had resumed contact with those friends she had left in Dallas. Sometimes her best friends came to spend a few days with her during school holidays or long weekends. It was sometimes the reverse was true.

Although she was no longer hunted Emma preferred to keep her name. Her father chose it and she still liked it. She never was attached to Charlotte it was just wrong. She was Emma and that suited her just fine! She had started a new life without Red John and her name was a part of these changes. All her friends knew her as Emma. There was no need for a change.

Her friend all knew her story and none of them cared. She was the same person she had always been to them. They were happy to learn her sudden departure did not end in death but that she was in fact happy and alive. They were almost fifteen year olds there was not much to keeping them happy. All they needed was a great group of friends, a mobile phone and an internet connection in order to make videos with friends in the evening.

Jane was still worked for the CBI. He became calmer and more thoughtful. To everyone around him he went out of his way to be more of a joy than a pain. He was a new Jane. Because of his changes work got done quicker and they all had less work now.

Lisbon had come back to work after a long period of physical and especially psychological recovery. Her boss forced her to see a shrink. She refused at first but after talking with Jane her bad expériences were set aside. Sophie Miller was the reason for the change. Lisbon had agreed to see her because she knew her. Sophie was the one which helped Jane. If she could assist that basket case Lisbon knew she was the right person for her.

The agent and the consultant had started to see each other. They would share dinners which allowed them to get to know each other better. What happened was that they had opened their eyes and they had finally realized that they needed each other in their life. There was no more room for doubt. The words and actions made them click.

Emma was happy to see her father with Teresa. She already loved her as a mother and she wanted one thing. Her wish was to be a family. She knew it would take time. She was so patient and took the opportunity to spend time with Teresa when she needed to talk or just to create bonds of love.

Six months after that first kiss Jane suggested to Teresa to come live with him and Emma. She only hesitated for a moment and after that moment passed said "Yes" then jumped into his arms.

Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt had helped her move in at Jane's house with joy and good humor. They then made a big meal during which Emma had invited her best friend to meet her father and Teresa. They all had a great time and the party had lasted late into the night.

Once, the guests were gone. Patrick and Teresa had settled in the living room entwined with each other enjoying the quiet of the house

Time past and Lisbon was melancholic plus depressed. Jane was disturbed by this. He wanted to know what was wrong. He then decided to ask her directly instead of waiting for her to speak. He didn't like seeing her like this way. It made him sad too.

- "Teresa what's wrong?" he asked with his face getting close to hers then placing a tender kiss on her temple.

- "I had a discussion with my doctor and ..." but she could not keep talking. She so wanted to cry.

- "What…?" asked her worried companion. "Are you sick? How bad is it?"

- "No, but ... I ..." Teresa was reluctant to speak.

- "Tell me Teresa, because you are really scaring me." Patrick worriedly


- "I can never have any children." Teresa blurted out in shame.

The woman burst into tears in his arms. He remained in shock at the news. He had dreamed of having children with her. It was his dearest wish to start a family with the woman he loved. They both had to realize the damage Red John had inflicted had a cost and that cost was infertility. They both cried to morn what could have been. Once they cried together Jane knew there could be other solutions.

- "I'm sorry Patrick, so sorry." Teresa apologized.

- "Yes I am sad and we shed some tears but Teresa darling there is many other options. I know how much you wanted to have children but just because we can not conceive naturally. We can still have a child. If your ovaries are not damaged we could have the eggs harvested, fertilized and implanted in a surrogate. Or we can adopt. The fact is while we are together there is no problem big or small we can not conquer."

Lisbon smiled and a little relieved by his reaction. She straightened in order to put her lips to Jane's and for him to hug her tightly. He didn't blame her. It was her happiness what concerned him. There was no need for laying any blame as far as Jane is concerned. Being together him, her and Emma was all the family he wanted. Being buoyed by Jane's reaction she decided to tell him what the doctor had said.

- "The reason of why I can't have children ... is that I have received too many stabs wounds ... and there is too much scarring in my uterus. The damage is irreversible." She sadly said.

Jane was glad she came clean. This relationship was to be built on trust.

- "So only your uterus… eh? So surrogacy can work for us…. If you want to do it… of course we can adopt too." Jane brightly said.

Teresa kissed his lips as her crying ended. She realized all things were possible with Patrick Jane.

Exhausted they went to bed. They spent the rest of the night entwined with each other as if they were afraid of being separated again and they slept well. Emma found them the next morning then joined them for a morning family hug. They may never have any other children. They had a beautiful daughter which made them happy.

Life had not been kind to them. Now they are rebuilding and together they have a wonderful life.

The End

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