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I dreamt of you.

You had such beautiful blue eyes, as shining and sweet as ever. I could always find such comfort in them, even though you were still so young. They had such promise. Such potential.

Though I don't know who you are, in your familiar face and haunting eyes, I could tell that you were important to me at some point, in some time, as some person. As my thoughts linger on my dream, the edges become increasingly fuzzy until the only thing I could remember was the sense of familiarity.

Soon enough, even that became mixed in with the other watery memories that filled my mind: memories of flat, petty dreams that compose every passing second of reality.

In a way, this was my reality. There are no people, no conflicts. No pain, no suffering. I could bend this flimsy reality to my every whim, and live out the frivolous lives and spectacular personas that I had always imagined as a child through these never-ending dreams.

Here, frozen in space and time, I was safe. Or rather, the rest of the universe was safe from me. As long as I stayed asleep, I faced an eternity filled with endless dreams and fantasies, being able to touch the happiness and joy around me but never given the ability to truly hold it.

This is what I wanted, right? This was my 'destiny'?

Well, destiny is a bitch, I'll tell you that much. I could bet anything that no one knew that better than me.

That fuzzy, drowsy sensation ebbed at the edges of my mind, and I knew I was going under again. These rare moments between dreams, few and far between, were the only reminders to the fact that this was all false. Every moment I 'lived', every person I 'met', every event that 'happened' wasn't real.

The overpowering senses of the Dreamworld engulfed me completely, washing every thought from my mind, forever forgotten. For a split second I attempted to find any scrap of a memory of my life before being trapped here, but came up with nothing. As my mind slipped from my grasp again, I was left with the realization that whatever – and whoever – I was before this was gone forever, completely forgotten.

And even that realization was quickly washed away.

Another dream ended, much more abruptly than the last. It was highly unusual for a dream to end for no apparent reason like that. Suspiciously unusual.

As I was contemplating the dream that had just ended, I became the tiniest bit aware of something… odd.

It was a voice. A voice in the darkness?

I tried to focus on the strange sound as it continued to flutter around me, never getting noticeably louder or closer. It was just a soft, distant whisper, whose only words came to me in unintelligible strings of letters and sounds. The noise was soothing to me in a way I couldn't remember ever experiencing.

The voice kept talking to me for a long while, until it came to a stop mid-sentence, and abandoned me. I tried to search my mind for a way to call the voice back, but before I could think of anything, the strangest sensation washed over me.

And instantly my entire world fell apart.

I was suddenly aware, very aware, of the darkness around me and the fact that I was falling. Or perhaps I was spinning. Either way, my limbs came back to life by my sides and the ability to feel and move them again shocked my senses.

When I looked away from my hands, I realized that I was no longer surrounded by darkness, but by light instead. I idly wondered when it changed.

The light surrounding me, dull at first, grew in vastness and shine until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. It persistently flooded through my eyelids, causing me to squeeze them shut in an effort to keep out the blinding rays.

And then, just like that, I woke up.

It was really weird, considering the fact that I thought I was already awake.

My lungs were burning, begging for a taste of real air and I happily obliged, suddenly gasping for air in a way I hadn't in years. Silky pink hair cascaded around my shoulders, twisting and curling on their way to the ground.

I looked at my shaking hands with wide eyes, turning them back and forth as if they would answer my questions. Why was I awake?

A long shiver ran down my spine and I held my hands close to my chest, trying to gather warmth from them. Instead the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and I recognized this as a sign of paranoia.

"Are you cold, my lady?" A voice startled me. I slowly looked up to see a tall, well-built man with striking red hair and brilliant orange eyes looking down at me. He was dressed in odd attire that resembled that of a knight, made of golden armor and fabric with navy trim. To complete his regal appearance was a blood red cape with a golden pattern weaved into it.

"Who…?" I tried to choke out, though my voice came out scratchy and incomprehensible.

He held out a navy gloved hand and offered a warm, comforting smile. "What's your name, dear?"

I stared blankly at his hand, trying to think of my name. "I can't... remember," I squeaked, my voice coming back to me. "I can't remember anything…" Tears stung the backs of my eyes and I blinked a few times, unsuccessful in getting rid of them.

"You don't remember anything? Not even where you're from?" For a moment I saw a glint of malice deep in his fiery eyes, but it was quickly replaced with concern.

"No, nothing." I whispered, smoothing out the creases in my short white dress. My eyes glanced up at his still outstretched hand before falling back to my hands again. "Where am I?" I asked, looking around at the deep mahogany ground and pale yellow skies. A strange blue creature caught my interest, and I watched as it slowly moved along towards a hut-like structure.

"You are on the dwarf planet of Heitúu, a shrewd world of magic weavers, in the Ghia Galaxy." He explained, pulling my attention back to him. "They are likely to blame for your slumber."

A scowl crossed my features. The name didn't ring any bells, frustrating me further. "Who are you?" I asked again.

He straightened himself, standing tall with pride. "I am Lord Cynfael, prince of the planet Lzenia and Captain of the Suta Kasai."

"Suta Kasai?" I repeated.

"My ship." He nodded. "I am captain of a crew of warriors and senshi from across the galaxies, all with one thing in common: we are lost in this universe, with no other home to speak of. I, myself, am one of only two survivors of my planet." His tone carried a hint of remorse, though he seemed to not be overly bothered by the disturbing fact.

I shivered again, images of dark, blood stained planets filling my mind.

Lord Cynfael continued his speech without missing a beat. "We have grown to rely on each other like family, and have come to regard our ship as home. And, if you would like," He held his hand out for me again. "It can be your home as well."

I swallowed the lump growing in my throat as I studied his hand. I knew nothing about this man, save for his name and unfortunate history. Something in the pit of my stomach was begging me to run away as quickly as I could.

But where would I run to? I didn't know anywhere else to turn to.

Slowly, hesitantly, I lifted a pale hand and placed it in his.

He pulled me to my feet and gave me another warm smile. With one swift motion he pulled off his cape and draped it around my shoulders, the soft fabric pooling around my feet with my hair.

"Now, first thing's first. You will need a new name." He rubbed his chin with a gloved hand for a moment, deep in thought. "What do you think of Kemyna?"

"Kemyna…" I rolled the name around on my tongue, familiarizing myself with it. "I suppose it will do."

"Splendid!" Lord Cynfael clasped his hands together. Standing next to him, I noticed just how much taller he was compared to me and a wave of uncertainty washed over my senses.

"Shall we go?" He offered his arm to me, and instinctively I placed my pale hand in the crook of his elbow.

I looked over my shoulder at the clearing we had been in, and dozens of vague, dreamlike thoughts flooded my mind. They were hazy, undecipherable, but painfully real. I tried to focus on any of them, tried to grasp onto something that might not have been a dream, but a memory instead. I refused to believe I didn't have a name, didn't have a home. But who knows how long I had been here? Was there even anyone looking for me anymore? Perhaps I truly didn't have anywhere else to go. With a sigh I pulled the cape tighter around my shoulders, silently vowing to one day piece together my past.

'But for now…' I thought, glancing up at Cynfael. 'I guess this is a stroke of luck.'

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