Chapter 2

I was still confused. Why would he throw me back into the Games? I earned my freedom. I wasn't so sure that I could do it twice. After the other Programs hacked off my leg, they backed off. I was left to try and salvage my leg. I gathered all of the Bits that I could, and took out my disk. I wasn't the best at this, but I popped up a three dimensional display of my code, and tried to salvage all of the code from the gathered Bits, and put it into my leg. I only got my leg back from the knee up. I saighed, giving up, and one of the other Programs approached me.

I held my Disc as defensively as I could from the floor, and she actually laughed. "I'm a medic." She stated, not really caring whether or not she helped me. I warily put my Disc away, and she started trying to fix my leg. She kept muttering about how I'd made it worse, and how I was an idiot, and it wouldn't be easy. But despite how unpleasant the sensation of being put together Bit by Bit was, I had a leg again by the end of it.

I nodded to her. "Thank you." She looked at me coldly. "Why are you going to the Games? What did you do." I looked down. "As far as I can tell? Nothing. Clu just wanted to keep the 'Famous Byte' in his place." She didn't look pleased with my response. She faded back into the crowd, and the rest of the ride, none of the Programs interacted with me. When we got there, I was the first to be put into the Games. Clu wasn't playing around either. I was up against three huge Programs, all holding batons. One opened it, getting a sword. The other two got pikes. I, of course, got my Disc.

I could hear the echoing voice of one of Clu's sycophants. "PROGRAMS! Clu promised you a show tonight! And when Clu makes a promise, he keeps it!"

Just like he promised to work with the Isos in the face of Flynn's betrayal? Yeah, what a stand up guy.

"Clu has brought back your former champion, Byte, to show us if he still has his old skills! He will be fighting against three of the strongest Programs that we could find. All of them powerful warriors, and all disloyal! These Programs betrayed Clu, so let us hope that Byte gives them what they deserve!" The crowd roared, and continued shouting until the fight started, and our voices were amplified so anything we said could be heard by all of the Programs.

I didn't want to be Clu's executioner, and told the Programs in front of me so. The crowd booed me, and they responded by laughing and forming a semicircle around me. One said that I was an old program. That i was obsolete. Ah. Now I was fine with being Clu's executioner.

The first one that tried striking at me with his staff, from the left, got his pike stolen and a Disc stabbed into his throat. His head fell off, shattering into bits on impact, and the body fell to its knees before de-rezzing. The one on the right also attacked with a staff, and I easily knocked it from his hands, hitting him multiple times in the head, a few bits flying out with each strike before his entire body de-rezzed.

The last one, with the sword took longer. Not because he was better, but because he dropped his sword, running to the other side of the stage. I stopped chasing him after a while, throwing the staff in my hands like a spear, impaling him in the chest as he de-rezzed. The crowd roared again, and I advanced in the Games. The next three matches went the same way. And I got tired throughout. De-rezzing Programs was not what I enjoyed. I prefered saving them.

But Clu took that choice away from me. And I intended to pay him back.