Lena Reyna POV:

The pills that I had taken at the feast had done wonders on me, the arrow wound was virtually gone only a small scar was left on my leg. I still couldn't believe that I was in the final 4 tributes. Its Day 13 and were nearing the end, we might even have a victor tonight.

I walk through the cement city with my crossbow loaded and my finger on the trigger. I'm not really worried about any of the other tributes besides Patch. I know that that's the fight that the Capitol really wants to see. And I plan not to give it to them.

I round a corner of a three story house and look down. Seeing nothing I decide its clear to move on towards the next turn I will take. I don't want to go to far in the City in case they decide to destroy it like they did with the Forest and the Coliseum. I wonder where the other tributes are.

Hopefully, far away from me.

I take out my water canteen and take a drink of water through my purse lips. I let the cool water trickle down my throat as I raise the canteen higher.

After the feast I didn't know what to do, so I came here trying to avoid any more contact with anyone. The cannon has sounded 3 times since then and it has to fire 3 more times.

I walk down the street thinking about the remaining tributes faces, their personality, and their weapons. I need to find their weaknesses if I want to defeat them. I turn the block and walk towards the beach thinking about the other tributes. I don't hear the other footsteps until they are to close.

I look up and see bay running towards me with fear in her eyes. She is dripping wet and wearing a bathing suit and has goggles tide around her wrist.

"Run if you want to live!" She screams at me as she flies past me knocking me off my feet. I fall to the ground and hit my head on one of the stones on the street. My vision goes black and then I stand back up on my feet looking for Bay with my crossbow loaded.

I look at the ground and see her et foot marks. I turn on my heel and run towards the beach afraid of where Bay is going and what she could do to me in this state.

My feet slam against the sand trying to get as much traction as they can. I brake to a halt as I reach the water. I look behind me and raise my crossbow looking for anyone that might pose a threat.


I lower the bow and look around the beach. I don't know what Bay was telling me to run from, but I don't trust her one bit. She is a career, you never trust careers.

I take a deep breath as I take a seat in the sand and try to calm myself down. I put my hands to my face feeling the prying eyes of the Capitol. I know they are either watching me or Bay right now.

I look out at the ocean and see no waves not even a small one. I wonder why?

I look further out and see a wall of blue starting to rise. I squint thinking it's a trick of my eyes, looking closer I see the wave approaching at top speeds and the height rising.

I grab my weapons and stand up. I turn around and start to run, my foot slips on the sand and my face slams into the sand.

"Ughhh…" I moan as I pull myself up and start to run towards the city. I look behind me brushing the sand out of my face. The wave is less then a mile from the beach now and its gaining height by the second. I start to run again. I don't even care about trying to confuse any of my following pursers because I know there are none.

"LENA THIS WAY!" I hear someone scream. I look over and see Bay waving me over to a building it's only 1 story high but I guess it will help us. "COME ON HURRY!" She screams again as she looks at the wave. Her eyes widen and she flinches as the water slams against the earth.


The water starts rushing through the city as I reach Bay's house.

"Help me up!" I plead as I toss my crossbow on top of the roof and extend my arm up towards her. She grabs my arm and stars to pull me up with help from me. "AHHHHH!" I scream as the water rushes into the street we are in. Bay puts both of her hands on it and tries to hold on to me as the water current starts to pull me away from her.

"I am not going to lose you Lena!" She yells to me as she starts to pull me back, the water is muddy brown and is starting to reach up to my neck. Soon I will be submerged in water if Bay can't pull me up on time.

"Why are you helping me?" I ask her though mouthfuls of water. The currents so strong I feel one of my boots slip off and get lot in the water.

"Because this isn't fair! You should at least have a chance!" She screams to me as she pulls me over the edge of the building. I am gasping for air when she kicks the crossbow towards me

"What?" I say to her as I grab it and stand up to thank her.

"Let's fight, that's why I saved you." She says as she uncoils her whip and grabs her dagger from her belt. I look over the edge of the building, the water is gaining ground and if we fight in the water it will be her territory.

"Fine." I say as I flip my hair over my shoulder and raise my crossbow and fire it at her stomach. She dives under the bolt and sweeps her foot underneath mine. I trip and fall on my back and as I do I lose grip of my Crossbow. And Bay takes this as the perfect time to kick it out of my hands and into the surging water.

"Thanks for the target practice!" Bay says as she kicks me in the stomach and shoves me over the edge of the building into the water.

I take a deep breath and fall in to the water. I feel myself doing summersaults and I hit my head on one of the surrounding buildings. I let a breath of air go and I feel myself going under.

My arms and legs flail and kick as I try and get the oxygen into my lungs. I slowly feel the life leaving my body and I go limp letting myself accept my fate of death.

The cannon must have sounded because when the cool metal claw picks my body up my head rolls back and I see Bay hopping from roof to roof slowly getting out of the reach of the Tsunami.

"We saved Lena?!" I hear a familiar voice exclaim as I am placed on a metal table. My head lolls to the side and I see a Tide, the boy who died two nights ago and a man who I don't recognize flying the hovercraft. I look further and I see Mave sitting down next to Gavin on the same chairs we sat in when we rode to the arena. In the co-pilot chair sits Terra from District 2.

"Is this where the dead tributes go?" I ask to no one in particular. I see Gavin look up and walk over to me, Mave shifts uncomfortably in her seat.

"This is Delirium Lena, and we are rescuing the dead tributes. We are planning to stop the Hunger Games forever…" Gavin says to me as he puts a needled in my arm and my vision goes black.

I am Lena Reyna. Female for District 8 in the 144th Hunger Games…


Bay Rennes POV:

It has been 4 hours since Lena's death and I think tonight will be the final day in the arena for any tribute. The only remaining areas of the Arena are the Palace and the maze, and the maze is where the remaining tributes will be. That's where they want the final battle to be.

I did a really mean thing to Lena back there in the city, but she was going to die anyways. There was no way she was actually going to win! Haha, like sure, the boy from District 12 had a better chance than she did.

That was practice for what's going to happen next in the arena. And then who knows I will be crowned Victor go home to District 4 and be the best.

I reach the Maze and I start my way down…


Gamemaker Craynaven POV:

"If one more of these fucking tributes are rescued I will personally kill you." President Moon screams at us. I tense in my chair as I look at the screen. Belladonna running through the Maze, slowly getting to the middle where the final dual will be. "Craynaven! My office now!" She screams at me as she turns on her heel and walks out the door.

I look at Ace and Angeling and nod to them. They will probably be execute along with me after these games are over. Cheshire won't be executed. He's to much of a public figure but, he will be punished.

I walk into her office and look at her sitting on the corner of her desk.

"We have lost four tributes already Craynaven, Delirium has bombed us, and one of our employs are working for them. I don't think this is how we want these games to end are they?" She says as she nods to the door behind her. I know what's behind that door. We call it the execution room, inside it has a gallows that every failed game maker has been killed in. And I can sense Im next.

"No ma'am." I say as I straighten my back and turn around to watch the rest of my beautiful games pan out.

"Turn the walls! Make sure the final fight is one to remember! Don't let any escape! And when they are all there raise the Arena! Burn it! Flood it! DESTROY IT! I cream at my assistants as I run over and type in the codes.

No matter how they end for me, I will still produce a Victor…


Belladonna Ericson POV:

I am running through the maze when the walls start to move. I grab two knives precociously as they all turn in a straight line.

"That can only mean trouble!" I scream into the darkness. I turn around and start to run in the opposite way and then the wall behind be turns only making one path to the final duel. I stop myself from running into the wall and turn around and start sprinting.

If we have to fight it might as well help to get there first…


Patch Nishiki POV:

I start to sprint through the maze towards wherever the path will lead me with my sword at my side. This is the final duel I can feel it in my bones as I near the middle of the maze. I plan to kill the remaining tributes and win the crown.

I run out into the opening only to be greeted with a knife thrown right at me. I barley have time to doge it and i look at the attacker.

Belladonna. The girl from district 5.

"Did you have fun killing Autumn?" She says as she grabs another knife from her belt that seems to go on forever.

"Yes. And I plan to have even more fun killing you." I say to her as I raise my sword and walk up the steps to the center of the maze.

I look around quickly and count 24 different entrances to the maze, were me and Belladonna stand are on a circular platform with 3 steps leading up to it. Above us is open sky and we can see the palace as a fire destroys it.

"I'm guessing this is the final battle then! Except where's the third?" Belladonna says as she looks around the small circle for one more tribute.

We still don't know if it's Lena or Bay, but now I know that one of them has died.

We are answered when Bay comes running through the 14th door and she has her whip and dagger in hand.

"Oh hey Patch! Sorry…. I kind of killed Lena! I didn't know if you wanted me to save her for you or not!" Bay says to me as she climbs the stairs up to the platform.

As soon as she takes a step on it the ground around us starts to shake and we start to rise to the sky as the arena below us slowly fills with water or lava. I take a deep breath and look at my competition. They are all lethal competitors for the crown they have all done something to get them this far in the games.

"So who wants to make the first move?" I taunt them with as I pretend to take a step towards both of them causing them to flinch. "Ha." I laugh.

"Well we can't stay here forever!" Belladonna screams as she throws a knife at both Bay and I. I instantly start to charge at Belladonna.

She jumps out of the way and throws another knife at me, this time it hits the side of my arm, it finds a home in my arm and I rip it out and toss it off the side of the platform.

Bay raises her whip and brings it down wrapping it around Belladonna's feet dragging towards her. I ignore Belladonna as she starts to scrape her nails on the concrete trying to get away. I turn my attention to Bay as I raise my sword and bring it down where she was previously standing. Luckily she moved out of the way of my blade.

I see her lunge towards Belladonna and drive her dagger through her stomach.

"NO!" Belladonna screams in a ragged voice. Bay quickly unwraps her whip and brings the dagger out of the girls stomach. She then proceeds to push Belladonna off the edge of the platform.

We hear her scream until she must hit the bottom.


"Never thought you would die in the final two did you Bay?" I say to her as I kick one of Belladonna's knives off that she must have dropped.

"No, I never did picture myself dying in the Final 2… I always saw myself winning…" She says to me as she un coils her whip and let it drop to her feet.

"Then lets dance…" I say to her as I smile thinking of victory…


Belladonna Ericson POV:

I fall and fall. The wound in my stomach that Bay gave me put me out of these games. I fall into the water and let myself sink not wanting to play anymore. The metal claw dips into the water causing waves and it wraps around me bringing me up.

If they plan to kill me they have another thing coming. I grab a knife from my belt and grip it in my hands.

"Bella!" Someone says…

Only one person calls me that…

I let the knife fall from my hands and it falls and falls and falls into the depp water.

I look around once I'm actually in the ship and I see the piolet pressing his foot all the way down on the pedal to get us out of here fast. I see the faces of dead tributes…







"Your safe now… Delirium has come for us…" He says to me as he wraps his ands around me and then my vision goes black…

I am Belladonna Ericson. Female for District 5 in the 144th Hunger Games…


Bay Rennes POV:

I dodge Patch's blows with his sword and he just as easily dodges my short stabs with my dagger and quick whips with my whip.

I am covered in a thin layer of sweat and I cant stop fighting now…

I grab my dagger and start to just slash at any bare skin I can find but, Patch sensing what I was doing quickly starts to do the same with his sword. I cut his leg and her cuts my stomach. Its not deep but It can be lethal if I don't win soon.

"Come on Bay, you know I am going to win just let me kill you!" Patch says to me as he ttries to take a stab at my neck. I move my head and I bring my whip up towards his face. It connects and it had enough to draw blood and stun him. I quickly bring my dagger and stab him in the stomcahc and I kick him to the floor.

"ughhhhh…." He moans as he hits the ground with a thud. I Stand above him with my dagger raised.

"Patch you played a good game… But sadly I cant let you win…" I say as a tetra rolls down my cheek and falls into a pool of blood that has been from Belladonna, Patch, and my own. I drive the dagger into his neck and I close my eyes.


The trumpets' blare and I fall to my knees.

I have done it I have won the games….

"Ladies and Gentleman! The Victor of the 144th annual Hunger Games! Bay Rennes!" Cheshire's voice booms through the arena.

I am Bay Rennes. Female for District 4 in the 144th Hunger Games... And now I am the Victor…

*Well there are the games. I think I will be doing a sequel and I will have it up by tomorrow guys. So everyone Is either dead or have joined Delirium. And if you would like me to have a Delirium spinoff just let me know in the reviews and I will if enough people want to.

*Lena Reyna- She was my favorite tribute of the games, I sadly couldn't have her win because she wasn't very strong. I feel mean after what I had did to her with Bay in her last few scenes. But now she is with Delirium and she can work to destroy everything she hates so much. Kitty she was a great tribute for these games and I gladly liked writing about her every chance I got. I do feel like she was a fan favorite and that if she was a real person I would be able to call her my friend. Thanks Kitty…

**Belladonna Ericson- Another wonderful Tribute… SnowWhiteWithKnives I am going to be honest with you, when I first read Belladonna's tribute submission guide I was going to have her as a blood bath. But then she quickly developed ito a much more complex character with so many levels. I knew I either had to have her win or put her in Delirium. Thanks Snow J

***Patch Nishiki- Another great amazing tribute! He was in the finals because of his evilness and everyoneeither hated him or loved him! Many people though found him as another fan favorite how his hatred for Lena powered him through the games! I loved this tribute. Thanks!


~Living In Ruins…