Where Feathers Fall

Chapter 39

Life was quite carefree after the night of Sebastian's cure. Free of Fames, the family of demons worried for little and wanted for nothing. The exception to this was perhaps having their statuses back in Hell, and word had been that the King of Hell had taken pity on them and was pulling some strings that might get said statuses back. With that on the burners, everything had finally calmed down for the Faustus-Michaelis family.

Several months after Sebastian had been cured, the family had headed down to their secret little branch of river for a picnic. Elijah had his little Irishman with him, and the four of them were comfortably relaxing on a picnic blanket, eating a delicious lunch they'd all contributed something to.

Without his illness tugging at his emotions and dragging him deeper and deeper into a more human-like life, Sebastian found he had regained control of himself and his emotions. Though they were still within him. Once he had given in to softer emotions such as love, he found that they would not let him go. However, he was able to hide his emotions better and could live without his heart on his sleeve.

When the crow was out among strangers, he was once again able to keep a cold, almost emotionless and princely demure about himself; showing his true and genuine emotions only to his family. With a smile, he grabbed the bottle from the basket and began to refill each person's glass, "So, have the reaper doctors put their faith in the cure for Thorns that Undertaker had offered them after testing it out on me?" he asked Micah out of simple curiosity.

The Irishman looked up. He'd slowly gotten used to the presence of the two high-status parents of his lover, and they of him. It was clear that Elijah didn't intend to drop Micah so easily. "Oh!" he said suddenly. "Tha's right! I meant t'tell ya. The firs' shinigami they tested it on was Alan Humphries," he said, with a glance at Claude.


"An' it worked out completely fine! Eric 'n Alan are gettin' married in the spring," he said with his sunniest smile. "And they're actually discoverin' a way to synthesize the cure so it can be mass-produced for shinigami all 'round who need it."

"Well, at least they didn't have to wait two years." Sebastian smirked, though he was glad for it. He couldn't help but feel for the reapers with Thorns…as he was strangely connected to them…and knowing that the lover of the reaper who had stepped aside in his duties in order for Claude to get Ciel's soul to him when he needed it would live too, only added to that small feeling of happiness for the reapers. If anything; Eric and Alan deserved it.

Claude nodded, a tiny smile passing over his face. In turn he reached for a scone, and nibbled gently at it, "Seems like it all worked out good then."

Elijah had eaten an incredible amount of food, and after resting for a short while, turned to his boyfriend. "Let's go for a swim, love," he said in fluent Gaelic. The redhead brightened up and grinned.

"Surely will," he replied, "Thankee for the food, sirs. It was real nice, it was, an' I'd love to learn the recipe sometime~" Elijah tugged him upwards and they headed arm in arm upstream.

Once Claude had finished his scone, he lay back contentedly.

Laying next to him and looking up at the cloudless blue sky, Sebastian allowed a soft sigh, the sound of the two young men splashing in the river adding to the relaxing sounds around him. He slid his hand over and took Claude's into it, "This…I rather like this life…even if we don't get our statuses back."

Claude nodded. "The word is that we might," he said quietly. "And you know you'd have access to the soul stockpile...even if they're not as nice...they're sustaining..and we wouldn't have to leave each other to serve new masters." Claude arched gently against the grass, stretching comfortably and letting his dark hair curl amongst the stems. "It'd be perfect, wouldn't it..." His head turned to the side, staring over at his partner, handsome as ever. "You and I, and Elijah...whether he stays or goes…"

"I have a feeling he'll be much happier staying here where he can see his little shinigami as often as he likes…" the prince rolled onto his side, facing Claude, "Though, with my status back, I'd have to attend trials and other royal duties, which could get annoyingly frequent…but other than that…it'd be perfect."

"Worth it, perhaps?" Claude murmured contentedly. He rolled over onto Sebastian's chest and gave him a content kiss, stroking his cheek with black-nailed fingers. "Besides...we're unstoppable, you and I."

Sebastian's lips twitched upward a little more, his hands gingerly sliding along his lover's upper arms and shoulders, "There is nothing we can't achieve if we truly wish it." He agreed, his fingertips slipping up his neck and tilting his chin upwards so he could gaze at the spider's handsome face.

Claude's fingers wandered inside Sebastian's shirt, trailing a little webbing over the man's lithe torso. The other hand popped his buttons undone brazenly, and he leaned in to kiss the Cimeries sigil over Sebastian's heart. The wind picked up, a warm breeze rustling their hair.

The crow carefully removed Claude's glasses, laying them atop the picnic basket as he pushed their lips together with a hum of contentment. He then worked open his lover's shirt and pushed it from his shoulders to expose his skin to the warm air, his hands following the blouse down his lover's thin but muscular arms.

Claude gave him a faint smile. "Ah, Malphas...I am so glad that you won my affections…" He licked his neck slowly and deliberately, letting his hair fall loose. The other two men had disappeared around a bend of the river, under cover of the trees, so Claude pushed his partner down against the blanket, deciding that he wanted to make him feel amazing today.

"You sure didn't make it easy for me to do so, at first." Sebastian responded with a small moan, his hands eagerly seeking out his lover's sensitive areas.

There were storm clouds rolling in as Claude pleasured him in the quick, fierce way they knew so well. As the couple brought each other to climax, and relaxed against each other, thunder rolled in the distance and heavy drops of rain starting to fall around them.

"We may want to head back to the house…" the crow hummed, opening his eyes to gaze up at the darkening grey sky.

Claude, once his heated body cooled down, thought the rain was rather warm. Not like the usual English drizzle. "I don't...want to go back yet," he whispered, panting against him. "You could never...stay out in the rain too long, because you risked getting sick, but...now you can..." He bundled Sebastian close to him. "Stay out here with me."

"…I guess I'm still not quite used to the idea that I no longer have to be careful about such things…" Lightning flashed, lighting the world around them a little brighter for a second, and the rain grew heavier, running down the demons faces. Sebastian smiled and brushed Claude's damp hair behind his ear, "And you are rather an attractive sight when soaked."

"So are you," Claude said with a smile, loving the pressure against his chest caused by the rain, and loving the feeling of Sebastian's body against him. He slid Sebastian's hair back off his forehead, and leaned in to give him a kiss. He looked back up at the sky. "It's actually quite humbling, open and exposed to the world like this. To nature."

"And not having to run and hide from it." Sebastian added, "This is how it should be." He tucked an arm under his head and closed his eyes to better appreciate the sensation of the wind and rain upon his nude body. He began to loose himself to his thoughts; thinking about how far he had come…how far he and Claude had come since they had first crossed paths. Oh, how their relationship had grown and blossomed in ways he would have never imagined before when they had literally tried to kill each other…How Claude had done the impossible and not only helped him, but saved him from his own fate…had given him a wonderful son and a life that no demon had ever imagined having with another… He smiled and rolled over with a chuckle, pressing his lips firmly against Claude's once more, "Thank you, Cimeries…" he whispered before turning back to look up at the rain falling down around them.

Claude returned the smile a little, golden eyes staring into ruby, his mind on quite the same wavelength. "It was my pleasure, Malphas." He gave him a loving squeeze and let the deluge torrent down upon them, soaking him and his soul mate right down to their very core.

"It wouldn't be what it is now if we didn't have to fight for it. Hatred into love, broken into whole, transience into eternity. That is what makes Claude and Sebastian, don't you think, love?"

"Completely." His gaze flickered over to Claude's again, another flash of lightning, closer this time, lighting the sky, "Without the hardships we faced together…what kind of relationship would this be? Hollow and unstable, I'd think."

"Let us not think of it," Claude whispered under the rain and thunder. He reached for Sebastian's slender hand, pale and black-tipped like his own, and squeezed it tightly. With the man in his arms, he simply closed his eyes, having never felt more content with the world than right then.

He had to have drifted off at some point, nice and warm thanks to their shared body heat. When his eyes slid open, the rain poured ever still. Sebastian was still by his side of course, though now the beautiful dark-haired boy named Avnas Elijah, and his freckled Irish boyfriend Micah, had curled up with them and had gone to sleep too.

How peaceful.