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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.


It has been nearly two years since the Empire defeated the Rebel Alliance base on Hoth. Since that time the Rebellion has been hard at work, building their fleets and developing new ways to fight the Empire. But the Emperor has sensed that change is coming. In response to this growing threat he has deployed his entire fleet to locate the Rebels. Every corner of the Galaxy is to be turned inside out until every one of the Rebels is rooted out and destroyed once and for all.

Part of this mission, has befallen on Captain Ronoe, and his Ship, the Imperial Star Destroyer "Dark Star". But the seeds of rebellion grow deep, and betrayal lurks in every corner. Despite the challenges of the task at hand, Captain Ronoe will stop at nothing to see his Empire victorious.

To No Avail : Chapter 1 : The Rebel

Shinning like an oasis in the desert, the planet Thaikor V floats seemingly motionless before a backdrop of the nearby Heakeen Nebula. A small speck of silver in orbit of Thaikor represents the presence of the Empire. A lone star destroyer sits waiting for its prey. It is the Star Destroyer 'Dark Star'.

On the bridge of the 'Dark Star', Captain Ronoe stands waiting for reports.

A middle aged man, Ronoe has served the Empire since long before the Disbanding of the Imperial Senate. Originally from the planet Drall in the Corellian system, Captain Giliad Ronoe grew up in a modest home. His family was not especially wealthy or influential. But Ronoe was very gifted and excelled in his studies, eventually being selected to join the Imperial Academy. After graduating with high honors he was chosen to continue his schooling at the Imperial Naval Academy in order to become a fleet officer. Before long he began his service on the Star Destroyer Devastator as a Section Commander. He excelled in this role during many missions undertaken by Lord Vader. While he never had the opportunity to work directly with Vader, the fabled Second in Command and Hero of the Empire, he earned a reputation as an Officer who can get things done. He eventually took command of the Dark Star, just Prior to the destruction of the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin.

Now as Captain of his own Star Destroyer, Ronloe leads the missions. Entrusted with the lives of over 30,000 men and women of the Empire, Ronoe has a growing list of successful missions under his belt. But no mission before has been as important as the one they undertake this day.

Their current task is once again a mission for Lord Vader, received through official Imperial channels, and issued to Ronoe directly from his Sector Admiral. While Captain Ronoe assumed the Dark Star was selected due to its proximity to the target area, the Captain will soon learn that his successes have not gone unnoticed, and his career is closely watched by those above him.

At present the Dark Star and her crew are hunting a well known and dangerous rebel agent who possesses information vital to Darth Vader. This Rebel has successfully evaded capture for many months but using some careful tact in their operations, the Dark Star crew has successfully tracked the rebel for the past few weeks. They were able to intercept coordinates for a rendezvous where they hope to capture the rebel once and for all. The Dark Star has made haste to the Thaikor system in hopes of arriving early and capturing their target before he has another chance to disappear.

"Captain?" a voice from the Port Side crew pit calls.

Ronoe turns to see his first officer, Commander Tydon, working at a Sensor Console.

"Yes Commander?" Ronoe responds.

"Sir, I believe our expected guest's have arrived." Commander Tydon says. "A ship is coming out of hyperspace twenty-thousand kilometers to port."

"Turn the ship to face them, set an intercept course." Ronoe commands.

Captain Ronoe walks to the port side windows and peers out. Indeed their guests had arrived. A small two engine cargo hauler shaped more like an asteroid than a ship is coming into view. Captain Ronoe walks to the communications station.

"Open communication frequencies" Ronoe commands.

"Yes sir" the ensign at the station responds.

"This is Captain Ronoe of the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Dark Star'." Ronoe begins. "We know you carry a fugitive on board your vessel. Power down your engines and prepare to be boarded. If you fail to comply we will be forced to open fire."

There is no response.

"Commander, target the ships engines and prepare to fire on my mark." Ronoe commands.

"Aye Captain." Tydon replies.

Commander Tydon is the First Officer on board the Dark Star, a natural leader, he has served with Captain Ronoe as Second in Commander for three years. A graduate of the Imperial Naval Academy himself, Tydon and Ronoe work well together and have formed a strong bond of trust and friendship. It is Ronoe's hope that someday, when he retires, Commander Tydon will take over Command of the Dark Star.

Ronoe watches the enemy ship outside the viewport, it has begun turning away from the Dark Star. Ronoe wonders what sort of action the ships crew hopes to take in order to escape this time. A ship that size can be disabled with only a few direct hits from a ship like the Dark Star.

"Captain!" Tydon calls out with a slight annoyance in his voice. "Engineering reports a problem with the Port side Turbo Laser batteries. We are unable to open fire at this time."

"What?" Ronoe barks back. "Get a tractor beam on that vessel right away! Begin rotating our ship to bring our starboard batteries into range and have the flight deck launch fighters immediately!"

"Yes sir!" Tydon replies as he sends reports down to the flight deck.

The massive hull of the Dark Star slowly begins to rotate. However its target is much smaller and far more maneuverable, the rebel transport has quickly broken orbit and is making a run for it. Time is short. Within minutes the transport will have calculated a jump and will escape into Hyperspace.

On the Dark Star, deep below the command deck, the flight crews are prepping the TIE Fighters while the pilots scramble to get into their flight suits. Commander Breen enters the flight deck.

Commander Breen is the Section Commander in charge of the Flight Crews and has served the Empire for many years. Not a pilot himself it would seem almost strange that he would be put in charge of the flight crews, but his family's influence is strong and his commission was in all likelihood bought for a high price. There is little doubt he will earn a Command someday because of this.

Breen approaches his top Lieutenant, Lieutenant Geen.

"Geen!" Breen shouts. "You and your squad are launching immediately. The Captain wants that ship disabled not destroyed. We need the passengers alive. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir!" Lieutenant Geen responds.

"Then get to it!" Breen shouts as he turns away and leaves the flight desk.

Geen gives a quick salute then turns and makes his way to the fighter access catwalk.

Lieutenant Geen is a career pilot. He graduated from the Imperial Academy on Carida with top honors after which he was selected for pilot training where he excelled at TIE Fighter operation and combat. Almost all of the pilots on the Dark Star consider Geen the unofficial leader of the flight crews. While this has caused animosity from Commander Breen, Lieutenant Geen is loyal to no end to the Empire and his duties. While his younger and less dedicated crew mates may hold him in higher esteem than Commander Breen, Geen never entertains such notions. This of course does not help ease the animosity from Breen in the slightest.

Reaching his TIE Fighter, Geen climbs the ladder down and initiates a combat readiness flight check. Geen turns and activates the Com system.

"Alpha Squadron, this is Lieutenant Geen. Launch immediately. Form up on me when you're clear." Geen says.

Geen activates the docking clamp release and his ship falls from the docking bay and enters space. Within moments his squad takes up formation along side him. In perfect unison the TIE Fighters turn and head out and away from under the Dark Star.

"Our target is an enemy civilian transport bearing 160 degrees. Target it's engines only. Attack pattern Omega, maintain formation at all times. Weapons tight." Geen says.

The TIE Fighters all turn and bear down on the enemy transport. As the TIEs get into range they open fire. Their hits are all perfect but the damage is minimal.

On the bridge of the Dark Star Captain Ronoe watches as the fighters begin their attack. Analyzing the sensor data it is clear that the TIE Fighters will not disable the engines in time to stop the transport from escaping. Equally as frustrating, the Dark Stars Starboard side Turbo Laser batteries will not be clear until the transport is out of range. There is only one hope now.

"Commander, tractor beam now!" Ronoe commands. He watches as the enemy vessel continues to put more distance between them.

"Tractor beam array charging Captain." Tydon says.

Ronoe taps his fingers nervously on the display console before him. Only seconds remain.

"Tractor Beam activating now!" Tydon says.

Outside an invisible force field suddenly envelops the enemy transport. It's engines blazing at full force the hull begins to shake as the ship slows and eventually stops. Within moments the engines deactivate. The prey is caught.

Nearby the TIE fighter squadron comes about.

"Excellent shot placement Alpha." Geen says into com. "Take up a defensive pattern around the transport. Stay alert."

On the bridge of the Dark Star Captain Ronoe allows a smile to find it's way to his face. This Rebel Transport and the fugitive it carries have escaped the Empire many times before and Ronoe takes some satisfaction at being the one to finally stop them.

"Captain!" Commander Tydon exclaims. "There are 5 ships exiting hyperspace 200 clicks to Starboard! Bearing 280 degrees."

Ronoe turns and walks to the Starboard view ports just in time to see five more craft emerging from hyperspace, five small escort frigates.

"Sensors indentify them as CR90 corvettes." Tydon says.

"Rebels no doubt." Captain Ronoe says. "Battle stations. Remaining fighter crews to their ships. Launch two additional squadrons immediately! Angle our star board batteries at them."

The bridge quickly becomes consumed with activity. Within moments, twenty or so TIE fighters launch from their bays and head towards the enemy ships.

Outside Lieutenant Geen sees the new sensor contacts. Moments later he receives attack orders from Commander Breen on the Dark Star.

"Delta and Gamma squads." Geen says into the com as he and Alpha squad come about and head towards the enemy frigates. "Attack pattern Delta-3. Stay clear of those laser batteries, target enemy weapons systems. Weapons Free."

The three squads of TIE Fighters streak outward like a trident, approaching the enemy ships from three different vectors. As they reach weapons range they turn inward and open fire.

Back on the bridge, Captain Ronoe watches the TIE Fighters engage the enemy vessels.

"These have to be the ships the transport was here to meet." Tydon says from the crew pit.

"Yes." Ronoe replies. "Had the rebels gotten here first, the fugitive would have transferred to one of those ships and we'd have had 5 leads to follow."

Outside the Rebel frigates begin breaking formation. Two of the enemy ships head right for the Dark Star while the other three begin heading towards the enemy transport. All five of the frigates begin firing erratically, some at the TIE Fighters, some at the Dark Star.

On the bridge of the Dark Star, Ronoe scans his sensor console and sees the frigates breaking formation, and realizes several of the frigates are moving in on the transport.

"Open fire on the nearest frigate immediately." Ronoe orders. "Boost Tractor Beam power and get that transport within our shields as quickly as possible!"

"Aye Captain." Tydon says, quickly sending orders to nearby stations.

Outside the Dark Star's starboard Turbo laser array has opened fire on the lead Rebel frigate. It's shields begin to fall rapidly.

On the bridge, Commander Tydon activates the controls sending more power to the Tractor Beam array. Slowly the Transport begins moving towards the Dark Star's docking bay. But the rebels refuse to go down without a fight. The transport crew fires up its engines to full power once again. The engines negate the pull of the tractor beam and the offsetting forces keep the transport in place for now. However the opposing forces are hard on the transport ship's internal structural stability and its hull begins to buckle under the strain, several fractures begin to appear on its surface.

"Captain" Tydon says as he looks up from his display. "The Transport has reactivated it's engines at full power, it's keeping them in place for the moment but they're going to decompress if they keep it up."

"Fools." Ronoe says as he lightly punches the console in front of him.

Outside several laser blasts from the escort frigates strike the shield outside the main bridge view port. The bridge is briefly lit up in a spectacular red hue from the impacts.

"Shields are holding sir." Tydon says.

"Have fight control launch a squadron of TIE Bombers. Have them use their Ion canons to disable the Transports systems. We're not letting them go down as martyrs today."

"Right away sir." Tydon replies as he relays the commands down to the flight deck.

Outside the TIE fighters are encircling the enemy frigates in a tight formation, evading the erratic defensive fire, their combined attacks have begun taking their toll on the engines of one of the frigates slowing it down considerably. Suddenly a hail of laser fire erupts from one the frigates. It has ceased its erratic fire and has engaged in a controlled defensive firing pattern.

"Evasive action!" Geen shouts into his com.

The TIE Fighters break formation and streak outwards at every vector, a hail of laser fire following them.

"Keep close, stay within 200 meters, outside that you're in their kill zone." Geen says into his com.

Geen pulls hard on the controls bringing his TIE fighter around in a tight curve. His sensors show that 4 of the laser batteries from the nearest frigate are now tracking him. He flies less evasive for a moment to draw fire. Geen pulls up and lets the laser fire track him. It is clear to Geen that the frigate crew is inexperienced. He leads their fire right into one of the other escort frigates. The impacts knock out the remaining power to its engines and it begins to drift out of control.

"Lieutenant Geen" a voice comes through the com. "This is Lieutenant Hayes. Tau bomber squadron has just launched from the Dark Star. Our target is the transport ship. Can you provide cover?"

"Copy that Tau squadron." Geen replies into his com. "Alpha squad put yourselves between the frigates and our TIE Bombers, draw all the enemy fire you can."

Alpha squadron falls in from throughout the battlefield forming up on Geen. As they close distance on the transport they begin drawing fire from the frigates. The TIEs all circle back and reengage the escorts. The laser fire follows them.

Meanwhile the TIE Bombers of Tau squadron begin their attack run. The blue streaks of energy from their Ion canons penetrate the transports system quickly. The running lights and shields fall first. Soon the engines fail and the tractor beam retakes control and the transport begins moving towards the Dark Star once again.

On the bridge of the Dark Star.

"Report!?" Ronoe asks.

"TIE Bombers report a successful run." Tydon replies. "The transport is inbound once again. One enemy frigate is adrift, 2 are at 30% shields."

"Excellent." Ronoe responds. "Have Tau squadron report to Alpha leader."

Suddenly the bridge is lit up with the flash of an exploding TIE fighter. Ronoe flinches from the suddenly flash.

Outside in the Lead TIE Fighter Lieutenant Geen punches the side of his cockpit.

"I wanted no casualties!" Geen shouts into his Com. "Watch your backs, watch your wingmen! Stay inside their minimum targeting range!"

The other pilots send their acknowledgments, their voices saddened by the loss of their comrade.

"Alpha Squad this is Tau leader." Lieutenant Hayes says through the com. "Our mission was successful, reporting for orders."

"Begin a bomb run on frigates one and two. Target their engines and weapons systems." Geen replies.

Back on the Bridge Ronoe watches the victory unfolding. He smiles slightly. His crew is well trained. Ronoe peers out the window and sees the TIE Bombers working their ION cannons into the systems of the nearest frigates, disrupting the shields and engines. They cease their fire on the Dark Star and redirect towards the TIE Bombers. But that too is short lived as the TIE Fighters strafe the weapon batteries knocking most of them out.

Again the bridge lights up with an explosion, yet this time it is one of the escort ships disintegrating into a million sparkling pieces. The remaining frigates begin moving away from the battle.

"Sir the disabled frigate has gone down." Tydon says. "The remaining frigates are all on an intercept course for the transport! Tractor Beam control estimates another 5 minutes before it's within our shields!"

Outside the remaining frigates begin opening fire on the transport ship. A hail of laser fire strikes the already damaged hull of the transport. Several bulkheads explode..

"Captain! Their firing on the cargo ship!" exclaims Tydon.

"They must be trying to prevent us from getting that prisoner." Says Ronoe. "Target the lead ship and open fire immediately."

A hail of bright green blasts from the Dark Star strike the lead Escort Frigate. It's laser fire ceases as the weapons systems fail followed by its engines. It too begins drifting. Meanwhile the TIE Bombers have successfully disabled the rear most frigate. A combined volley from the TIEs and the Turbolasers quickly incapacitates the remaining frigates. One by one their hulls breach and their engines cores go critical.

"All TIE squadrons pull out!" Geen orders into the com. "Get clear of the blast radius."

The TIE Fighters and Bombers get out of range just as the first frigate explodes. The shockwave quickly engulfs the remaining frigates which in turn explode. The battle is over. The Empire is victorious.

"Have our fighters return to base." Ronoe says. "Have Commander Miles prep an assault team to storm the transport once it's docked."

"Aye Sir" Tydon replies.

"I'll be in the docking bay." Ronoe says as he exits the bridge.

Outside, the TIE's are docking in the TIE bays. Below them the rebel transport ship is slowly entering the docking bay as it is pulled in by the tractor beam. In the main Shuttle bay a small contingent of Storm Troopers, led by Commander Miles is prepping to storm the enemy ship.

Commander Miles is a long time officer of the Imperial Ground forces. He has served in many campaigns for the Empire, including the Battle of Hoth. But as he has aged, he has found it harder and harder to get a squad of his own to command under the top ground forces of the Imperial Navy. Captain Ronoe however realized the valuable potential that a seasoned veteran like Miles brings to the table. If Ronoe hadn't selected Miles to take command of the Dark Stars ground forces, Commander Miles would likely have been forced into retirement.

"Alright men." Commander Miles says as he walks down the line of storm troopers, his Storm Trooper helmet held tightly under his right arm. "This ship has taken serious damage. There's no telling what condition we will find the interior or in what condition we'll fine the crew. Chances are there are plenty still alive, and if the interior looks as bad as its exterior, there will be plenty of cover for them. Once inside you keep your heads down, your eyes open and your mouths shut. You follow my lead. We move fast and we check our corners. Understood?"

"Yes Sir!" a unanimous reply comes from his men.

Miles turns and watches as the Rebel Transport is tractored into the shuttle bay. Several other squadrons of Storm Troopers take up defensive positions at either end of the shuttle bay. Captain Ronoe emerges from the rear turbo lift. He quickly approaches Commander Miles.

"Captain." Commander Miles says as he turns to face Ronoe.

"Commander." Ronoe says as he comes to a stop next to Miles. "There is a high value target on this ship Commander. We need him alive. I want every one on that ship captured alive. We'll sort out their names after they are secured."

"Copy that Captain." Miles says as he turns to his men. "Set all blasters to stun! Zero fatalities!"

The Storm Troopers all reach down and reset their blasters. Commander Miles puts his helmet on as Captain Ronoe steps aside. The transport ships slowly comes to a rest on the Shuttle Bay deck plating. Commander Miles and his men quickly converge on the transport docking hatch. Placing charges Miles takes cover and blows the hatch open. Within moments he and his men are inside the Transport.

Commander Tydon exits the turbo lift and approaches Captain Ronoe.

"Captain." Tydon says as he walks up. The sound of blaster fire emanates from the Rebel transport.

"What is our status Commander?" Ronoe asks.

"Engineering reports the Port side turbo lasers have been restored, shields are fully charged and all systems are operational." Tydon explains.

"Good." Ronoe replies. "Set a course for Coruscant. I want to exit the system as soon as possible. There's no telling how many more ships might come looking for those escorts."

"Yes sir." Tydon says as he turns on his heels and exits the Shuttle Bay.

The blaster fire from the Rebel transport has ceased. Moments later the Storm Troopers begin emerging from the access hatch, each pair carries an unconscious Rebel crewman hanging from their arms. Finally Commander Miles exits, with an incapacitated Rebel soldier hanging over his shoulder.

"Sir." Miles says as he approaches Captain Ronoe. "I think this is the one you were looking for. The rest were defending a closet in one of the quarters. This man was inside."

A medical team brings a Anti-Grav Gurney up. Commander Miles places the prisoner on it and the medical teams takes him away.

"Good work Commander." Ronoe says. He looks over to the Storm Trooper squad. "Your men as well."

Captain Ronoe turns and leaves the Shuttle Bay. Commander Miles turns to his men.

"Alright let's secure the rest of the prisoners. Good work everyone!" Miles says.

Outside the Shuttle Bay, the stars below begin to streak backwards and in a flash, the blue energies of Hyperspace envelop the Dark Star. They have left the Thaikor system, en route to Coruscant to deliver Lord Vaders prize.

Later that night, while the ship travels to Coruscant, and the Command Officers sleep, Lieutenant Geen and his Pilots gather in the Shuttle Bay to pay their last respects to their fallen comrade lost in the battle that day.

"Ensign Keelman." Geen begins. He holds a TIE Fighter helmet in his hands. It was Keelman's reserve helmet. "He was a good pilot. A good friend. He served the Empire proudly, with honor. He never feared going into battle with us. He never hesitated. We honor him tonight by casting his Helmet into the Abyss."

Geen steps towards the Shuttle Bay Force Field. Outside and below the swirling blue energies of Hyperspace glow brightly. Geen tosses the helmet through the Field and watches as it falls away from the ship and disappears into the energies below.

He stands there silent. The other Pilots behind him slowly turn and leave, returning to their quarters. Geen remains there for a while longer. He says his goodbyes to his fallen comrade alone.

Two Hours later.

"Captain on the bridge!" an unfamiliar ensign calls out, as Captain Ronoe enters the Bridge of the Star Destroyer 'Dark Star'.

"As you were." Ronoe says. "Status Commander Tydon?"

"We are just about to cut to sub-light engines sir." Tydon explains.

"Very well." Ronoe says as he walks towards the front view port. Checking the Command Station displays, Ronoe looks over the status of the ships systems.

Looking up, Ronoe stares out as the blue swirl of Hyperspace fades and stars fall back into specks. The Sphere that is the Very jewel of the galaxy comes into view. Coruscant. It grows as the ship approaches, until they are fully out of light speed and running on sub light engines, the planet now takes up most of the view. A large Space Station sits off to starboard. Roughly 15 kilometers in height and over 6 kilometers in width, the Spaceport acts as the gateway between the rest of the galaxy and the surface of Coruscant. Thousands of ships pass through its systems everyday. Right now there are at least a hundred ships waiting for clearance to enter Coruscant air space. But the 'Dark Star' does not need to wait in line.

"Coruscant Control, this is the Imperial Star Destroyer Dark Star." Commander Tydon says into his com. "Requesting permission to enter low orbit."

A few silent moments pass. A voice finally responds.

"ISD Dark Star, Coruscant Control. Permission granted. Enter orbiting position at vector 281." The voice of a watch officer at the Orbital Airspace Control platform comes through the com.

"Prepare a shuttle to take me and the prisoner down to the Palace." Ronoe orders.

"Yes sir." Tydon responds.

The massive hull of the Star Destroyer Dark Star passes by the immensely more massive orbital control station and enters a low orbit.

The captain makes his way down to the main shuttle bay. When he arrives the prisoner is already on board a Lambda Class shuttle as is a squad of Storm Troopers. Ronoe boards the shuttle and takes a seat near the main boarding ramp. The door to the cockpit is open and Ronoe listens in.

"Dark Star Flight Control this is Shuttle Z-Theta 135 requesting permission to depart Dark Star shuttle bay." The pilot speaks into the com.

"Shuttle Z-Theta 135 you are clear to depart, straight out, remain below tops until you are clear of the Dark Star." The voice from Dark Star Flight control comes through.

The shuttles engines groan to life as it lifts of the shuttle bay deck. The shuttle turns around slowly before exiting the atmospheric shield. Once the shuttle has cleared the Docking Bay the flight stabilizers descend into flight position.

"Shuttle Z-Theta 135, Dark Star Control, switch to Coruscant Approach at 325." A voice says through the com.

"Copy that Dark Star Control, switching to Coruscant approach at 325." The shuttle pilot replies.

As the shuttle exits from under the docking bay four TIE fighters come into flanking positions to escort the shuttle down. Ronoe watches out the window as the starry black sky slowly becomes bluish white and clouds become visible. He can see buildings reaching for the heavens in the distance.

"Coruscant Approach, this is Shuttle Z-Theta 135 from IDS Dark Star, inbound to the Imperial palace. Requesting permission to land, priority one." The pilot says into the com.

As Ronoe peers out the windows, a large radio antenna passes his view, followed by the mass of the building it is attached to. Ronoe stands up and walks towards the cockpit of the shuttle. He peers out of the front view port and sees the grand plaza before the Imperial Palace, the Home of Emperor Palpatine, and the seat of the Galactic Empire.

"Shuttle Z-Theta 135, this is Coruscant Approach, you are cleared for landing on docking pad 56-alpha. Over." The voice comes through the intercom.

Ronoe turns and looks back into the rear of the shuttle cabin, glancing at the Rebel prisoner. He is an older man with brown grey hair. His eyes are closed and he seems almost calm, despite his situation he is in.

The shuttle passes over an array of other vessels at various docking pads. Many are unloading cargo containers. Most are likely filled with war prizes for the Emperor. Ronoe wonders what sorts of "spoils of war" the containers have, what far off worlds they have come from. As the shuttle reaches docking pad 56-alpha, the flight stabilizers rotate up into landing position. The shuttle comes to a soft landing. Outside a squad of Storm Troopers and the Palace Security Lieutenant approach. The boarding ramp descends and Captain Ronoe walks down. As he exits he is approached by the Lieutenant.

"Greetings Captain Ronoe." The Lieutenant says. "I am Lieutenant Gorden, I understand you have brought a prisoner for Lord Darth Vader?"

"Indeed I have." Ronoe says as he steps off the boarding ramp.

A plum of pressurized gas sprays from the underbelly of the shuttle as it vents its engines cooling system. Two Storm Troopers come down the ramp each with an arm on the prisoner who is visibly restrained by arm cuffs.

"Lord Vader will be pleased, he looks to be in good health." Gorden says. "This way please."

The Dark Star Storm Troopers hand-off the prisoner to some of the Palace Troops and take guard positions near the shuttle to await Captain Ronoe's return. Ronoe walks with Lieutenant Gorden as they approach the entrance of the processing facility, followed by the squad of Storm Troopers who now escort the prisoner. Ronoe peers upwards at the magnificent sight of the Imperial Palace. Stretching many hundred stories into the air, the palace serves as a reminder of the might of the Galactic Empire.

As they enter the palace the Storm Troopers quickly log the prisoner into Imperial Custody and then take him to a large interrogation room, all the while the prisoner makes no sound. Gorden and Ronoe stand near the door and wait for Lord Vader.

"So," begins Gorden, "Where did you pick him up?"

"My Ground Commander managed to track his ship to a trading port," explains Ronoe, "Some of my men were tailing him and watched him get onto a cargo ship. We intercepted a couple transmissions before the ship departed that detailed a rendezvous at the Thaikor System, we proceeded there and waited. Of course we had to keep considerable distance to not draw attention to ourselves."

"Impressive." A booming voice comes from behind them.

Gorden and Ronoe both turn to see the menacing figure of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.

"My greetings Lord Vader." Ronoe says, as he bows with respect.

Looking up at the towering figure of Darth Vader Ronoe finds himself curious about the man behind the mask. Lord Vader is basically accepted as second in command of the Empire, though not officially labeled as such, his words carry significant weight with the Emperor.

Lord Vader seems to ignore Ronoe and Gorden and walks up to the doorway of the interrogation room, crossing his arms Vader stands in the door way and stares at the prisoner.

"So, this is the infamous rebel agent known as Spike's." Vader says as he walks towards the prisoner. Using a gesture of the hand, Vader uses the force to lift the prisoners head to meet his own gaze.

"What did the Rebels steal from the Sienar Fleet Systems Factories on Yar'Gareth?" Vader asks.

"I...I..." The prisoner tries to speak.

"Answer me!" Vader shouts.

"I won't talk to you!" The prisoner managers to say.

Ronoe cocks his head ever so slightly. He has never heard of any Sienar Fleet factory on Yar'Gareth. Matter of fact, as far as he knew, Yar'Gareth was a desolate world far from the major trade routes of the Empire.

"The rebels stole something from that facility, and I want to know what it was." Vader says as he leans in, bringing himself face to face with Spikes.

"Why don't you ask the people at the factory? I don't know anything!" Spikes shouts back at him.

"You know very well that the Rebels killed everyone they found." Vader says as he walks around Spikes. "That facility was a top secret research outpost. The only ones alive who know what was happening there are the Rebels who killed those researchers and stole the contents of the factory."

"Well I can't help you, I wasn't there." Spikes says.

"Oh but you and I both know that you were there. That it was you who discovered the location of that base, and that it was you who led the assault." Vaders says as he lifts the prisoner out of his seat with the force. "Your thoughts betray you. I can see it in your mind."

Vader begins choking the prisoner with the Force.

"I..ack..'ACK." The prisoner manages to get some noises out.

"You will pay for your treachery!" Vader shouts as he flings the prisoner against the wall.

Ronoe watches with amazement. He has never seen such magic, but it wasn't magic it was the Force. And only Vader and the Emperor knew it's ways.

"Gorden, take him away." Vader says as he walks towards Ronoe and Gorden. "I want everything in that prisoners mind revealed. You have the IT-O droids, use them. When you are done, eliminate him."

'Yes sir." Lieutenant Gorden says as he signals the Storm Troopers to pick the prisoner up.

Captain Ronoe follows Lord Vader out of the interrogation room. The doors close behind them.

"So, you were able to track his movements and intercept his communications with the Rebels?" asks Vader.

"Yes my lord." Ronoe says. "We were able to further prove his importance with the Rebellion after we encountered several Rebel escort frigates when we intercepted his ship. We destroyed them easily sir."

"Very good." Vader says." I have another assignment for you. Come with me."

Vader and Ronoe walk down the hallway further into the palace. They pass through a security check point, enter another long hallway. Ronoe remains silent, waiting for Vader to speak.

"Captain, you have done well, this mission was the first in a larger goal." Vader explains.

"I'm not sure I understand." Ronoe says.

"That rebel agent, he stole something incredibly valuable and incredibly dangerous. A new weapon, designed for the Empire, but now in the hands of the Rebels." Vader explains.

"What sort of weapon?" Ronoe asks.

"In time Captain, prepare your ship for my arrival, I will have your orders soon enough!" Vader says as he storms down the hallway.

Ronoe stands in silence for a few moments, he watches as Vader enters another doorway and disappears. Ronoe looks around for a moment and considers trying to find his way out of the palace another way. He hopes to see more of this impressive building. He decides though that time wasted is probably not something Lord Vader tolerates. Ronoe turns and heads back the way he came in. It takes him at least 15 minutes to find his way back but before long he is back at his shuttle.

"Prepare to take off," Ronoe says as he passes by the Shuttle pilots who are standing around outside the shuttle. "We've got preparations to make."