This was a request from the super amazing Claire Elric. I hope you like it and it should be long. Hope you all like it! Sorry that it is short tho...

Claire walked the dirt road that she hadn't seen in many years. She walked up the path that was now covered in patched of green. The path she was taking wasn't used often anymore but she didn't know. Once Claire looked up from the dirt below her feet she almost cried. Her old home was now just a burnt pile on the ground. She knew it was gone but didn't want to believe it was true.

"You idiots. What if dad came back!" She whispered to herself. A single tear streamed down her face. Claire turned around with her bag on her shoulder. She had hoped her old home was still there but what dad said was true. Its gone. Claire started walking back down the path to her second destination. She put her normal fake smile on as she saw the sign for the 'Rockbell Automail'.

Claire walked up the steps and knocked on the door. She was greeted by granny Pinako.

"Well hello Claire! How long has it been?" Pinako said with a grin.

"Winry! Come hear." She yelled and invited the girl in. Winry walked downstairs to see someone she hasn't seen in many years.

"Claire!" She said and ran into a hug. Claire was smiling at her old friend. Once all the hello's were done they sat down to tea.

"Hey granny, Can i stay in a room. I'll take the attic." Claire says with a wide grin.

"Sure you can. It's all yours." Granny says. Claire nods and walks up the the attic. She placed her bag down on the bed that was up there. She smiled at the memories she had. Claire unpacked and sat in her room. She 'fell asleep' early and was left alone for a wile.

Claire was deep in thought the entire night. She stood up and got out of bed around eight A.M. She herd a little noise outside and looked out the small window.

She saw Ed and Al walking up the path to Granny's house. She smiled when she saw them. She watched how Winry walked out and tackled them both to the ground. Claire ran downstairs to see them. She stopped at the door when Ed and Al were helping Winry up off the ground. Ed looked over to see her. He still had a smile on hes face from Winry's tackle.

"Hey Edward. Hey Alphonse" She said with a smile. Ed looked confused by his reaction.

"Do we be any chance know you?" Ed asked. at that question. Claire's heart broke. She had horror on her face and turned around and went back to her room.

She didn't know why she had all these feelings. 'Weren't Homunculi not supposed to had feelings?' She asked herself. She stood up and locked the door so no one could get in. She sat on the bed and cried. She didn't know what to do so she just sat on her bed.

Days have passed and she didn't move from her spot. Many times Ed, Al, Winry, and Pinako tried to get her to come out of her room. No one would get her out.

One day Ed, Al, and Winry were drinking tea when they heard a scream. They heard something break and Ed dashed up the stairs. Ed noticed the door was locked and tried to break it down. After a few tried he got it to open. He walked in to see the room trashed. The bed was flipped and cloths were everywhere. The last things he noticed were the window broken and a journal on the floor.

Ed picked up the journal and flipped to the most resent one. It read.

"I don't understand. How can they forget me. They are my brothers so how can they forget? I love them and I don't know why. Aren't Homunculi not supposed to have feelings? Maybe Hohenheim would know."

Ed gasped and read the date. It was yesterday. Ed fell to the floor on his knees and winced at the flashback.

"Claire, lets go catch bugs at the pond!" Ed called to his sister.

"Sure Ed! Hey Alphonse wanna come?" Claire asked her other brother/

"Sure! I wanna catch a frog!"

Ed gasped as he remembered everything.

"Ed, are you okay?" Al asked.

"Claire... is our... sister!"

Claire: That was different. Why am I a spazz?

Otaku: Thats what Claire Elric requested you do!

Claire Elric: Ya other Claire Elric! I asked Otaku to do this/

Ed: Dont fight with my sister. She may be a Homunculus but i love her. Oh wait... NOW I HAVE TWO HOMUNCULUS SIBLINGS!

Al: It will all be okay Nii-san.

Winry: Awww is the shorty upset


Otaku: Al would you be so kind?

Al: Otaku1232123 does not own Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Otaku: Thanks Al. *takes Winry's wrench and beats Ed.*