A village was razed to the ground. The sky became black with the smoke from the fires. A whole horseback riding battalion swept through to the outskirts of the village. The leader of that terrible army was a 17 year oldish looking boy with shoulder blade length black hair, a tail with a silver knife at the tip, red eyes, and at 6' tall. He had his 6 generals flanking his sides. Half of them were girls in red, green and white sailor scout outfits with gold tiaras. One had long, wavy, green hair. Another had short, straight, tan hair. The last one had medium length, straight, red hair with yellow highlights. The guys were in silver, grey, and black armor. One had green hair slicked back; another had a military buzz cut that was colored tan; while the last had his hair looking like fire. The boy motioned for two people to check out the left. The green haired people took point. They went to a tree and found a couple of knights in armor. They seized them by the helmet and brought them to the boy.

"Meluka's scouts" said the green haired man. The boy dismounted his horse and slowly, menacingly, strode to the knights.

"Chaos!" breathed one of the knights. The boy that was named Chaos reached the knights, knelt down, and adjusted their helmets.

"Nice work gentlemen" said Chaos with a soft voice. "You found me and my army."

"Queen Meluka" said a knight with a not so confident voice. "will stop you!"

"Stop me?" asked Chaos. "She invited me!" Chaos' face changed from a calm, suave face (think Sesshomaru from Inuyasha) to a face that had sharp teeth all around and the pupils and iris' contracted in the eyes. He grabbed the knight that spoke by the throat.

"By imprisoning me 3,000 years ago she challenged me to break out" he snarled. "Well I'm here to play her game." The knight was gasping for breath. Chaos tossed the knight to the ground.

"GO!" shouted Chaos. "Tell Meluka to send her strongest warriors!" The knights beat a hasty retreat.

"I'll be waiting" he said once the knights were out of earshot. His face went back to the Sesshomaru look as he scratched his neck.

"How many men does it take to deliver a message to Queen Meluka?" he asked the green haired sailor scout. The senshi summoned a kunai out of thin air and got ready to throw it. (By the way, her name is Sailor Armageddon).

"One" said Sailor Armageddon. She threw the kunai.