The girl on the bus was really not happy. She was still swearing in Japanese. Her name was Leane (Lay-ann) Serizawa. She was wearing blue jeans, a pink t-skirt, Nikes, and she had some glasses that almost looked like reading glasses. Her brown eyes were blazing with rage as she tried to get out of the handcuffs.

"You should stop struggling Leane" said the leader. "Those cuffs are made of titanium."

"Go jump off a cliff!" growled Leane. "Give me the broach!"

"Not a chance" said the boy. "Jacob Cullen, sportsman and scientist extraordinaire, does not listen to his captives." He took a drag out of his cigarette. "You're losing your touch Leane. I got the info of your broach from the woman I killed yesterday."

"You fool!" snarled Leane. "You don't know what my broach can do!"

"If it really is a new style of Omnitrix" said Jacob. "it must hold great power. You will tell me how to calibrate it for my use."

"Never!" snapped Leane.

"Never?" asked Jacob. "That's a long time away, little lady."

"The Omnitrix is useless to you!" said Leane. "Its power must be given, not taken!"

"I don't believe you Leane" said Jacob. "I am a blend of gladiator and scientist. I know how to make hardware, the software needed to run it, and how to apply them to combat." He pressed a button on the wall that made a table pop out of the floor. On the table was a circular broach with the Omnitrix's symbol. "Together," continued Jacob "we'll find a way for me to use it."

"Tell me," said Leane "Why would you abandon reason and logic for madness?"

"Boys" said Jacob "'educate' her. Rough her up a little."

A buzzing noise could be heard on the roof of the bus. Everyone looked up and saw a curved blade cut through the roof. Bladed hands went through the crack and made it wider. The owner of the hands was Xisors.

"In-a the words of a more well-known alien, let me-a tell you something, dumb jock and his associates, nobody's-a roughing up no one except Xisors!" said the alien.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A DUMB JOCK?!" shrieked Jacob. He turned to his men. "Ice this deadbeat!" he said while getting an automatic pistol. They opened fire on Xisors while Xisors just cut the bullets in half with one arm.

"That's-a your first mistake" said Xisors. "When you-a shoot Xisors," Xisors jumped down into the bus "IT JUST-A MAKES XISORS MAD!" Xisors chopped the guns in pieces. Jacob and his men then started swinging their fists at the non-pointy areas. Xisors kept slashing at them but not actually connecting with their bodies.

"That's enough!" said Leane. She had a downcast look. "Xisors, come over here."

"So you finally came to your senses, good" said Jacob. He turned to Xisors. "You heard her, back of the bus, now." Xisors went to Leane's side.

"How did you-a know my name?" he asked.

"I named the alien" she whispered. "Yes!" she then exclaimed loudly. "As soon as he touches it, the Galvan said that…"

"Wait, you spoke with him?!" yelped Jacob.

"Spoke with who?" asked Leane.

"The guy who created the Omnitrix, don't play dumb with me!"

"The creator of the Omnitrix? I don't know what you're talking about. Please. Take the Omnitrix. I don't care now." Xisors caught on to the ploy.

"He's put a contact poison on it, has he?" growled Jacob. "He's poisoned the Omnitrix!"

"I told you not to ask questions!" said Leane in a panicked voice to Xisors. "Now I've given everything away! The Galvan will kill me!"

"I'll-a try what I-a can to-a defend you" said Xisors.

"Damn you Azmuth!" snarled Jacob. "We'll settle this later!" He turned to the front of the bus. "Pull over." The bus pulled over. He turned to his men. "Open the back door, unlock her cuffs, and let her go." The bus opened the back door and the toadies unlocked Leane's handcuffs. Leane massaged her wrists. "Now get out before I get angry!" snarled Jacob. Xisors jump down, then helped Leane down. They started walking away from the bus. As they crossed the bridge, they saw Gavin's car pull up on the other side.

"Samuel!" said Gavin as he and Sam ran up to Xisors and Leane.

"Gavin!" said Xisors. "Thanks for-a coming. Jacob captured Leane here for-a an Omnitrix she-a had."

"Present tense, Xisors" corrected Leane. "The thing on the table was a backup makeup kit. Now I'll ask a question." She turned to Gavin. "What did you mean by calling Xisors 'Samuel'?"

"I-a think it best if I-a explain" said Xisors. He made a fist and thumped down on the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. The alien turned back into Samuel Vinton. Leane's jaw dropped an inch.

"…WHAT THE HELL!?" she finally shrieked.

"Is something wrong?" asked Samuel.

"B...But how did you get the Omnitrix?! AAAAHHH!" Leane said. She turned to the car. "And you! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" she shouted. Surprisingly, the car spoke.

"I was driven here" the machine ventured. Leane turned back to Samuel.

"Seriously though, how did you get the Omnitrix?" said Leane.

"Someone teleported into my base with it, left it there, then left the same way" said Samuel. "Let's head to the club house. I'll be able to fill you in on the details later."

"Actually, I was sent by my dad to see you" said Leane. "Dad wanted to know if you had anything going on. I believe he wants to see you."

"Do you think Gavin and Sam can come?" asked Samuel.

"I don't think Dad would object to seeing all his friends" said Leane. Everyone piled into Gavin's car and first headed to the clubhouse to pick up Samuel's gi. Leane's adopted father was Samuel's martial arts teacher, and a very good one at that. He was a 5'2, 40 something, married Japanese man. His wife, Shiki, was 5'5, 42, and a martial artist as well. Leane took her adopted father's lessons to make a stronger path for her in the world. They arrived at the Serizawa's house. Leane knocked on the door.

"Go away!" shouted an elder, male voice with a Japanese accent. "I told you we're not interested in seeing any Fujiyamas!"

"What about your adopted daughter and her friends?" asked Leane. The door was opened by her dad. He was wearing a pale brown undershirt with a pale blue haori and matching hakama. Fuji Serizawa's mood instantly brightened when he saw the one he raised at the door.

"Leane, my favorite girl!" the two started hugging. Leane was 5'3 so she had to bend down slightly. He turns to the boys behind her. "I see you brought all your friends. Well, the more, the merrier!" He started to enter the house when he noticed that no one was following him in. "Well, come in, come in!" The kids entered the house and left their shoes at the door. "Seeing you guys always makes me smile. Shiki! We have guests!" Shiki came in. She was wearing a brightly colored kimono with her hair done up in a bun. She smiled pleasantly.

"So, more people have arrived! Very good!" she said.

"Let's break out the food" said Fuji. He turned to his guests. "What would you like to drink?"

"Just tea would be all right" said Samuel.

"What about the sake?" asked Shiki from the kitchen.

"You mean the one almost as old as me?" asked Fuji following his wife's voice. Samuel stepped a little into the house then his head tapped a low hanging chandelier. Samuel steadied it.

"Low bridge" Leane said as she passed under a beam that would have allowed someone of her height to pass under easily but would clonk someone of Samuel's height in the head. Samuel clonked his head and groaned a little. He then ducked down and followed Leane. Gavin and Sam followed after Samuel. They could hear Fuji and Shiki talking but couldn't make out what they said. They decided to play a little joke.

"I don't know" said Fuji coming into the living room. "What would you…?" His voice trailed off as he didn't see his guests and daughter in the room. "…Kids?" he asked cautiously.

"Is everything all…?" Shiki's voice trailed off as she followed her husband and saw what he saw. "Where are the kids?" she asked. They got into a defense stance and walked slowly back to the kitchen with their backs to it.

"Just tea, thank you" said Samuel as he popped his head from the kitchen door. Fuji and Shiki whirled around fast and then relaxed.

"We're not ready to go to our graves just yet!" said Fuji with an ironic smile.

"Sorry dad" said Leane.

"Samuel, after we finish our tea," said Fuji "how about we test to see if you are ready to graduate from my dojo?"

"I don't see why not" said Samuel. After they finished their refreshments, Samuel and Fuji got into their gi and went to the basement where Fuji taught Samuel martial arts. They got into a ready stance. Fuji charged at Samuel while Samuel moved to the left. Samuel turned then shot a left hand punch which resulted in a right roundhouse kick from Fuji to deflect it. Fuji then leapt into the air and shot a left side kick to Samuel's solar plexus. Samuel countered with a left outward block, then a right uppercut. Fuji grabbed it, jumped into the air again and spun like a buzz saw with his right leg extended. Samuel blocked it by making an x with his arms above his head. Shiki opened the door to the basement and hurried halfway downstairs. Samuel and Fuji looked at her with confused looks. They then heard thumping on the front door.

"You're not at home!" said Shiki in an intense whisper. Samuel and Fuji nodded, understanding what she meant. Shiki went back upstairs and looked towards the door. She went back downstairs. "It's the Fujiyamas!" she whispered again. "You two might want to hurry up before they get in a real rage!" Samuel and Fuji nodded. They continued their little sparring session. Fuji unexpectedly stopped. Samuel knew Fuji would try this so he could land a surprise attack if he dropped his guard. Fuji turned around and walked to a card table. He turned back around with a black belt in his hands. Samuel still kept his guard up. Fuji walked to Samuel and undid Samuel's brown belt and replaced it with the black belt. Samuel realized that he earned the black belt now around his waist. He got out of his fighting stance and bowed to Fuji.

"Congratulations Samuel" said Fuji. "You have finally graduated from my dojo. There is nothing more I can teach you. Do not forget the lessons I have taught you." Fuji bowed to Samuel.

"I won't" said Samuel. "Thank you for teaching me."

"Now then" said Fuji. "Let's get the Fujiyamas off my doorstep, shall we?"

"You read my mind, Sensei" said Samuel. They got back into their street clothes and went to the front door.

"Go away!" shouted Fuji "We're not seeing any Fujiyamas!" The crowd didn't listen. They still clamored on the doorstep. "I could just send my whole family out! You know what that means!" The crowd didn't want to risk the whole Serizawa family fighting them so they beat a hasty retreat. They turned back to the living room and sat down on the couches.

"That's it!" said Shiki after a minute's silence. "I think it's time to pack." Fuji nodded and went to their bedroom to get the suitcases.

"Do you really intend to go through with it?" asked Gavin.

"Yes, we do!" said Shiki. "I, for one, have had enough of relatives hounding us for the house and my husband's will. I wish to see mountains again! Maybe a quiet place for us to finish our book."

"I will miss you guys" said Leane. Fuji stared out the window.

"I know" he said softly.

"Dad?" asked Leane.

"I'm getting old" said Fuji. "Thin, weak, like butter scraped over too much bread. 'Well preserved' indeed. I know I don't look old, but I feel it in my heart."

"What makes it worse is that our daughter will be at war with some unknown foe" said Shiki.

"You too?" asked Samuel to Leane.

"When I got my Omnitrix I was told by it that I can go into Queen Kairusai's army with it" said Leane.

"What does your Omnitrix look like?" asked Sam. Leane went up to her room, got her broach style Omnitrix, and then headed downstairs.

"So it's a broach" said Samuel as if he was stating a fact that he already knew. "How can you transform into different aliens?"

"…If I show you, will you promise not to laugh?" asked Leane. The boys nodded. Leane held her broach in the air with her right hand. "CODON STREAM CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE UP!" The broach glowed for a minute. Leane started glowing green. After the glow faded, Leane was now wearing a Sailor senshi suit with a neon green skirt, a small Omnitrix symbol on her dark green chest bow, a bow of the same color with longer ends on the back of her waist, a wrist sized Omnitrix symbol on each wrist of her upper arm length gloves, thigh length boots, and a silver tiara with a lime green jewel in the center. Samuel did as he promised. Gavin and Sam held it in as best they could, but ultimately failed.

"I was under the impression that Leane made us promise not to laugh at her" said Samuel with a reproachful tone.

"I was under that same impression" said Leane. The other boys stopped laughing.

"Sorry!" said Gavin with an innocent grin. There was a loud boom outside. Everyone ran outside and found out the cause of the explosion. It was Jacob Cullen in a 9 foot tall mecha suit.