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Thou shalt know by experience how salt the savor is of another's bread, and how sad a path it is to climb and descend another's stairs.


A kid with raven black hair was strolling around in the streets of Jump City in the middle of the night. He used the darkness to think.

Danny's POV

It's been two years since I witnessed my family, friends, and my English teacher burn up in emerald flames at the Nasty Burger, it's been one year since I moved in with Vlad and explained to him why I couldn't stay with him. Although the six months I was living with him he trained me helping me improve my skills so if the time came I would never be caught off guard.


"You know Vlad if I didn't know any better I'd think that you actually enjoyed beating me senseless." I said as I laid on the floor to catch my breath as two white rings appeared at the center of my waist transforming me back into Danny Fenton.

"Oh little badger I do have to admit it is fun to finally get back at you for all the times you've ruined my perfectly plotted plans." He said as he still floated in the air in his ghost form with only a few scratches and bruises on his face. "But that's all behind us I am here to help you master your basic abilities your ghost rays, your ghost shields, and to heighten your senses so that you can read peoples movements." He said as he shot a pink ghost ray at me only for me to jump back from where I was only to see a crater form on the training room floor, it was a large room with blank walls and steel floorings.

"Going ghost!" I yelled as two rings reappeared at my waist band and traveling up and down my body turning me into the now forgotten hero of Amityville Danny Phantom. I shot two ghost rays at him only for him to put up a pink square shield and absorb my attack.

"Now Daniel you have to focus when you shoot your rays, you need to feel the flow of ectoplasm coursing through your veins, and focus it in your hands and then release It." he said as he put up a pink bubble around him waiting for the teen to shoot at him.

"Ok." I said as I focused on my core, that cold sensation flowing through me and building up in my hands as I opened my eyes and released a green ball of energy the size of a bowling ball straight towards Plasmius.

"Oh butter biscuits." Vlad muttered as this ray broke through his shield and caused him to plummet to the floor.

"So I guess ghost rays are taken care of so how about those ghost shields?" I asked as Vlad begun to stand up.

"Sure let's see how long you can last with four of me shooting at you." He said venomously as three duplicates separated from him as they all floated in sync surrounding me.

"Oh crap." I muttered as they all simultaneously began to shoot pink ghost rays at me as I put up a quick shield around me. I lasted five minutes before the green dome surrounding me began to shatter and finally dissipate.

"Well you lasted longer than last time." He said as he changed back into the billionaire Vlad Masters. "But with some more practice and training you'd soon become as strong and powerful as me." He finished as he walked out the door.

"Still the same old Vlad." I said as I changed back into Danny Fenton exhausted from the training as I followed after him.

End Flashback

I wore a black hooded jacket with black jeans and black sneakers the Wes ring I gave to Sam was now chained around my wrist as a charm bracelet. When I traveled from town to town I would fight the occasional havoc wreaking ghost here and there, the occasional rouge GIW agent and some pathetic ghost hunters.

So before I left Vlad me and him made an agreement where he decided to allow me to travel the world moving from city to city to try to find and enjoy the remaining time I had on earth. The fruitloop made a bank account for me with a lot of money, enough money to last me a few decades living in a mansion with a butler named Alfred. (I always wanted to have a butler named Alfred it would be so COOL!) On one condition, I write him a letter every week telling him how I am and how the travel going is.

Clockwork paid me a little visit while I was traveling in Paris three months ago. He explained to me about the prophecy the original ghosts of the Ghost Zone foresaw after they banded together and imprisoned Pariah Dark. The prophecy went like this:

'A misguided halfa will open the tomb, to play out the Ghost Zones horrible doom, but then a halfa with silver armor will appear and expel the retched ghost king to continue his afterlife in an eternity of forever sleep where a new ghost king would be brought and dragged on the halfa's eighteenth birthday.'


As I was watching TV on my bed in a motel apartment room suddenly the TV froze and a swirl of a clock hand swirled in front of the TV revealing the master of time Clockwork.

"And what do I owe the pleasure of having the master of time this time." I hissed I was still pissed off at him since he didn't intervene after I trapped dark Dan in the thermos.

"I know you are still mad at me Danny but I have come here to give you a message." He said as he created a mini portal and stuck his hand inside it pulling out an old looking scroll from the portal. "This Danny is the prophecy written by the original founders of the Ghost Zone. This scroll is the reason you are going to be dragged to the Zone when you're eighteen to become the new king of the zone." Clockwork said causing my eyes to widen like Saucers.

"Me the new ghost king?" I stuttered only for Clockwork to nod at me confirming my fears. "But…half of the ghost zone hates me." I stated as I was terrified to no end.

"That might be true Daniel but as time passes they will learn to listen to you and follow you, don't worry Daniel all is as it should be." He stated as he disappeared into a clock like portal into his lair, none the less leaving me there to gather my bearings. "Wow." I said to myself as I gathered my stuff and headed out the door of the motel and back to the United States.

Flashback end

I was walking back into an apartment complex a few blocks away famous pizza parlor, the complex was somewhat old yet it was still decent as I was old fashioned with the bricks painted in a mix of brown and red .As I walked into room 7B. The room itself was small it had a kitchen area with a fridge and an oven with a few stoves while the bed was where his living room was suppose to be and one bathroom. The walls were painted blue and the ceiling of the apartment was painted to look like the night sky as it was covered with stars and constellations. "Home sweet home" I thought to myself as I jumped right into bed allowing my tired state to consume me and fall into a peaceful rest.

The next day….

I woke up to the sound of my alarm, unfortunately for the alarm though I blasted it was a small ecto beam enough power to cause the alarm to explode and break into little metal pieces as I stretched and got up and changed into my usual outfit. A black hooded jacket with black jeans, black sneakers, and the charm bracelet I picked this outfit to remind me of that day and the promise I had made to them after they burned up in green flames.

I went to get brunch and try out the pizza at that famous parlor as I got up and grabbed my backpack which held the Fenton thermos. I walked towards the pizza parlor but to be interrupted as I gasped as a blue air escaped my mouth, only to see glowing boxes float overhead and onto a roof across from the pizza parlor. 'I just hope that nobody notices this.' I thought as I went into a dark alley beside a Chinese fast food restaurant and hid behind a trash can. As two white rings appeared at the center of my waist as it traveled to the top and bottom of my body except I didn't wear the hazmat suit anymore instead I wore a black hooded coat with white sleeveless gloves, a white shirt with my DP emblem, black pants and white combat boots, and to top it all off a blank mask with a dragon design transforming me into the new and improved form of Danny Phantom.

I flew to the top of the roof of the apartment building to where I saw the boxes float confirming my suspicions right there at the top of the roof going through all the boxes was none other than the Box ghost.

"Hey Boxy." I said as I went into my backpack and grabbed the Fenton thermos and pulled it out aiming for the ghost.

"Who dares insult the Box ghost ruler of all things square and the occasional bubble wrap!" he yelled as he stared right at me only to cower in a corner as he soon recognized me.

"Now boxy you know the routine get inside the thermos." I said as I uncapped the thermos sucking him into it causing him to screech as I capped it and put it in my backpack as I put it on my back as it was concealed underneath my coat. I was about to go back to the alley only to slam against a black wall.

"What?" I asked as I was now surrounded by a black dome. I tried to phase through it but I was repelled by an invisible force pushing me back down to the dome's floor. That's when I had an idea ,I took in a deep breath and released a small ghostly wail, but even though it was small the dome started shattering and breaking and once I was free I looked around and found nothing , not one person on the roof.

"Strange?" I thought to myself as I floated back to the alley or at least tried to until I heard the words 'Atharaz Mentrium Zinthos!' only to be pinned to the ground by a black force. "Agggh." I yelled as I couldn't phase out of the force as if gravity was repelling my motion I couldn't move, I was struggling, squirming but to no avail as I finally gave up and sighed.

"What are you?" asked a voice from behind me I couldn't see the person's face but I could tell the voice was feminine.

"That's for me to know and you to find out." I said as I took drastic measure tapping into my Ice core I froze the floor and blasted it with an ecto beam causing the black force to disappear and the floor to collapse onto itself as I fell into a penthouse to see a guy on his couch watching Family Guy. I got up and used a power that I found out I could use a few weeks ago and was still mastering, teleportation. I closed my eyes and concentrated on where I wanted to go I could feel a tingly feeling take my whole being and then I fell onto a floor. I opened my eyes and was glad that I was in my apartment as I walked up to my bed and collapsed on top of it as I fell into a sleep not caring about my hunger because using my ghostly wail and then teleportation were two powers that drained me.

Ravens POV

I woke up to Beast Boy's crowing and went out of my room to pour myself herbal tea only to walk into the ops room to find Beast Boy and Cyborg arguing over making breakfast and Robin trying to explain something to Star fire yet again. I walked and poured myself tea only to be bombarded with all their emotions. "Robin I'm going for a walk I'll be back by two!" I yelled as I turned into a raven and flew off before Robin can respond as I flew into the city flying over buildings and taking in the view only to see blue floating boxes heading to a building. 'Odd' I thought as I followed them only to find two people floating on the roof of the building one that used a mask with a dragon design while the other one looked like a fat construction worker that is until you notice that he is floating and glowing blue.

"Hey Boxy." Said the guy that was wearing the dragon mask.

"Who dares insult the box ghost ruler of all things square and the occasional bubble wraps!" yells the construction worker now facing the guy with the dragon mask only to pale and cower at the sight of him.

"Now boxy you know the routine get inside the thermos." Says the guy with mask as he uncapped a thermos? And sucked the worker inside it 'weird' I thought as I chanted silently to put up a dome around the person or thing preparing to take it back to the tower only to hear an odd sound coming from inside the dome. And then it began to shatter and break only to disappear as the guy was now panting as it began to float again I yelled.

"Azarath Mentrium Zinthos!" as I pinned him down onto the roof with my black mantra as he began to squirm and struggle only to finally give up and sigh.

"What are you?" I asked as he suddenly looked like he was in thought only to reply.

"That's for me to know and you to find out." As the temperature around us drop ten degrees as the roof's floor gave out after the guy fired a green ray that looked like one of Star fires star bolts as he fell. As I went to check on him only to be blinded and taken back by a blinding green light, only to look back as green smoke emitted from the ground where I assumed he once was. I headed back to the tower wondering who and what that person was after sensing that he was dead definitely dead yet still sort of alive.

"Who are you?" I asked as I flew into the tower and into my room not bothering to let the other titans know as I went into my bed and fell asleep.

Danny's POV

I woke up to a very loud stomach growl as I groaned and clutched my stomach; it was as if my stomach acids were burning my insides. I got up and headed out the door not caring that my hair was messy or my outfit was wrinkly I only had one objective at the moment, to get food. As I headed to the famous pizza place I noticed that the sky had turned black only to reveal the shining moon casting its white glow from the sky. I thought about what would have happened if my friends and family wasn't dead, would my parents have accepted me for what I was? And what if I had the courage to confess my feeling to Sam would she have felt the same way? These questions haunted me to no end as I strolled nearing the pizza place only to be blasted from behind and slamming myself into the hood of a car. 'What hit me?' I thought as pain shot through my back as I turned to face a guy that had some sort of suit on and blasting yellow rays of light?

"I will rule the world with never ending light!" the guy shouted. 'What is it with villains always giving away their plans?' I thought as I saw no one rearing the corner expecting the Teen Titans to appear as I leaned on the car for support only to be grabbed by the collar and put into a head lock.

"Why do you not run away like the others?" asked the guy in the suit as he whispered into my ear. "Are you a fan of the science of light?" I had to laugh at that last part. 'Great another nerd trying to pull it off as a villain.' I thought as the villain tightened his grip around my neck as I was losing my patience waiting for the Teen Titans to appear before I toke matters into my own hands.

"Titans go!" I heard from the other side of the street only to see Robin stop in his tracks before shooting his bird a- rang at me and yell "Stop!"

"Freeze Titans or I'll blow this kid into oblivion." stated as his hands began to glow yellow only for my eyes to widen seeing how defenseless I made myself in this situation. 'No, not again!' I screamed in my head as anger shot through me and before I could stop myself I grabbed him, putting him into a bear hug before he kicked my groined and backhanded me sending me yet again into another car.

"Now, Titans go!" Robin yelled as the titans disbanded taking off at different angles only for the lame super villain to take them out one by one. I groaned as I tried to get up only to hear a crack and immense pain come from my rib cage. 'I have to help them' I thought as I made a last attempt to get up and used the hood of the car for support only to be yet again slammed into the car as something with a blue cloak hit me from behind.

"What hit me?" a feminine voice came from the cloak, that voice it sounded so familiar. The figure began to stand up her hands on my chest as she used me for support until she was eye level with me and saw what she was touching and stood up immediately, blushing underneath her hood.

"Aww does Raven of the Teen Titans have a crush on a pedestrian?" came that husky voice as I turned my head to see in a somewhat tattered but still functional suit.

"Does the little old geek need some new batteries for his little light show?" I said pissing him off.

"YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO THE POWER OF LIGHT!" he yelled as he shot ray after ray of light at us only for Raven to put up an all too familiar shield around us, but with each blast the shield began to shatter.

"Just leave me, I'll be ok." I told her as she looked back at my current state, my pants were torn and baggy, my hood was burned off, and I had a few cuts and scrapes all over my body.

"Can't leave you alone in your current state you'd die if got his hands on you." She said as she turned back around trying to keep the shield from cracking.

"Go you can't keep this up I'll hide behind the car you just do what you have to do." I said as I crawled over the hood of the car to the side of the car. And with that she was gone fighting only to get shot down into a corner. 'I swear if something hits me when I try to get up I will murder someone preferably ' I thought as I made a duplicate of myself to rest right where I use to be as two rings appeared on my waist line traveling up and down my body into Danny Phantom.

"Stay here and act normal I'll go help her." I said to my clone as I flew up and stalked behind but not before the girl Raven turned 8 feet tall and had black tendrils sprout from underneath her floating cloak. 'Damn' I thought as I Raven grab with one of the tendrils and drag him underneath her cloak. 'As much as I would like to see the light bulb suffer I'd rather him go to jail than be dragged underneath a girls cloak' (NO perverted comment intended here or was it?)

"So you were the girl that trapped me inside that dome." I said turning myself visible in front of her as she seemed to recognize me and turn back to the normal sized non demonic Raven.

"Who are you?" she asks as she examined me once again but this time in my ghost form I looked unfazed and well not burned.

"Sorry that's my little secret and it seems to me you have a few secrets yourself considering you scarred little old light show half to death over there." I said as I pointed to a pale and weathered in the fetal position.

"Yo Raven what's your problem?" the green changeling asked as he trotted from behind her.

"I…uh." She said as she turned back to face me only to see that I was nowhere to be found. "Agggh!" she yelled frustrated as she walked into an alley disappearing into the shadows. I waited till they all left before I went back behind the car and remerged with my clone. I got the haunting feeling that this wasn't going to be the first time I meet the Titans and frankly I was sort of happy, deep down I was beginning to like them and I couldn't stop thinking about the girl in the blue cloak she reminded me to much of Sam and my life back at Amity.

"Great another crush." I muttered to myself as I just decided to go home and order a pizza too lazy to trot the whole way there in my current condition.

No one's POV

"Skulker you will cause mayhem in Jump City tomorrow." Said a man as he looked into a huge TV projector projecting the fight the titans faced facing . The man wore shoulder pads, a black suit only to complete the outfit with a one eyed mask half bronze the other half pitch black.

"Yes Slade, will I be able to hang there remains as my personal trophies?" asked Skulker his eyes red as he stared at the man, but in the Slade's left hand was a staff with a bat that held an orb, the same staff Freakshow used, the staff that had complete control over any ghost.

"Of course but you will bring the one in a traffic light costume to me I have…other arrangements for that one." Slade said as he pointed the staff at Skulker.

"With pleasure." Said Skulker as he turned invisible and phased out of the clock like room to leave his new master to think.

"Now we just have to figure out who you are." Muttered Slade as he replayed the video over and over again, in the video he saw a boy with white hair and a mask concealing his face floating in front of Raven as they seemed to be engaged in a conversation.

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