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Titans POV

"*Yawn*" Cyborg woke up to the smell of bacon in the morning. He unplugged himself from the huge hard drive and began to make his way to the ops room. What he saw horrified him to no end. Beast boy was in the kitchen frying eggs and bacon on the stove. "I must be dreaming." He said as he went up to the stove and grabbed a piece of bacon and ate it only to spit it out. "THIS CRAP ISN'T BACON, THIS IS YOUR TOFU CRAP!" he yelled at BB, grabbed the stove and slammed the hot stove across his face. Now BB was dumbstruck eggs covered his eyes and bacon covered his mouth while his face was as red as an apple.

He grumbled and walked up to the television but what he saw caused him to do a double take. He saw in the outskirts of Jump City a giant scorpion chasing a girl?

"Guess what Vlad sent us." Robin said as he walked in carrying a large box labeled ghosts. They all looked inside the box to see all different types of weapons: ecto guns, an ecto staff, gauntlets, and a bazooka.

"AWESOME!" yelled Beast boy as he tried the gauntlets on.

"Um Robin is that giant scorpion chasing a girl?" Cyborg asked as he pointed at the dessert. Robin looked up brought out binoculars out of thin air and examined the scene.

"Titans that girl is in trouble Titans go!" he yelled as they disbanded and headed towards the wasteland.

Danny' POV

I wake up to a familiar feeling in the morning a stand up in my bed as a blue wisp escapes my lips. "No way. Dani?" I say as I jump out of bed and transform into Danny Phantom and zoom out of the apartment ceiling and into the sky. Another blue wisp escapes my breath but its indicating that she is located in the outskirts of Jump City. "I'm coming Dani hang on." I said to myself as I zoomed off towards the dessert.

Titans POV

They all made it in time to see a girl shooting green rays at the scorpion while the scorpion was chasing a girl with blond hair and goggles. "Titans-!" Robin was interrupted by the sound of an earth made bridge moving and collapsing on top of the scorpion. "She wasn't running away from the scorpion." Robin said.

"She was leading it into a trap." Cyborg finished as the girl with the blond hair was interacting with a girl with white hair, green eyes, and a black and white spandex suit with the letter P inside of D.

"Robin she had the exact same aura as Phantom." Raven told Robin as the girl with blond hair and goggles floated on a rock and landed on top of the landscape with the titans. "What you haven't ever seen a superhero before?" she asked.

"Well I'm Robin and we are-."

"The Teen Titans rock on." She said as she fist pumped Robin. "Your Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and." She said as she pointed to BB.

"Uh Boy Beast, no Bast Boy, no-."

"Um Beast Boy?" she asked as BB squealed like a girl and turned himself into a turtle and hid inside his shell. She giggled at his antics.

"You think I'm funny?" he asked her morphing only his head back to human while his body was still a turtle.

"Of course." She replied.

"Curiosity avails what's your favorite color? What's your name? How did you get here? And do you wish to be my friend?" Starfire asked Terra as she floated five inches away from her face.

"Um blue, Terra, walked and sure." She said as Starfire grabbed her and put her into a bone crushing hug, but she seemed unfazed.

"Well alright then." She said as she got out of the hug and stretched her arms. "Hey Dani thanks for the save." Terra called out from behind her only for the girl with white hair to appear out of thin air.

"No problem Terra who are your friends?" Dani asked Terra.

"The Teen Titans." She replied shocking the girl a blue wisp escaping her mouth. And that's when Phantom appeared in front of Dani.

"Danielle what are you doing here?" he asked her.

"Get away from me who are you?" Dani said pushing him away.

"Danielle this isn't the time for this we-." But he was cut off as Dani threw an ecto ray at him causing him to get thrown into a few boulders.

"How long have you been following me and how do you know my name?" she asked as she floated above him her hands glowing green.

"Ugh Danielle this isn't the time for this-." He said as he stumbled up only for her to shot another ray at him so he would fall back down.

"Answer me or I swear I will beat your pedophile ass to dust" She said causing Phantom to cringe. "Fine then I warned you Terra, Titans cover your ears." Dani yelled before unleashing what sounded like a bunch of people moaning, green sound waves vibrating from her mouth and hitting Phantom head on.

Danny's POV

Crap she doesn't remember me. I thought as she unleashed her ghostly wail. I screamed at the top of my lungs, the only time I was impacted by a ghostly wail was when I vs. my dark future self. To say that it hurt was an understatement especially at the close range as I began to sink deeper into the ground. I had to do something and fast. I closed my eyes and covered my ears concentrating on being behind her and that's when I hit ground, I opened my eyes as Danielle stopped and looked behind her. "You started this!" I yelled as I took in a deep breath and unleashed my ghostly wail. The titans and Danielle were blown away and hit several boulders as I ended it.

"Danny?" she asked as she stumbled to get up from the crater she created.

"It only took you to piss me off and unleash your ghostly wail to figure it out." I said as I floated above her.

"DANNY!" she yelled as she zoomed and tackled me to the floor I was only able to see a black and white blur before I was tackled to the floor.

"HAHAHA stop it you, it's nice to see you too." I said as I helped her get up from off the floor.

"Danny Phantom you are under arrest for murder and for the destruction of city property." Robin said as the rest of the titans stood up and engaged in a battling stance.

"Ugh I don't have time for this Danielle hang on." I said as I grabbed her by the wrist and enveloped her in a hug as I used my teleportation, when I hit ground I opened my eyes I was relieved until something tugged at my leg. I looked down to see a black claw on my leg. "Crap." I said before I was pulled into a black vortex the last thing I heard before I was pulled in was Dani screaming 'Danny!'

Teen Titans POV

"I have him Robin." Raven grunted as she pulled at the ghost's leg. A loud pop was heard and he popped out of the greenish blackish hole.

"Titans go!" Robin yelled as they all charged towards Phantom.

"Oh no." Phantom said before he shot up into the air, Cyborg shooting at him with his sonic cannon while BB, Starfire, and Raven took to the sky hot on the halfa's trail. He zoomed straight into the clouds only to have BB in his hawk form stopping before he went inside the clouds.

"Why did you stop?" Raven asked only for a loud Bang to be heard and a hurtling scream and Phantom eyes closed electricity coursing through him as he fell out of the sky and crashed to the ground.

He stumbled to get up and when he did he was met by a steel Bo staff. He dodged left and right evading the Bo staff until Robin hit him in the stomach. Phantom doubled over Robin round house kicked him in the face causing him to go flying towards Cyborg. Cyborg activated his sonic cannon and shot him into the sky only to be met by an armadillo bouncing him back towards the ground. Starfire intercepted him an inch before he hit the ground and punched him towards the sky a loud CRACK was heard and Raven surrounded him in her black mantra and sent him towards Terra only for her to create a rock wall with a loud BAM Phantom hit the wall and fell on his knees.

"Ugh stay back." Phantom said through pants as he was on his hands and knees catching his breath as we all surrounded him.

"I said stay back!" he yelled as he fired electricity at Cyborg and Robin causing Cyborg to have a mini seizure and shut down, while Robin collapsed on the ground electricity coursing through him as he was spacing out. Phantom looked down at his hands with shock and fear. "No…no…no!" he yelled as electricity coursed through him and a blinding flash of light occurred. Where Phantom once stood smoke surrounded a small crater. Unknown to them that Slade was watching the whole thing. "Very… promising." Slade muttered as he slipped back into the shadows.

Danny's POV

I hit the ground, my legs buckled and I fall on my face as pain shot through my body.

"Danny!" I hear Dani yell as a shadow looms over me.

"…Dani…help me…to the…bed…" I said as she grabbed me by the shoulder and dragged me over towards the bed.

"Danny what happened to you?" she asked as she covered me with a few blankets.

"…I…was to…weak…" I said as there were dark spots in my vision until the spots grew and I was engulfed in darkness.

I found myself staring at Jump City but the place was in ruins, debris everywhere molten lava covered where the ocean should have been and a giant red guy with four eyes was leaning on Titans Tower. There were two floating figures floating alongside him one wore my outfit except it didn't have the charm bracelet and was wielding a scythe while, He was next to him the being I hoped and promise to never become Dark Dan.

"Look who's joined the party." Dan said as he floated down towards me. The other figure following.

"Where am I? And how did you escape?!" I yelled as the other figure held the point of his scythe to my neck.

"Shut up I swear if you weren't me I would have killed you on the spot." The figure hissed.

"Wait your both me from different timelines?" I asked.

"Why of course except he's from a timeline where you do become the ghost king yet the ghosts rebel and kill you; so to get even you wrecked havoc in the ghost zone. That was until Clockwork decided to ban you to the mortal world where you decide to become the most powerful villain in the known universe, no one stood in your way." He said as the two began to laugh. "I hate to admit it but he is stronger than me, but weren't alone, this is a warning because no matter where your run or how much good you do evil…is…INEVITABLE!" He yelled as they both unleashed their ghostly wail.

"AHHHHH!" I yelled as I woke up sweat dripping from my forehead. There was a lot of clanging and crashing until I saw Dani run into the room.

"Danny what happened, are you ok?" she asked. She was now in her human form, she grew a lot after the last time I saw her; she was about a foot taller now only an inch of difference between our heights. She let her hair grow out still wearing that jacket and the same baggy sweatpants she wore two years ago other than that she hasn't really changed a bit.

"Nothing…just tired I guess." I said weakly as I tried to get up only to groan and fall back onto my bed.

"Danny you need to rest you are in no condition to 'go ghost' you need to let your ghost metabolism kick in and heal your fried ass." She said as I chuckled a bit at her antics.

"Danielle I haven't said the catch phrase 'going ghost' in over a year. What makes you think I'll start now?" I asked. "Plus I already know that I won't be able to do anything in my current condition so there's only one thing left to do." I said as I kicked off the covers and moved over to the side of the bed wincing. "Get your bum in the bed." I said playfully as she just giggled and walked towards the bed, grabbed the covers, lay down and cuddled up next to me as I wrapped my arms around her. "I won't let you go; you're the only family I have left." I whispered into her ear as I closed my eyes and welcomed the darkness as I fell into a peaceful sleep.

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