Uh, Hi! I feel like I've been neglected using this site.. even though I read a lot and review, so I'm not dead or anythin'... I'm just a bit lazy...

Anyways, in case no one knows... I'm 12... and all my creative juices are flowing... I wanted to start a story that would be ME meeting the Beatles... a 12 year old girl, homeless, is stumbled upon by Mr Ringo Starr. :) BAM! I'd kinda like to credit the writer of Finding Allie (Read it if you haven't) it inspired me to do this thing... ENJOY

Ringo Starr was heading back home from the grocery, in disguise of course, bags in tow. As Ringo turned to a wide alley, his shortcut home, he heard a paper crunch. Fearfully, Ringo whipped his head around. "Hello? Who is there?" He asked.

Ringo heard a slight gasp and a whimper. "Hellooooo? This isn't funny!"

"I-it's just me." A high pitched voice whispered. A young girl, no older than thirteen stepped from behind a dumpster, tattered and grimy.

"I'm -" Ringo started.

"Ringo Starr! I see you in the TV through the windows all the time!" She exclaimed

Ringo's eyes widened, fearful of a crazy fan girl squeal, but none came.

"I'm Trinity." The girl said, sticking a hand out. Trinity glanced at her hand and saw the dirt, and immediately pulled it back. "Sorry, but uh-my hands are a bit dirty you see..." The girl looked at the floor and a blush crept up her face.

"Ringo slightly shook his head. "It doesn't matter, but what does is the question. Why are you out here?" He queried

Trinity openly flinched. "Long story short, I'm homeless."

Ringo frowned. "Why don't you come with me? We'll get you a warm shower, good food, and somewhere to sleep. Good?"

Trinity shot Ringo a friendly smile. "Sure." And with that, the pair started down the alley. Groceries and all.

I know it's short, but I'll have the next one up quickly. Please review and tell me what you think!