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The closer Ringo and Trinity got to the flat, the more nervous the young girl felt. Be logical. She was heading home with a stranger. Famous, yes, but a stranger all the same. "H-how much longer?" Trinity asked, trembling slightly.

Ringo frowned slightly at her discomfort, but feigned ignorance. "Not much further, 2 minutes at the most."

At that word, the two found themselves in front of a modest but large house. Trinity gaped at it, obviously not used to a decent abode. Ringo opened the gate that stood in front of a short path. The gate swung open and Ringo gestured to her. Trinity shuffled into the property, while Ringo promptly shut the gate and walked up the path.

The short man pulled a set of keys out of his pocket and stuck them in the lock. Yelling and shouting greeted the pair as they walked in.


"OHMAIGAWD IT'S JUST CEREAL DAMNNIT!" George yelled back, dodging a teacup that John threw at him. It shattered against the wall, and Trinity let out a scream of fear, and all eyes turned to her, the argument forgotten.

"Who the hell is that? We send you for groceries, and you bring a grimy girl. Fantastic." A doe-eyed man sitting in the corner teased.

After that comment, Trinity felt awfully embarrassed and tears pricked at her eyes. Ringo noticed and felt the urge to protect and defend her.

"Shut the hell up Paul!" Ringo snapped. "She needs help and we are giving it to her."

John rolled his eyes. "Yes because Brian will totally allow that."

George shushed everyone. "Why don't we let her introduce herself."

A small smile appeared on her lips. "I'm Trinity, or Trin for short, if you'd like. I'm twelve and a half, and er-I haven't had a proper home in two months."

The four young men wore identical grimaces. "Oh... you're welcome to-uh-stay here..." George muttered.

"Yeah!" The other three said in unison.

Paul looked her up in down, with mild disgust. "We should take you shopping first, Trin."

Trinity bit her lip. "I don't have any money..."

John laughed loudly, and Trinity jumped. "We are The Beatles for Christ's sake! We have money I assure you!"

She furrowed her eyebrows. "Fine."

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