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CHAPTER 10-Edited

Usagi smiled slightly before raising her hands as a soft silvery mist surrounded the cats, effectively keeping them from my view. Usagi's voice was clearly heard, "Silver crystal, grant me this wish; give me the power to return Luna and Artemis to their original forms. Open now a new world of possibilities."

When the mist cleared, 3 forms were seen in the haze. Serenity stepped out first, and gestured to the two figures that were left behind her, "You can come out now."


Who are those people? And why do they look so familiar?

The young woman was stepping out shyly and I scrutinized her appearance. Her forehead bore the crescent moon insignia which told that she was Lunarian and she had shining black hair that was pinned up in four buns; two on each side of her head. Her mature figure was draped in a simple black slip which flared outwards with a shimmering golden bodice and a crescent moon on her hipbone. A golden bow was tied to her neck and she wore small crescent moon earrings. When she lifted her pale face, her ruby eyes twinkled brightly.

A man stepped out next; he had long snow white hair that flowed loosely. He too, bore the crescent insignia. He wore loose, white training pants, and a white long-sleeved shirt with crescent shaped opening near the chest and another near his stomach. A golden crescent moon necklace hung from his neck and a chipped sword was slung across his back, the scabbard peeking out at his shoulder. His big blue eyes were shinning and he had a mischievous smile plastered on his face.

Something was fluttering on the edge of my subconscious mind and I reached toward it.

The princess groaned, feeling the tight corset dig into her chest. She hated these events.

There was a ball to be held tomorrow night in honor of the Crown Princess of Jupiter. Everyone was excited to go except for the princess herself.

Again she moaned her complaints. She knew she should be acting like the mature sixteen year-old she was but she truly despised balls. She would much rather prefer to train alongside the royal soldiers in loose fighting robes but she couldn't because it wasn't 'princess-like'. She frowned, sometimes she really wished that everyone could know about her being Sailor Jupiter, then nobody would stop her from training.

"OUCH!" The enraged princess swirled on the trembling dress-fitter who had unintentionally poked her side with a sharp needle.

The poor girl stared back with wide eyes, mumbling a stammered apology, "M-my most humble a-p-pology, your highness. It won't happen again!" She bowed deeply, hoping she wouldn't be sent to the dungeon from harming the princess.

The princess narrowed her eyes at the trembling figure and rolled her eyes. How pathetic, the girl can't even stand up for herself without sounding like a stumbling imbecile!

A few minutes later, all the adjustments had been made. The dress-fitter excused herself hastily, bowing deeply at the door; nobody wanted to be near the princess when she was in one of her moods!

Once she was sure the door had closed, the auburn-haired princess rose and twirled in front of the mirror, admiring the gold fabric. The golden gown had a tight corset with a shimmering bodice and a full skirt. A slit in the dress revealed the perfectly tanned skin of her back. It was simple, lacking the multiple precious jewels Queen Elizia had insisted on. It seemed, however, that it was the simplicity of the design that most favored the tall princess.

She'd chosen to outline the bottom her eyes with thick kohl and had outlined her upper lid with a thin golden line that made her eyes pop. Of course, her usual emerald encrusted locket hung close to her heart; although she hardly took it off, the locket shone as brightly as it did on the day she began wearing it. What most people didn't know was that the locket she so prized was really the object that allowed her to transform into Sailor Jupiter, it was also her main weapon, the Electtic Spear.

The princess was shaken from her thoughts when someone knocked on the door. She called out the affirmative and the door opened. A young woman in her late twenties poked her head around the door. She had jet-black hair that tumbled down in waves and ruby colored eyes.

"Hey Luna, what's up?"

The woman, Luna, stepped inside as she answered, "Sere insisted on arriving the night before and staying the night, something about morning traditions on birthdays... She's in the gardens with Endymion right now. Speaking of which, there's a special someone that wants to see you!"

The princess jumped up eagerly, "He's here too!?" She made to rush to the door and was stopped by Luna.

"My dear, I'm sure you would love to go see the General, but do take the time to change first! We wouldn't something to happen, now would we?"

Grudgingly, the princess nodded her head and turned to her wardrobe.

Luna headed out, closing the door softly.

As she pulled a shirt over her head, the princess vaguely heard her exclaim, "General! She's just getting ready to go meet you. In fact, she should be finishing just about now; you can go right in, if you please."

She hurriedly jammed her legs into the first pair of pants she found and reached up to pull her hair into a messy bun. As she did, a large shadow stretched out on the wall. She grinned as his husky voice spoke next to her ear, "Hello, my darling."

For some reason, I couldn't remember anything else.

Who was that? How come I can't remember his face or even his name?

I shrugged, I would remember in time...

Serenity gave a smile which showed her obvious joy as she nodded her head towards the new arrivals and announced, "Meet Luna of the Silver Millennium, previously cat guardian of the royal Lunarian line, and friend to the legendary Sailor Senshi." The young woman stepped forward and was met with gasps of surprise.

That's Luna! It truly has been a long time since I've seen that face! But if that's Luna, then the man must be Artemis…

I examined him with a critical eye, noticing his lean form.

He seems pretty thin; maybe I'll fatten him up with some spritz cookies…

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mercury holding her computer with one hand and typing furiously with the other. I chuckled slightly and turned to see Serenity introduce Artemis.

"I would also like for you to meet Artemis of the Silver Millennium, previously cat guardian of the royal Venusian line, and friend to the legendary Sailor Senshi."

Serenity motioned for the young man to step forward. I looked at Venus, knowing that there was going to be a scene. The cats had never told us about having human forms so I had no reason to believe that Venus knew about Artemis having a human form.

Artemis had immediately turned to the orange senshi and was being eyed warily.

Artemis gave a sigh, his platinum locks ruffling and walked toward her, "Mina-chan please don't be angry. I didn't tell you because I didn't think I would ever be able to be human again. I thought it would be better to just forget about it."

Venus turned her head and spoke harshly, "You didn't think I would care to know that my cat used to be a human? Did you ever think about how I feel right now? I feel like an idiot, my cat was a human in my past life and was none the wiser!"

She broke down into sobs, "Oh Arty I'm so sorry, I'm just being selfish!"

Artemis covered the distance between them with long strides and gathered her in his arms; they stood like that until Venus stopped crying. He spoke to her softly and I wasn't able to hear what he'd said.


I smiled as Artemis stepped behind Luna and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her to him. Luna resisted for a moment, blushing a fine shade of pink before settling into him.

They are so smitten! As cats, and as humans, they just won't admit it!

A hesitant cough was voiced and we all jumped as Ikuko stepped forward. She dipped her head politely as she faced my Princess, her eyes lowered, "I don't mean to intrude in this sentimental moment but I can't help feeling as though there is a reason for you to be showing us this. Something must have happened for you to feel you had to tell us about your past."

I noticed Sere wince at the formality in her Mother's speech.

Nevertheless, she began, "Well, yes there is a reason. We must begin the rule of Crystal Tokyo and I will soon begin to go by the name Neo Queen Serenit-"

Prince Endymion had stepped forward, cutting off her train of thought.

He looks nervous, I observed, I noticed his hand stray to his side pocket and the realization hit me.

Kami-Sama! He's going to… well it's about time; I thought he would have asked sooner!

There were whispers and twittering from the other senshi as they realized what he was going to do.

I looked towards Serenity and saw that she was looking at us with a confused look on her face.

Good, she's still unaware of his intentions; she is going to be so happy.

Endymion sank down to one knee in front of Serenity and held out a small box,

"My dear Serenity, you are the love of my life, the light of my heart, a beacon in the darkness, you are the sole reason of my existence. I have loved you in all my lifetimes and I will continue loving you until the end of time."

He swallowed painfully, "For all of this, I beseech you, Usagi, Crown Princess Serenity Usagi Tsukino the second, heir to the Lunarian throne, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Serenity froze and looked at him with wild eyes. I felt my heart stutter to a stop as she slowly shook her head no.

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