After uploading the previous chapter, I got a certain review which I think all of you should hear the answer to:

I'm liking this version, as well as the original, however I have just one question that I have been wanting to ask.
Are you going to finish the story in the original or just continue on with it in this version?
This version does help clearify a few areas that I am sure that some people are wondering about.

just a thought, based on the differences on the two stories, the original looks like it could become a seperate story altogether.

I had actually contemplated finishing the original version. On Wattpad (the other site I have my writing on), another one of my readers confronted me concerning the finishing of DOL the original. Because of your requests, I've decided to finish writing this story but only after I finish the edited version. The reason I won't be starting now is that the plot in the two versions are very different. I'd like to avoid the hassle of trying to remember what happened in one version that hasn't in the other.

Just as you said, I think the original version will turn out to be entirely different. I will probably end up changing the title and everything. I think I'm just going to go with the flow…

To sum it up, it is entirely my intention to finish writing the original version of Daughter of Luna. However, I will only retake uploading that version after I have finished with the edited version.

I hope you guys will still be interested in reading when the time comes…

Anyways, on to the story!


Diana shifted into her human form, then gave a bright smile and ran to hug us.

She's so beautiful! And she looks just like her mother!

"Mommy, daddy, I'm so glad you finally turned human! In the future we're almost always in human form, and not being able to change while visiting you was so frustrating!"

I beamed at her complaining and ruffled her hair.

Luna patted her head awkwardly and glanced at me, she was still uneasy about having a daughter.

Luna looks cross, but I know she loves Diana. She is, after all, our daughter.

Seeing that she wouldn't be getting punished, Chibiusa hugged Sailor Saturn, "Taru! I missed you so much! I haven't seen you ever since you went on that mission to find out abou -"

"Princess!" Pluto cut her off with a sharp look, warning her not to reveal information about the future. Chibiusa smiled sheepishly, "Sorry Puu, I forgot!"

Pluto relaxed and gave her a kind smile, "It's all right Small Lady; you meant no harm."


It sucks not being able to tell them anything! It's just not the same talking to Taru-chan here as it is in the future! They're all older than me and I don't have any friends my age… I wish I could go to regular school but mama says I need to learn how to be a good princess.

I blinked, "Hey, why is everyone transformed? Should I transform too?"

I was used to seeing the Queen's guardians in their Cosmos garb; their current fukus seemed degrading of their status.

Mama smiled down at me softly and gave me the go ahead so I held up my broach and called out my henshin phrase, "Moon Crystal Power Make-Up!"

I had been training intensely in the time that had passed since the defeat of Chaos. Finally, I'd surpassed the limited power that my Prism Heart Compact gave me and leveled up to mama's old Crystal Star broach. Of course, I could always transform into Super Sailor Chibi-Moon using the Crisis broach but mama said it would be good for me to train until I had earned all my broaches.

The lingering effects of my transformation washed over me in the form of a perfumed shower of pink sparks.

I opened my eyes and recited the familiar speech, "I am Sailor Chibi-Moon; champion of love and justice and in the name of the future moon, I shall right all wrongs and triumph over evil!"

Ikuko-sama let out a squeal, "Usagi, she is so cute! She looks just like you, except she's smaller and all pink!"

No. Freaking. Way. I don't care if she's my grandma, NOBODY calls me cute other than my parents!

I growled and placed my hands on my hips, preparing to give her a piece of my mind.

Papa chuckled and explained, "Sorry, she hates it when anyone other than us calls her cute. Apparently she'll lose all her 'street cred'"

He ruffled my hair and tapped my nose. I just huffed in annoyance.

Mama winked at me, "I'm sure she won't object a certain somebody calls her cute!"

I blushed and willed away the image that immediately came to my mind.

Stop it Chibiusa! He doesn't like you like that and he's much too busy with his duties as Pegasus to spend time with you either way!

At papa's overly protective look, my grandparents burst out laughing, followed by the girls.

Mama leaned on papa and I noticed he stiffened slightly.

Wonder what that's about… I'll just ask them later.

Mama's face was red from her laughter as she choked out, "Just promise me you won't be as bad as daddy!"

Papa shuddered as he remembered and he hastily stammered, "No, of course not!".

He glared playfully at grandpa, "I doubt I'll ever threaten to shoot my daughter's suitor!"

I giggled, papa had told me about that time, he said he'd been afraid to go near Usagi for weeks! Grandpa blushed three shades of red and apologized, obviously thinking about the shotgun he kept in his coat closet.

"Gomen nasai Mamoru-kun, I was not thinking."

Of course he wasn't, when it comes to his daughter and boys, he never thinks! I guess that's a trait that papa picked up on!

Serenity laughed lightly, "Oh daddy, Endy's just kidding. He got over that long ago, right?"

I took my chance to rejoin the conversation and chirped, "Actually mama, he still complains about it back at home!"

Everyone laughed as papa's face turned a deep shade of red, and in between giggles, Venus managed, "That day truly must have been a day to remember if Endymion still thinks back to it in Crystal Tokyo!"

Artemis smiled, and pulled Luna closer to his side as they overlooked at the laughing senshi. His baritone laugh blended in with the other high giggles and his eyes danced with glee.

I sighed contentedly, if only it could be like this back at home, I just wish…

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