Sailor Saturn, senshi of rebirth and destruction, had once again achieved what was impossible to everyone else. She had awakened the dead. And she seemed to be doing a pretty good job of it, too.


It was strange, being in Princess Serenity's form. Every time I looked at someone I'd met in the Silver Millennium, I'd see their past self superimposed over their current body. For the first few weeks, every time I saw one of the girls, I would get a flash of a memory from my past life. It was mainly because of this that I was so spaced out. After I'd remembered all of my past life, I had been more focused but I'd kept up the charade to keep the Negaverse from guessing who I was. After all, who would believe that the crybaby, Usagi Tsukino could be Sailor Moon?

Although I would never admit this to anyone else, I was expecting Taru-chan to raise zombies like one in the scary movies I'd used to love watching. But that wasn't what I saw, not at all in fact. They were shimmering auras, the souls of those whom had died.

There are so many of them! I wonder how Mars is doing, being able to sense spirits and all…

I quickly looked over to her in time to see her shake her head in confusion. It was expected; I doubted any of them had ever seen so many spirits, except perhaps Pluto.

I wish I could say the same for myself

I looked over to the dark senshi and saw something I did not expect. The spirits were becoming solid at an alarmingly fast rate.

Saturn pulled her glaive from her subspace pocket and held it out in front of her as she took on a threatening stance. She began to chant in a low voice, her short ebony hair rustling.

The others looked confused and I didn't understand why until I remembered that Lunarian royalty were supposed to understand any language.

I reached into Jupiter's mind for she was the least likely to recognize my presence there. In the back of her mind, I saw through her eyes, seeing things from her point of view and hearing her thoughts.

She glanced at me quickly and thought, 'This must be quite stressful, I think I'll make her some of her favorite cookies…'

I smiled at her kind gesture.

I subtly nudged her mind to pay attention to Taru-chan. Jupiter didn't understand what she was saying; her mind only registered a stream of unrecognizable characters.

"วิญญาณออกมาจากนรก; คำนับเพื่อเป็นคำสั่งของฉันนรก 'เลือกหนึ่งกษัตริย์แห่งนรก กลายเป็นที่คุณเคยเป็นในจิตวิญญาณได้รูปแบบและกลายเป็นเพื่อนกับคนที่คุณยก!"

I switched out her mind just in time to hear what Taru-chan was saying.

"Come forth spirits of the underworld; bow to the command of the chosen one, blessed by thy master, Hades, King of the Underworld. Become as thy once were, in spirit, not form and become friend to the one whom calls thy name!"

With a reluctant sigh, the auras became shadowy forms once again and bowed down before Sailor Saturn. She swung her glaive; her eyes back to normal and shut the gate of death, forcing the spirits to return once more. The fog began to retreat, and the bright sun came out once again, leaving not a trace of the marvel that had happened mere seconds before.


I began to chant, not knowing where the words came from; it was as though another was speaking through me. For a strange reason, I knew that it took either a child of death or a Lunarian to understand the words I spoke.

I watched in a daze as I banished the spirits to the underworld. Then I sank down to my knees. I wasn't tired, not at all, in fact I felt refreshed and strengthened.

I did it! I controlled them and nobody got hurt!

I looked at Princess Serenity shyly and thanked her silently. She gave me a kind nod, respect glinting in her pure eyes then seemed to change her mind and spoke, "I may not have any memories of you in the Silver Millennium,"

I scoffed, Of course not! I was never awakened back then; I was thought to be too dangerous.

She continued, "But I am glad I got to witness this, you are much more powerful than I could ever have imagined."

I looked at the people surrounding me. Venus smiled tentatively at me, Jupiter was grinning widely, and Mercury was scanning me with her computer. Mars, well Mars was staring me back in the eyes, a knowing look in her face; she knew how difficult it is to deal with spirits. Neptune and Uranus looked proud of me and I felt my heart swell in my chest. What really surprised me was that Pluto looked… amazed.

I can't believe this! I've rendered her speechless!


I had been sitting there gob smacked ever since I'd received my compact.

My memories were slowly trickling back.

"Vee! Give me back my rose!"

I laughed as a four year old Serenity chased me through a green meadow. Her golden hair fell in shorter streamers and curled adorably at the end. Her white gown was dirty from the time she'd spent playing outside. Her cornflower blue eyes danced with mirth.

"You have to catch me first!" I laughed, skipping through the colorful flowers of Earth.

Serenity tackled me from behind and I squealed, "Rena!"

We both fell to the ground in a laughing heap. My cousin took the red rose from my pudgy hands and curled her stubby fingers around it in a protective manner.

I smiled slightly, remembering the scolding we had gotten for sneaking down to Earth. It hadn't bothered us, however, and we had continued to go down to Earth, eventually taking the other senshi down with us.

Princess Ami fiddled with her fingers nervously, "We shouldn't we be here. It's forbidden for us to step foot on Earth ground!"

I rolled my eyes, smoothing out the fabric of my pale pink dress. "Calm down, Ami! Nobody will find out!"

Lita, the princess of Jupiter agreed with me immediately, "Yeah, come on Ami! Live a little!"

Ami shrugged her shoulders and smiled largely. Princess Serenity, who had walked ahead with Rei, called back to us, "Hurry up you guys! I want to show you that cute little house I found!"

Princess Rei had added, "If we don't hurry, people will notice we are gone!"

I laughed when she shouted, "Race you to the clearing!"

We arrived, Lita beating me by only a few seconds. We waited for the others to reach us and stepped into the clearing together

I frowned. I couldn't remember what had happened next.

Hopefully it will come to me in a bit…

I became aware of the fact that everyone was standing silently and looking at one another; mulling over their returning memories.

Serenity blinked and shook herself off, "Shall we continue, Pluto?"

Pluto bowed, her ruby eyes showing respect, "Yes, Princess"

Serenity waved her hand dismissively, "I didn't care for that nonsense in the past, and I sure don't now."

I heard Princess Serenity's lovely musical voice, and began to pay attention, "Pluto, guardian of space and time. What you wish the most is a companion, one whom will stay beside you for the whole of eternity, one you can confide in. Is this not so?"


I felt a glimmer of hope settle in my heart as I nodded hesitantly.

Could it be?

The Princess continued, "To you I give knowledge and hope. I believe that you will have the patience to do as fate commands and that you will not meddle with your future."

I grimaced internally; I never have been very patient… Everyone thinks that I am, but I've just been skipping forward in time to the moment I want to see. I guess waiting is better than never, though!

I nodded grudgingly and she continued, Sailor Pluto, there is a person out there whom will willingly become your partner, one born of Lunarian blood whom will emerge once Crystal Tokyo rises. You know this person Pluto; you have loved him before, just as he has loved you. You do not remember now, but your complete memories of him will return as soon as you see him."

I was stunned, this was greater than I could have ever imagined.

I loved him?

For a moment, two familiar blue eyes flashed in my mind.

And he loved… me? This means no more lonely nights, no more solitude.

I felt something wet hit my cheek and lifted my hand to brush the raindrop from my cheek. That's when I realized that for the first time since my infancy, I was crying. Just as soon as I realized this, my eyes welled up with tears, overflowing and leaving two wet streaks down my face.

I lifted my tear streaked face to the sky as I wept tears of joy, feeling Serenity's pale arms encircle me, holding me to her chest.

I vaguely heard her murmur, "Soon. The time is coming up; it is time for secrets to be revealed. The time is drawing near."

Yes, I agreed, Soon I will have a partner to love, and I will no longer be alone.

C'est fini!

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