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Chapter 1- Find Out and Suggestions.

Emmett Point of View.


"You, this is all your fault! How could you! Why do you always have to ruin everybody's life? Why can't you just ruin your own life and leave everyone else's alone! Why!" I screamed at the two bodies moving around in the room, trying to hide what they were doing, but it was plainly obvious, even the people who were three hundred feet away from the house could hear it. They were having sex. Cheating on me and Bella.

"Alice! How could you! You knew what they were doing and that they were planing to do it, but you let it happen! Did you even bother to think about me, about Bella, your 'sister' I thought that you loved her, and what about you Jasper, didn't you feel anything strange huh? Did you!"

She looked at me in tears. Vampires can't cry, but with Bella's amazing gift of absorbing powers like a sponge, she was able to. It makes us feel more human. Bella has a very rare talent. Alice shook her head vigorously. How could she not have known this. My beautiful wife. My mate. Sleeping with my brother! What did I do to deserve this! Nothing. I did nothing but deal with her stupid bullshit all day everyday. And this is how I get treated!

"No, no Emmett I didn't. I don't know! Ever since Bella's pregnancy my visions are all blurry. Especially with Jacob always around I can't even see anything at all, it is like my whole gift is gone. I only get really bad migraines. Please, don't blame this on me! I love you, Bella, and Nessie!"

"Dude, I don't know how, all I felt from them was complete love for you and Bella, and pure hatred for each other. Just like always. Nothing strange at all. I am so sorry bro, you know I would have told you if I knew anything, I hate both of them.. no offence, but she is a bitch, and he is a plain out right dick."

"I believe you then. I am sorry for blowing up on you, I just... it's... Why!"

I sat down on the couch in the huge Cullen mansion's main living room. I could hear their screams coming from his and Bella's extra room in the main house. I am feeling disgusted with myself, how could they do that, especially in his and Bella's room, with her and his Daughter in the house! How could he do that to Bella! I thought he loved her. Why else would he turn her, and marry her. I just don't know what to do right now. What about Bella? The tiny little girl that gave her life to my dick head of a brother. How does she feel?

My Bella! Oh my gosh everyone has been so focused on me. I don't think one person has even went to see Bella. Not even my mom. I zoomed up, and scooped Renesmee up in my arms, then ran out at vampire speed to find Bella. I went right into the house, knowing that Bella would have heard me coming, and even more heard Edward and Rosalie cumming. The thought disgusts me, I thought that only I could to make Rose do that... I am her mate!

I ran up to her room and laid Nessie down on her bed. Then walked over to the broken angel laying on the floor of her and her husband's room, with her sleeping mini-angel baby on her bed. And then there is her huge monster of a mess big brother bear protector, even though she is by far more protective of herself than I or definitely Edward is...

I carefully walked over to her and sat down by her. I then wrapped my huge arms around the tiny girl, no women tiny women, that probably felt like shrinking into nothing. Except for one thing was stopping her, her daughter. For some reason, I was jealous. Jealous of the little four-month old baby. Jealous that I wasn't the reason that she was still here, and not trying to kill herself like she did when she jumped off of the cliff.

I just sat there for I don't know how long, and just cradled her in my arms. Praying to whatever god that did this to me, to fix the broken angel that was currently crying in my arms. And at the same time I was cursing him out with every single curse word that ever existed for doing this to me and my Bella and Renesmee... What just happened. My Bella? Where did it come from? I am so confused and I just don't know what to think.

Finally, my violently shaking sobs, that had started out as deep breaths, had stopped. But, it was only when Bella sent me overwhelming amounts of calm, along with Jasper, who I am sure is trying to help with her pain as well. She is so considerate. She always thinks about other people before herself. Her family is broken, and she is more worried about making me feel okay.

Nessie had just waken up, and was starting to cry. Seeing her mother like this, crying and being so sad about the situation, probably broke the poor baby's heart. I let Bella get her, and ran downstairs through the cottage and ran into the kitchen. I decided to help out by getting Nessie her warm baby food mixed with warm animal blood, then brought it up to her.

The whole time I was being quiet, but I know that Bellie could still hear me. I walked up to the door, and heard baby giggling. Then I saw Nessie's beautiful smile, and Bella's jubilant expression. The only thing that could make her happy in a time like this, was her baby girl. And, again, I felt a sad pang of jealousy, then instantly regretted it. I can't be jealous of her baby. But I am? I want to be the one making her happy.

Maybe it was my fault that Rose and Eddie did that. Maybe I just wasn't enough for her anymore, so she had to go with my brother. The one that she hates, almost as much as she hates Bella. Or so we thought that she hated Eddie. He hates being called that, so that is why I am calling him that in my thoughts, knowing he can hear them loud and clear. But, it doesn't really matter. Our worlds have just came crashing down. And I need to be strong for her.

I walked in and gave her the bottle, then sat down with her. Before I could stop myself I said something that I seriously would have never considered myself saying to baby Bellie. My little sister. But why doesn't she feel like my sister anymore?

"Bella, lets leave this place."