Revenge of the Angels

"What crime has he committed?"

"He has shown our nature to seven humans, all of whom are now trying to locate us for proof, and tell the humans about us."

"You dare ask for another chance!"

"I'm sorry."

"You will be once your dead my dear." My voice came chilling and bell like. I knew this was not me. I was not like this, my mother taught me better than this. So why can't I just accept that I needed to be nice, better, less cruel?

I sauntered forward, and within three seconds the man was dead. I sent Claire, Alex, Justin, and Fae to kill all of the humans, and then it was over. Just like that, we were back to having nothing to do here.

"My Queen." Ricky bowed to me and said.

"Speak." I announced.

"We have word from King Aro, he has told us to tell you that he would like to see you."

"Okay. Go."

I quickly disappeared into thin air, and appeared back in my grandfather's castle.

"Grandfather." I spoke.

"Ahh, Renesmee, my dear child."

"What is it you want?" I asked.

"We think we are close to finding out the man who killed your family."

"Where is he."

"His name, is Justin Biers."

"Riley Biers.."

"Was his great-grandfather. His grandfather, and father before him wanted their revenge, and they passed it onto him. And now we are one hundred percent sure that it was him."

"I'm going to find him. I want him dead. He killed my parents and my husband."

"Go ahead my dear, I only have one request."

"And what is that?"

"Emma stays with me while you hunt."

"Of course grandfather, I would expect nothing less. My daughter shall stay with you while I hunt this man down and get my revenge for what he has done to my family."

"Trust me my dear, I want him gone as much as you do, he killed my daughter. The Queen, your mother was an amazing woman and while you were no older than fourteen when she was killed, you knew enough, and you were old enough to realize the effects it had on the world. Now get revenge for my family. Make our family proud my dear."

I nodded, flashed back home, and gatherd my daughter and all of her belonging that she would need for God only knows how long, and spoke to her.

"Do not worry my baby Emmaline RoseAlice, you will be in the best hands of your great-grandfather. Your mommy is going to finish what your great-uncle and grandmother started, once and for all so our family can be at peace once again.

(This is a sneak preview of the sequel to Broken Angel, Revenge of the Angels. I hope your planning to read this.)