"I told you, Stiles. I'm fine!" Lydia whined, as Stiles led her deeper into the woods. She stomped a few paces behind him, her heels sinking into the soft leaves that littered the forest floor. Stiles said nothing, and continued to head towards some unknown destination.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see." Stiles replied, simply.

"You're being very cryptic." Lydia narrowed her eyes suspiciously at the back of Stiles' head, and stopped walking very suddenly.

"Are you leading me into the woods to murder me?"

He sighed, and turned to find her standing defiantly, with her arms crossed and her little foot tapping away.

"Yes, Lydia. I am. You got me. After this, you should solve crimes."

"After this, I'll be dead, remember?" She smirked at him.

Stiles just rolled his eyes and snorted to himself, before turning back to the path and strolling away from her. She pouted for a moment before trotting after him, wrapping her impractical cropped pink jacket around herself a little tighter.

They walked in silence for a few minutes, Lydia pouting and huffing the whole time, and Stiles deliberately ignoring her.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly. She glanced sideways at him from under her lashes. "I'm sorry about you and Jackson."

"Oh..." Lydia hadn't expected that. "Yeah... well."

"He's an ass," he said simply.

"Yeah," she agreed, softly. "He kinda is."

She sniffled, holding back the sudden hot tears that burned behind her eyes. Lydia didn't realise that anyone knew she was still hurting over Jackson's sudden disappearance. After he came back as a wolf, she'd expected that they'd get back together and she'd finally be let in on all the secrets that everyone else already seemed to know. Instead, Jackson had announced to her that he was leaving and everyone had gone back to ignoring her. Somehow, the heartfelt speech about "protecting her" and how she "didn't fit in with this world" had hurt more than his callous dismissal of her in the school hallway. This time, she knew he meant it, and she also knew that it meant she wasn't about to be let in on the strange world she was so curious about. Jackson left the same night she had got him back, and she had snapped the smile right back on her face and got on with her life. Smiling through a week of school, she had swallowed all her questions about everything she had seen that night, ignoring the awkward looks that Allison kept shooting her way. She hadn't realised anyone had noticed she'd been drowning. Sniffing again, she pretended to casually scratch at her eye, while really wiping away a tear that had escaped. Stiles cleared his throat and finally glanced at her, shooting her a sad smile that she returned gratefully. She shook herself, her curls bouncing wildly around her face.

"So, where are we going?" She asked, brightly, full of life again. He grinned at her.

"Well, what do you do when your friend gets dumped?"

Lydia flashed him an unimpressed look.

"I mean, what do you do when your friend... ends a long term relationship. Totally on her terms. And not on that jerk Jackson's terms." He amended, quickly.

She shrugged at him.

"Take them out into the woods and kill them?"

"Yes! But then I realised, what would the world do without Lydia Martin in it? Soo..." He poked around in the large sports bag he'd hauled out with them, eventually pulling out a bottle of Jack Daniels. "You get your friend drunk!" He announced with a flourish, frowning slightly at the unimpressed look that remained on Lydia's face.

She tapped her finger against her lip, as if deep in thought.

"Erm, two questions - Firstly, since when are we friends? And secondly, do I look like the kind of girl who drinks Jack Daniels?"

Stiles' face fell slightly, before he recovered, reaching into the bag again and pulling out a bottle of Absolut.

"The Jack's for me. I always knew you were more of a premium vodka girl." She gave him a sly smile and reluctantly reached out to take the bottle of vodka. As she went to pull it from him, he suddenly tightened his grip on the bottle and yanked it back. She stumbled towards him, so they were mere inches away from each other. She could feel his breath against her face when he spoke.

"And Lydia? Don't pretend you don't like me. I know you want me really."

Snorting, she rolled her eyes and snatched the bottle out of his hand.

"I only like you for your booze connections."

He gasped and clutched his hand to his chest.

"You wound me!"

She chuckled, raising the bottle to her lips to take a deep swig. Her little nose crinkled in disgust at the taste, as Stiles laughed, opening his own bottle and reaching forward to clink his against hers.


"Lydia, put your coat back on," Stiles scolded, as she struggled to shrug out of her jacket. Lydia was sitting with her back against a tree, her legs sprawled out in front of her, flailing around trying to get out of her jacket.

"Nooo. I'm... I'm too hot," she slurred, tipping sideways. Stiles crawled over to her on his hands and knees and grabbed her hand, pulling her back upright.

"Oh you are sooooooo drunk!" he mumbled.

"No... you're drunk!" They both giggled, drunkenly.

"This is way more fun that doing this with Scott. Scott's... Scott's no fun." He sighed sadly.

"And I'm tons of fun." She laughed to herself.

"Exactly!" He leaned forward and tapped the tip of her nose, using all of his concentration to manage to not just hit her in the face.

"Ok, your turn, Lyd."

She tipped her head back against the tree and huffed out a sigh, while she thought.

"Um.. I never... I never kissed Scott."

"Liar!" He yelled.

She raised her eyebrows at him and took a swig, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand in a most un-ladylike manner. Stiles looked around shiftily before taking a quick sip.

"I knew it!" Screamed Lydia. "Spill!"

"Nothing to spill. We were like, 12 or something. We were wondering what it was like and... it just happened." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, while Lydia continued to smirk at him.

"Excellent. This is... This is excellent."

Lydia hiccuped and her head lolled lazily to the side. Stiles was still kneeling directly in front of her and reached out to brush the hair out of her eyes. Her eyes half opened and she blinked up at him, suddenly aware of his proximity to her. She fell to the side and rolled away from him, reaching for the bottle of vodka as she went.

"Your go," she slurred.

He lay back next to her, their shoulders rustling against the dry leaves.

"I never... fantasized about one of the wolves."

Lydia stiffened next to him.

"Not Jackson, I mean," he added quickly. "Any of the others?"

Lydia struggled to sit up and took a long swig of her drink, before turning back to shoot Stiles a flirty look. He didn't move and she gave him an incredulous look, turning her whole body around to kneel close to him. She leaned over him, holding the bottle out to him, until he realised her intention. Sighing overdramatically, he gave a tiny nod of his head and closed his eyes as she poured a little of the vodka into his mouth. She giggled as he coughed and spluttered.

"Erica?" She said, knowingly.

Stiles rubbed his hand through his buzzcut.

"Erm. Yeah."

If Lydia noticed his lie, she didn't say anything, instead choosing to try to get to her feet. She held on to the tree and tried to stay upright, taking deep breaths.

"I... I don't feel... I'm gonna get some air," she mumbled to herself.

Stiles snorted at her.

"So... what's your wolfy poison?"

She pressed her back against the tree, letting her head hang forwards.


"No, no, no. Lydia. Which wolf do you like?"

"Oh.. erm. Well, Isaac's pretty... dreamy," she giggled.


"But," She looked around shiftily, pressing a finger against her lips. "No judging?"

He stumbled to his feet and swayed dangerously, placing a hand across his heart.

"This is a safe place." He said, with mock sincerity.

"Derek is like, HOT! Like, he's all... brooding... and commanding."

"Commanding, eh?" Now he was standing up, Stiles suddenly realised how drunk he was and he heard how much he was slurring his words. Before he could realise what he was doing, he swayed forward towards Lydia, bumping their lips together. He had a barely thought-through idea of being "commanding", but his confidence waned as he felt her stiffen and go completely still. They stayed frozen for a moment, before he felt Lydia start to kiss him back, their lips moving together sloppily. As the kiss deepened, her arms came up to wrap around the back of his neck, partly through passion and partly to steady herself. He tried to take a step forward to close the last gap between them, but ended up stumbling forward and shoving her back against the tree, falling against her roughly. She let out a squeak and he tried to pull back to apologise, but her hands came up to hold his head still, still kissing him deeply. Perhaps he could be commanding, even if it was only by accident. She tasted like vodka as his tongue swept carelessly through her mouth. He had been dreaming of kissing Lydia for years, but hadn't pictured their first kiss taking place up against a tree after an evening of "I Never" and hard liquor. She let out a soft drunken moan into his mouth and rubbed herself up against him and he suddenly came to his senses.

"Not like this," he murmured, pulling back an inch away from her mouth. She bobbed forward to try and kiss him again, frowning when he pulled away from her.

"Lydia. Stop." She stilled, her hands pausing on the back of his head. Her face crumpled and her bottom lip wobbled.

"No no no, Lydia. Don't..." He cupped her face in his hands, panic setting in as she burst into tears.

"You don't want me," she sobbed. His thumbs tried to wipe her tears away, as his fingers brushed her hair back.

"Please, Lydia. Stop." He was begging now, his voice coming out frantic, as his fear of crying girls took over. She pushed against him, her tiny fists flailing ineffectually against his chest as he pulled her to him in a hug. Giving in, her burbled sobs became muffled against his green lantern shirt as she allowed him to wrap his arms around her. She was crying in earnest now, fuelled by heartache and vodka, her breaths coming out in shaking wails.

"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry," he breathed softly into her hair.

Suddenly she pressed her hands against his chest and shoved against him, pushing him away. He staggered back, shocked.

"No you're not!" She screamed tearfully. "You're not sorry! You don't care. No-one cares!" God, he should have never let her get this drunk. He thought it would be good for her - A chance to stop pretending to be ok and just let go. He didn't realise how much she had been bottling up. He'd created a monster. He could barely tell what she was saying now, as she carried on screaming slurred nonsense at him.

"-And all you all do is lie.. You lie all the time!" She reached down suddenly, flicking both her heels off and turning to run into the darkness.

"Lydia! Lydia, wait!" Stiles shouted after, stooping to grab her jacket and his bag before taking off after her. He ran after her, cursing how much he'd drank after he stumbled and tripped over almost every tree root. Soon, he was alone, the silence pressing him on him from all sides. He stopped, panting hard, trying to listen for her footsteps in the darkness.

"Lydia?! Lydia?!" He called out frantically, starting to really panic, whirling around and squinting into the dark. He ran on, and stopped again, trying to listen for movement. Suddenly, something huge moved through the bushes to his left. Whatever it was did not sound like a 5'3" drunk girl, and it was moving towards him.

"Lydia...?" His voice came out small and pitiful, as the rustling continued moving steadily towards him.

He flinched as a figure broke out of the undergrowth, feeling a slight moment of relief when he could just about make out that it was person-shaped, not wild animal-shaped. His eyes squinted in the dark to try and make out who it was, as the figure took another step towards him.

"Stiles." The unmistakable voice of Derek Hale boomed out into the night, as Stiles' eyes finally adjusted to the gloom. He just had chance to make out Derek's scowling face, before he swung round, revealing the unconscious Lydia slung over his shoulder, her mess of curls hanging down his back.

"Lose something?"

Second ever fanfic and I'm going for something a bit different. I know my last one was just Derek/Lydia-centric, but I 3 Stiles, so I decided to add him into the mix. Unlike the last one, I have no idea where this one is going. I have like, a vague idea for the next chapter and then pretty much nothing. All I know is that I love the idea of the three of them in a love triangle, and I love Stiles being sweet and Lydia being messed up and Derek being Derek.

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