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Chapter 2

12 Hours Later

Bella, as soon as the plane landed, shot out of her seat, grabbed her carry-on and quickly made her way off the plane. Not having any baggage she headed towards the exit, barely able to contain her excitement. In her other life Bella rarely interacted with the Volturi because Edward was a controlling bastard, but she enjoyed her time spent with the kings. Stepping up the curb she hailed a cab and got in, telling the driver to take her to the castle. Sitting quietly the brunette thought over what she was about to do. Will this help me or hurt me? I don't want the Cullens to get hurt, I love them. The only one I despise is Edward. Oh well, looks like I'll just have to wing it. Handing the driver a handful of cash Bella got out and closed the car door, looking around excitedly. Hmm, should I enter through the front entrance or the sewer entrance? I think I'll take the sewer, it wouldn't due to have them think I'm food. With a slightly maniacal grin Bella shielded her scent, heartbeat and footsteps and made her way to the sewer entrance, opening it and dropping down silently, landing in a crouch. Reaching her shield out she followed the pitch black tunnel until she reached the elevator she remembered from her last life. Pressing the up button Bella bounced giddily, grinning as the doors opened a few moments later with a soft ding. Nearly dancing out of the elevator she smiled at the shocked face of the human secretary, Gianna, and raised a finger to her lips.

"Ssh," she whispered. "Wouldn't want Aro to know he has a visitor, now would we? But do be a dear and call Jane for me?"

Gianna's hands trembled as she picked up the phone and dialed Jane's number. "Y-you h-have a visitor."

Bella watched happily as Gianna's face took on a terrified expression and heard a light whistling sound that announced the presence of a small blonde that looked to be in her teens. Silently she moved so that she was standing behind Jane, a mischievous smile on her lips, and dropped the shield masking her scent, heartbeat and other sounds. When the teen spun around in shock Bella smiled. "Hiya Jane."

Jane Volturi stared at the human in shock before she snarled, "Who the hell are you? How did you get in here?"

"My name is Bella and I took the elevator, of course," Bella replied cheerfully. Adopting a serious expression she said, "Take me to your leader."

Jane growled at the human. "Do not order me around, human."

Gasping in mock shock Bella asked, "Y-you're not human? Oh dear, are you an alien?"

Jane snarled at the human, blurring to the brunette's side and grabbing her arm roughly. "You're very foolish, human, to come here. You'll make a very nice snack."

"You really don't want to do that, Jane. After all, what would your master say when he learned that you made a snack of the only person who can help him take down the vampire that 'killed' his sister?" Bella asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We already know the Romanian coven murdered Mistress Didyme," Jane spat angrily.

"And you would be wrong," Bella retorted. "Now I really need to see Aro."

Growling Jane manhandled the human to the throne room, shoving her inside roughly. "Masters, this human claims to have knowledge of Mistress Didyme's murder."

"Murder? Who said she was dead? Well, deader than being a vampire," Bella spoke up with a frown. "Didyme isn't dead, she's been held prisoner this whole time."

"And how could a mere human know of this?" Caius sneered disdainfully.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Bella chuckled as she stepped forward. She offered her hand to Aro. "You'll have to see this to believe it, Master Aro."

Aro stared at the girl intently before taking her hand, frowning when nothing happened. "I can't - "

"Oh sorry, forgot to lower my shield," Bella muttered before lowering her shield just enough to allow Aro in. "There we go."

"Oh my," the vampire breathed as an entire lifetime flashed before his eyes, where the human in front of him lived over a century as a vampire with the Cullens. He growled when he saw Bella learn the truth about Edward Cullen and how thoroughly he had manipulated her life, about how Edward was responsible for Didyme's disappearance and how the manipulative vampire has kept Didyme prisoner all this time. His eyes widened when he saw Bella learn of her true heritage.

Feeling he had seen enough Bella closed her shield again, pulling her hand away from his cool one. "Amazing, isn't it? How one person can be responsible for so much damage?"

"How could I not have seen this?"

"Because you've never actually touched him, only brushed against," Bella sighed quietly, dropping down to sit on the stone steps in front of the thrones. "It took me over 100 years to realize what he'd done, and when I confronted him he killed me."

Aro slumped into his throne, ignoring his curious brothers for now. "What of your true heritage?"

Chuckling humorlessly Bella said, "What of it? I'll never know my parents so I'll never be able to shift. Which is a shame since I'd love to be able to rip dickward to shreds."

Staring at the human intently Aro contemplated what they could do, absently reaching out to touch his brothers and sending them what he'd seen of Bella's life.

"Why is this abomination still alive, Aro!?" Caius hissed angrily, tensing. "She is a filthy Child of the Moon, she should be killed!"

"Ha, as if," Bella scoffed. "I'm not a pathetic Child of the Moon, I am a Lykan. I don't need the moon to shift, that is if I could shift." To herself she mumbled, "Maybe I can learn from the Quilettes."

"You still plan to go to Forks, child?" Aro asked in a surprised voice.

"I need to," Bella said quietly. "I love all of them, except that bastard; they are my family. And it's through them that I meet my mates."

"Mates? As in more than one?" Marcus asked in interested.

"Yes, I have three. It is to make sure my line continues and flourishes as best it can."

"Assuming that since you meet them through the Cullens, that makes them vampires," Jane interrupted softly, watching the human closely. "Vampires can't get pregnant."

Turning to look at the teen Bella tilted her head slightly. "Normally you'd be correct bu I'm very different from others of my kind. For some reason my blood, if ingested by a vampire, allows that vampire to become pregnant. When I went into labor with Nessie some of my blood was ingested by Rosalie, and later she became pregnant. It took Carlisle months to come to the conclusion that it was my blood that caused Rose to become pregnant."

"How long until you meet your mates, young one?" Marcus asked, changing the subject.

"A few years if I stick to the original timeline," Bella said quietly. "But I'm hoping to meet them before too long."

"If you're to stay here for the summer, they can come here," Aro suggested, ignoring Caius' growl.

"As much as I'd love that, I want to train in my shifting ability and touch up my other gifts," Bella said after hesitating slightly.

"Gifts?" Caius asked finally after a few moments of silence, a note of interest in his voice.

"I'm a shield, both mental and physical, I a true telepathy and because of what was done to me when I was younger, I can switch between this form and my true form."

"What does your true form look like?" Jane asked curiously.

Good thing I wore some baggy pants Bella thought as she closed her eyes, picturing her true form and willing her body to change. She grew a couple of inches in height, her waist became curvier, her breasts grew a cup size, her hair became darker with natural red tints. Opening her eyes the others in the room saw that the once chocolate brown orbs were now a luminous violet color. When she spoke Bella's voice was huskier. "This is what I should look like but because of Edward, I looked like the girl you just saw."

"This will be a very interesting summer," Aro murmured, eyes alight with mischief.

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