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Kim's eyes opened, but her body didn't move. It couldn't move. Her body hurt just to breathe. Flashbacks of her father beating her with that baseball bat overflowed her mind. She kept on seeing her father's enraged face and every time he hit her, the picture went red for a split second. She couldn't bear it any longer. She dreaded this cursed life.

"Kim! You're going to be late for school!" Kim heard her father yell from downstairs.

Kim jumped out of bed, even though the pain killed her. She threw on her usual outfit and ran out the door to avoid another beating. By the time she got to school, her body was screaming in pain. Kim pulled her sunglasses out from her bag and put them on, covering her black eye. She walked slowly down the halls until the bell rang. Jack came out of their classroom a few minutes later and when Kim saw him, she knew she had to set him straight. She stormed up to Jack with a furious look on her face.

"Hi, Kim. Why aren't you in -" Jack started.

Kim grabbed him by his shirt and smashed him into the lockers.

"I know that you saw!" She yelled.

"What?" Jack asked.

"The black eye! I know that you saw it! Don't play dumb with me!"

"Ok, I saw it! But what's the big deal? It's just a black eye!"

"You don't understand! If anyone sees it, my life is ruined! Even more than it already is." Kim said, mumbling the last part.

"Why? You won't be known as the bad girl at school anymore?" He said, sarcastically. "How did you get it anyway?"

"That's none of your business!" Kim said, shoving him in the lockers a little more.

"Oh come on, Kim! You can trust me."

Kim hesitated for a second, but then she snapped out of it.

"Wait! How do you know my name anyway? I never told you my name!" She demanded.

"When Mrs. Roman was calling the office yesterday she said your name! Now are you going to tell me where you got that black eye or not?" He asked.

Jack was the first person that Kim has ever messed with that hasn't started crying, running, or begging for his life. She found that very strange. She decided to trust him with the secret.

"Umm, how about... NOT!" Kim yelled sarcastically.

She pushed him into the lockers one more time and headed to the school's entrance. She left and went to the skate park again, eyeing the bench. Her body ached for her to sit down and throwing Jack into the lockers didn't help. When she finally got to the bench, something pulled on her shoulder. Jack followed her out of school.

"Oww!" Kim screeched.

"Sorry. I didn't pull your arm that hard. Did you sprain it?" Jack asked.

"Nevermind that! What are you doing here? I pushed you into the lockers like 3 times! God, can't you take a hint?"

"Look, you can't get rid of me that easily, Kim."

"You do realise that you're cutting school, right?"

"I know." Jack said smiling.

He sat next to Kim on the bench and Kim noticed that he hed a skateboard sticking out of his bag.

"Is that yours?" She said, pointing to it.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Oh nothing, I just didn't know you're a skateboarder."

"And I didn't know you were the type of girl to get black eyes so I guess we were both wrong!" Jack said, jokingly.

Kim just stared at the ground.

"Are you going to tell me where you got it?" Jack asked.

"I don't want to talk about it. I should get going"

Kim got up and started walking. Jack followed her.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Anywhere but here. This is the last place I want to be." Kim said, looking back at the skate park and the school.

"Ok, so where do you want to go?"

"I don't know! What's with all the questions? Wherever I go, you are NOT going with me!"

"Oh come on, Kim. I know the perfect place to go."

Jack walked with Kim all the way back to his house. His parents were at work, so the house was pretty quiet. Kim sat down on the couch and watched some TV in the living room. Jack had said that the TV in his room was much better, but Kim wasn't going to let him in her life. She didn't even want to be at his house. She was just there to get some ice for her eye. Kim knew it was little things like going over to his house that starts a friendship, and that was the last thing that Kim wanted.

Jack returned from the kitchen with a plastic bag of ice, wrapped in a paper towel. He handed it to Kim, who took it ungratefully.

"Umm, your welcome?" Jack said, sarcastically.

Kim took of the sunglasses and pressed the bag of ice against her eye.

"Do you need some help?" Jack asked.

"Oh yeah! Because holding a bag of ice to my eye is so hard!" Kim sarcastically said.

Kim iced her eye until the ice melted, then she demanded to leave Jack's house. Jack insisted that he walked her home. When they were almost there, Kim knew she had to make him leave.

"Ok, I think I'm good to walk from here." She said.

"Umm, no. I showed you the inside of my house and now you're going to show me the inside of yours."

"No, you don't get it! You need to go, like, now!"

Kim just realised they were right in front of her house. She saw the front door open and her father came out looking angry.

"Kim!" He yelled. "Who's that? Send him off and get inside now!"

Kim teared up and slowly walked to the house.

"Kim? What's going on?" Jack asked. "Do you need help?"

"No!" Kim snapped. "Don't you get it? You just got here yesterday! I just met you yesterday! Before you got here, I did everything on my own! I didn't need your help back then and I don't need your help now, nor will I ever need your help! Just go home and leave me alone!"

Kim ran inside and slammed the door. Jack started walking back to his house in deep confusion. Kim couldn't take another beating today. She ran up to her room and locked the door. She also took some duck tape she had in her room and covered the hole in the door, hoping it was strong enough to keep her father out. She jumped in the shower, afraid that her dad will come any minute breaking the door down. But when she got out, the house was quiet. Kim changed into her pajamas and went down stairs. She saw her dad and her mom sitting at the dinner table talking and laughing. It was the first time in a while that Kim has seen her mom sober.

"Umm, hi mom." Kim said, confused.

"Oh hey, sweetie!" She happily said. "I know! I know! I'm usually drunk and passed out on the couch, but I'm making an effort to quit drinking. I want to spend more time with my daughter!"

Kim's confused look almost instantly turned into an excited look.

"That's great, mom!" Kim said, hugging her mom. "I would love that!"

"I know I can do it with the support from you and your father."

Kim's smile faded. She looked at her dad who had a little fake grin on his face.

Why hasn't he hit me yet? What's his plan?

"Well, I'm going to get some sleep. Goodnight honey. Goodnight Kim."

Kim's mom kissed Kim and her father goodnight and went to bed. Kim's dad got up and approached Kim. He slapped Kim in face.

"That's wha you get for bringing that boy here! I forbid you from having friends!"He whispered.

"Oh I see how this is." Kim whispered. "You'll abuse me all you want when mom is too drunk to do anything about it, but when she's sober, you're too scared to do anything. You're pathetic!"

Kim's father slapped Kim harder. Kim fell on the floor and her cheek turned red.

"Don't talk to me like that!" He whispered.

He went off to his room and Kim walked back upstairs. She locked the door again and lied down in her bed smiling.

This is great! Mom's going to sober up and then dad can't hit me anymore!

Her smile faded. She thought of Jack.

He probably thinks I am the worst person alive. He probably never wants to see me again. Wait! Why am I caring what he thinks? Ugh! I must be really tired.

Kim closed her eyes and went to sleep. It was the first night in a long time where Kim didn't have any new bruises to worry about covering tomorrow morning.