Okay Part two of the Fire and Ice saga like before I may add my own levels and adventures Eternal Night is honestly my favorite in the trilogy despite it's difficulty love the story love the moves love the atmosphere and music! also the chronicler will be talking until I say so


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Fire and Ice: Night Eternal

XII-Prologue II

Three books one path, two books one history, five books one destiny, three months ago a purple Dragon named Spyro and his brave companions, Sparx, and twin Dragons Solria and Koryu ventured forth to free the three captured guardians from the clutches of the Dark Master's monsters.

Cynder the Terror of the skies and Raiciel the Dark Storm both lead the Dark armies though the combined might of these young dragons unraveled their plans as the guardians were freed one by one, Ignitus the Fire Guardian however was captured at Munitions Forge when Cynder attempted to kill them,

In the shadows Raiciel plotted against Cynder but when the time came for his betrayal Cynder used his own weapon against him and went to free the Dark Master

while the three young Dragons were too late to stop Cynder from inserting the crystals they were able to best her in battle Spyro's ultimate Fury the Convexity Fury cleansed her of the Dark Master's evil power and returned her to her true form just as Raiciel had been reverted through a weapon of his own creation

Spyro lost his abilities they lie now dormant within him the five young Dragons savored the new found peace but they still had a feeling of dread for the Future is all but obscured to those with strong ties to destiny

Regular POV intro over

"Come on it's this way!" Solria stated as she lead everyone into the training room.

"Great! We get to spend the day with the creepy dragon duo!" Sparx groaned shaking his head turning towards the Dragon statue now lowering, "Sigh I need new friends! AHHHHH!" the sight of the statue so close scared Sparx.

"I don't know about this Solria." Raiciel stated as Sparx spastically flew around behind him.

"Relax Raiciel it will be fun." Solria assured.

"She's right all you have to do is stand outside the circle and whatever you think of appears in the circle, try it." Cynder stated saying the last part to Spyro as he stepped in facing her dummy.

"Okay here it goes!" he stated trying to get a breath going but nothing.

"Nothing" Spyro cursed.

"Ya got that right." Sparx agreed.

"Keep trying." Koryu encouraged.

He did there was a spark but then nothing, Spyro let his head fall, "I guess my abilities aren't ready to come back yet."

"It's been three months maybe we should see if Ignitus thinks we should do more than wait." Solria stated.

Spyro brightened up "just because I can't use by breaths doesn't mean I can't work on my moves, gimme something challenging."

"Alright tough guy try this on for size." Cynder stated summoning his oppenents Spyro breezed through the dummies.

"Hey Raiciel, why don't you give it a shot?" Solria asked.

"Me…no…uh, I'm like Spyro I haven't been able to use my abilities since my powers were drained." Raiciel replied he hadn't been able too but unlike Spyro he hadn't tried.

"Just go for it!" She encouraged.

"Okay." He breathed as Spyro stepped out of the ring.

"Go for it Raiciel." Spyro encouraged.

He nodded and breathed so far nothing until the dummy was zapped he grinned, "I did it!"

"See it was only a matter of time." Cynder replied.

"Now if I could just get my elements back." Spyro added.

"Like I said will have to see if this has become a problem." Solria replied.

"I want….to keep trying is that okay?" Raiciel asked, they nodded, Raiciel had become a bit shy and reserved a stark contrast to the Dragon he was under the Dark Master's control.

Raiciel zapped several dummies he used all the electric moves at his disposal Electric Twister, Electro orb and electric arcs.

"Whoo go Raiciel!" Spyro cheered,

In a fit of confidence Raiciel charged up an electric Sphere however his eyes and tattoos glew a bright but all to familiar blue.

"Raiciel cut the power don't let that attack loose!" Cynder yelled.

"I…..can't run!" he shouted they managed to dodge however Solria wasn't so lucky with a scream she hit the wall dazed.

"Solria! I'm so sorry are you okay?" Raiciel shouted rushing over to her.

"I'm fine." She muttered getting up,

"Get away from her!" Koryu snarled tackling him over, "You hurt my sister!" he yelled teeth baring.

"Koryu stop it was an accident!" Spyro called out.


"Koryu enough" Ignitus shouted Koryu grudgingly got off and ran off but not before shooting Raiciel a dirty look that made the electric Dragon flinch.

Raiciel ran off before anyone could say anything, "Raiciel wait!" Solria called out.

"It wasn't his fault it was an accident he got his element back and was using it on the dummies but his powers from before kicked in and he lost control!" Cynder explained.

"I see."

"Does that mean, Raiciel's powers weren't completely drained?" Spyro asked.

"They were supposed to be." Cynder muttered guilt ridden.

"But he doesn't have the Dark Masters influence all the Darkness and Corruption that's gone it just means that like the Guardian's Raiciel got his full power back that's all." Solria defended.

Everyone was silent. "I am sure of that as well young Dragoness but it does mean that Raiciel will have to learn to control his powers all over again." Ignitus replied but truthfully he couldn't help but wonder he was so sure that everything was gone from Raiciel.

Raiciel listening however…. "I'm still evil inside and it's only a matter of time before he takes over, it's not like I belong here anyway…..they should know that."


In a Dark Foreboding mountain the scared and mangy ape king Gaul came forth, among his cheering minions loyal to only him.

"Listen to me listen even now-"Crash the sound of armor falling they all turned to an ape that had bumped into it,


Gual gave an annoyed huff and snapped his fingers and the ape was thrown out the window.

"AHHHHHHH" Crash, "I'm okay!" he called.

"Even now the Eternal Night draws nigh but we must begin the preparations if our Master is to escape on that glorious night we must attack the temple tonight we will strike a blow that will desecrate that eye sore of a temple crush our enemies!"

"GUAL, GUAL, GUAL, GUAL!" they cheered.

"They're defeat and the death of the purple whelping will mark the beginning of a new age one we have worked and suffered for the age of the apes!" he declared as they went into a loud cheer.

Yeah this is too long for a prologue but that's what it is….and so chapter II of the Fire and Ice Saga begins!