Okay now that Solria has dealt with her issues let's see if she can find Spyro and Co.

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XVII- A bond that shall never Die

Spyro's feet instantly felt chilly as he landed on the snowy scape the storm had gotten so bad that they couldn't keep flying through it.

"Brrrr please tell me were gonna get out of this storm." Sparx begged.

"Yeah we can't go any farther." Spyro replied.

"We're stuck here until the storm clears up." Koryu stated,

"Which hopefully won't be long we need to get to the tree in my dreams." Spyro muttered they then saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

"That's not normal." Koryu muttered.

"No it isn't let's go check it out." Spyro agreed,

"Can't we stay here where its safe." Sparx asked and the dragons ignoring him went forward, "That's a no, sure let's go deep into the freezing Ice cave and turn into icicles I can't think of a better way to spend the night!" Sparx complained.

"Actually it's warmer in here than it is out here especially if you get deeper to where the hot springs is." called a voice which Spyro and Koryu perked up at.

"Bentley!" they called as the yeti came into view holding a glowing crystal coming up to them.

"G'day mates long time no see. Where's yer sister Solria?" he asked,

"Out on her own which is probably my fault." Koryu replied sadly.

"Don't worry I have a feeling she'll catch up soon enough so what brings out all the way out here?" Bentley asked,

"We need to get to the Ancient Grove on the other side of the mountains but were trapped here because of the storm." Spyro replied.

"Hmm ya better follow me then you'll need to take the tunnels the storms up here can last for weeks and if you're on an important mission then times something you can't afford." Bentely replied.

"It's also a deadly mission do you know that another evil dragon wants us dead!?" Sparx stated,

Bentley laughed, "I see that Sparx is still as adventurous as ever."

"Oh yeah he just loves charging into things that wanna eat him." Spyro joked.

"No I don't!" Sparx stated vein popping.

"Come on we'd better get to where ever we need to go and get to that grove the sooner we find that tree the sooner we can find Solria." Koryu replied with a small laugh and with that the group set off down the frozen tunnel.

There was an ice eel inside that Spyro quickly killed with a fire breath they came out to an area where the wind was knocking a bridge around they couldn't fly across in this weather so they had to cross on the bridge,

"Sparx hold on tight." Spyro told him.

"You don't have to tell me twice." Sparx replied Spyro raced across as fast as he could slipping a little before regaining his footing and going a little further, this time more carefully and he made it into the cave.

Koryu followed having more friction on the ice while running due to his element he made it across Bentley followed he took a bit of a jog before the bridge snapped he just managed to grab the cliff ledge and pull himself up.

"I'll have to fix that." Bentley muttered.

"Yeah you will, stupid wind, stupid snow." Sparx muttered,

"Ya know snow is pretty when you're not having too much of it." Bentley pointed out.

"He does have a point." Spyro added but he knew that Sparx wouldn't agree he had always loved the snow more than even his foster parents.

They came into a large pocket cave full of spirit gems sticking out of the wall. Spyro and Koryu recharged before staring in awe.

"This was a rebel base back in ancient times when the Dark Master was trying to get control of everything it was left to gather dust when he was sealed away, ya know the Night of Eternal Darkness started happening after that." Bentley mused,

"So the Night of Eternal Darkness started to happen after the Dark Master?" Spyro asked.

"Yeah it's no night you want to be out Mate trust me." Bentley replied.

"I really hope Solria is following us." Sparx complained.

"Yeah me too" Koryu replied sadly. As they continued down the area, the next area was a cave with a large crack down the middle to allow the blizzard to soar over top of them.

"Oh great a sky light." Sparx grumbled,

"Don't worry not much longer we're getting there." Bentley assured as they walked through the area Spyro and Koryu with Sparx ran ahead while Bentley left large foot prints in the snow he ducked as they came to the next area a place with a glowing River that's when they heard crooning and other familiar sounds.

"Look!" Koryu stated as they saw Apes try and harvest the spirit gems in the area the path had taken them to another part of the old base.

"Looks like trouble!" Bentely growled as they hid watching,

"They must want the spirit gems." Sparx stated then glanced between his friends who had a look in their eyes he absolutely hated, "We're gonna have to do the right thing here aren't we?" he asked with a huff.

"Like you have to ask?" Koryu replied.

"We need to be careful." Spyro stated.

"Right." Koryu and Bentley agreed as they jumped out Bentley sending a few into the wall with his club.

Spyro sent a fire bomb barrage on the apes who were quickly caught in Koryu's snow storm move he sent them flying into the wall the two frozen broke on contact with it,

Spyro landed a few combos on one of them knocking him into an ape with a large staff covered in crystals that sent a surge of fire at them Spyro and Koryu flew up dodging it and hit him with a Polar Bomb and Fire bomb combo dealing major damage.

It was Bentley however who landed the finishing blow when he did he saw something that made his eyes widen,

"Spyro, Koryu look!" the two dragons turned to see that several apes had escaped with several soul gems already harvested they rushed after it jumping on another mine cart.

The two were now soaring down the track Spyro was launching Fire bombs at them while Koryu spat Polar bombs the cart was heading for a jump they hit the thrust and sent the cart forward making the jump,

"Whew." Sparx muttered,

"Double whew." Koryu added,

"There they go!" Spyro stated as they turned making the track change in hopes Spyro and Co. wouldn't be able to follow them.

"Spyro!" Sparx called trying to pull up a shovel Koryu grabbed it and stuck it out to change the track,

"Good job Sparx, now let's get those hairy apes." Spyro stated as Koryu dropped the shovel back in the cart.

"We might need it again," Koryu stated, and he was right twice they had to use the shovel to reset the tracks to keep on the ape's trail eventually the two carts crashed and all passengers were sent flying into a pit, where the two Dragon's cornered the apes.

"I've only got one shot at this." one of the apes grunted grabbing a parchment out of his satchel and reading it under his breath.

The ape started to change the other apes fled as this one convulsed and contorted into a large monster ape that roared at them slobber covering them.

Sparx's jaw dropped as the ape beat its chest and tried to squish the trio who fortunately dodged.

"Mommy." Sparx muttered, as Spyro and Koryu stared wide-eyed jaws dropped.

The ape tried again to crush them Spyro hit him with a flame wing while Koryu tried to slow him down with a snowstorm but to no avail as he was sent skidding across the ground, he jumped up and landed a bite on his paw he let go when the ape tried to crush him then got an ice spike in his hands drawing a little blood but the large ape seemed to shake it off.

"Strange that usually does more damage." Sparx stated from behind a rock.

"Yeah well I don't usually face Apezilla." Koryu retorted.

"Look out!" Spyro stated as he and Koryu dodged Sparx hiding in the tunnel they came out from while Koryu and Spyro landed several hits.

"Spyro we need time!" Koryu stated the two had been cornered with two giant hands Spyro activated Dragon time allowing them to run under his legs and escape. A sudden Fire fury from Spyro sent it back a little but the ape merely roared and charged they dodged and it crashed into a wall allowing them to attack with combos and breaths.

The monster however quickly turned on them and hit then sending them into the wall, they stood up the monster despite all the hits it took stood strong.

"We've given it everything he have and it's not enough!" Spyro griped.

"We need the Fusion Fury but I can't do it without-"

BANG! Several fire bombs instantly planted themselves into the side of the monster then something streaked passed it's head scratching it's eyes.

"SOLRIA!" Koryu yelled in joy as she landed beside him.

"Look who Bentley found!" Sparx stated coming over Solria and Koryu nodded and charged up their respective furies the two becoming a white and orange colored light that surged out the monster screamed but it faded as he fell to the combined polar bombs and fire bombs that surged from the fury the two landed panting a little bit as Bentley slid down towards them.

"You two alright?" he asked.

"Yeah we're fine." Solria replied a little tired.

"Well here use some of the spirit gems they stole." Bentley replied placing one in front of them the twins nodded and placed their paws on it allowing the energy to return.

"Solria how'd you find us?" Spyro asked.

"Well I had a little help finding the place you guys were currently at thank the ancestors, then I followed the cave till I found Bentley you guys had just taken off in the mine cart." Solria replied.

"Five seconds!" Sparx stated in an exasperated tone.

"Who cares are you coming back with us?" Koryu asked.

"Yeah." Solria replied.

"Well then lets go we've a bit more ground to cover and those apes ate up a lot of our time but were just about there don't worry." Bentley assured.

"And yet I'm not relieved." Sparx griped Spyro shaking his head as the three left Koryu was about to follow when Solria stopped him.

"Wait." She stated tears welling up in her eyes that then poured out, "I am so, so, sorry Koryu." She sobbed.

Koryu just nuzzled her, "Its okay this isn't the first time we've fought and it won't be the last."

"I know but I was in a place called Fangclaw a ruined City Ignitus used to be best friends with Red and he got mad at Ignitus and was jealous look how he turned out, I don't want us to end up like that!" Solria stated.

"We won't yes will get mad at each other but we will never fall apart we're brother and sister that kind of bond doesn't just break in fact I'd go as far as to say it never dies." Koryu assured.

"You sure?" Solria asked.

"Positive blood is thicker than water plus I want you to tell me more about this event you saw something tells me you're forgetting a few details." Koryu replied.

Solria wiped her eyes and smiled, "Probably, Spyro will want to hear it too now let's catch up before Sparx freaks out again."

Soon the group was facing down a large purplish-green forest with a bright neon purple ribbon weaving through it.

"Thanks Bentely We never would've made it here without you at least not in one night." Spyro replied.

"No problem Spyro I like to help out anyway I can." Bentley replied.

"Next time Solria goes missing I vote we track Bentley she always shows up again when we're around him." Sparx stated but Solria merely chuckled good-heartedly rolling her eyes.

"We'll see you again Bentley." Solria stated.

"Yeah take care." Koryu added.

"Good luck you guys hopefully you can find out what you need to know." Bentley replied as the group took off.

And Yup back to the Game's plot we are now at the ancient grove and that's where our next chapter will take place.