A/N: For the 52 Weeks of Writing (parchment, sad), Musical Terms (semplice), and If You Dare (Dr. Seuss). Also for Ami who made me want to write these two.

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."- Dr. Seuss

"We're cousins," Louis says when Lily kisses him. "You're my blood."

"I know," is all she says. Two simple words before kissing him again.

This time, he lets her. Maybe it's wrong, but he doesn't care.


At first, it's simple. They're in love, and nothing else should matter. They meet in secret, holding each other and sharing themselves.

"You're beautiful," she whispers, fingers pushing through his strawberry blonde hair.

Louis snorts. "That's my line, Lils."


Louis wishes he could believe in happily ever after. The prince and princess overcome all obstacles against all odds and live out the rest of their days in bliss. It's the way the story always goes, but real life is much less pleasant.

Sometimes, the villain runs away with the princess, and the prince is left with nothing but sadness and bitterness.

Scorpius laughs with Lily and holds her hand. He kisses Lily right there for all to see. Louis could never give Lily that, and he hates Scorpius for it.


His heart breaks when the wedding invitation comes. Lily is supposed to be his.

Louis is about to throw the invitation in the bin with the rest of the rubbish when he notices the slip of parchment tucked into the envelope, almost as an afterthought.

One simple sentence is scrawled across the parchment in Lily's elegant cursive.

I still love you.

Louis doesn't know if it helps or hurts, but he has to smile.