"So, remind me again... why am I here with you guys?" Lucy had her arms crossed over her chest, and was looking around at the three sharing the seats with her. To her right, on the aisle seat, sat Evergreen. In front of her, on the opposite seat, was Freed and Bixlow. Freed raised a thin eyebrow at the question.

"What? You mean you've forgotten? I asked you only a few hours ago if you'd like to come with us on this job. It's only taking out a minor dark guild in a town. We asked you in the guild. You said okay because Natsu and Lisanna are on another mission catching up, Erza is shopping for armor, and Gray is on a mission with Juvia. Plus, you mentioned you needed rent money and we agreed to split the earnings with you." Lucy twitched and looked off to the side.

"Okay, let me re-phrase that. Why did you guys ask me to come along with you?" Bixlow shrugged and grinned, letting his tongue hang out of his mouth as he did so.

"Well, why not? You're pretty strong, I know that from experience." Lucy nodded, remembering how she and Loke defeated Bixlow back during the Fairy Tail battle royale that Laxus had put up. Evergreen put an arm around her shoulders and leaned in.

"Besides, we want to see if you're really as tough as all the rumors say you are. Like how you took out an entire dark guild that was holding people in that one merchants' guild hostage and just breezed out when it was nothing." Lucy sweat-dropped, remembering the circumstances under which she drew out such a reserve of rage and power. After all, it wasn't like it was every day that you thought your dad was going to die and you had to rush to prevent that so as to not walk around the rest of your life feeling guilty and knowing that the last thing you told your father was that you hated him.

"Well, most of those rumors aren't true, but that one was. It's kind of a long story." Bixlow glanced out the window, pulling his tongue back into his mouth for a moment so he could speak.

"Well, you can save that story for later, because we're here."

Lucy poked her head out from behind the clump of shrubs that she was currently hiding behind. Freed looked at her strangely, as he and the rest of the Thunder God Tribe were standing out in the middle of the road.

"What are you doing, Lucy?" Lucy started and began sweating nervously.

"Ah, well, you know," she fumbled nervously, "I mean, we're right outside the dark guild's hideout, shouldn't we try to sneak our way in and fight them from there?" Bixlow snorted at the thought.

"Why should we be doing that? We're the Thunder God Tribe, we have enough power to just go in there and take them down. Anyways, why are you scared? You took out an entire guild all on your own, once." Lucy sweat-dropped as she stepped out from behind the bushes.

"Yeah, that's kind of a big part of that long story we didn't have time for on the train." Evergreen pushed up her glasses and huffed.

"Well, either way, we're here now. Let's get this done. And don't you think about slacking behind," she said pointedly to Lucy, "otherwise you won't get that cut of the earnings." Lucy sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, I know." She straightened herself up and clenched her fist. "Alright, here goes, for my rent!" Freed drew his saber and pointed to the door.

"Thunder God Tribe, enter." Lucy hopped up and waved her arms.

"Wait wait!" She held up one of her keys and smiled devilishly. "If you want to make a big entrance, then you have to do it right."

The dark guild members yammered and laughed and clanked tankards of drink against one another. They talked of their latest heists and attacks and missions as she slugged down their drinks. Suddenly, though, the rowdy calm was broken by the front door to their guild being thrown inwards. Literally thrown, as the doors themselves went flying into the room and crashed into the other wall, having been torn off their hinges from whatever had made the impact.

"What the hell?!" One of them shouted out. They all dropped their jaws when they saw the enormous, hulking creature in the door.

"Y'all better MOOOVE outta' my way!" The creature drew a gigantic battle axe from a strap on its' back and brought it crashing down on a table, slicing it cleanly in half with the one blow. It moved away from the door, and four people were at the entrance.

"Very nice," the one in the center said, "excellent way to make an entrance, Lucy."

"Thanks, Freed," Lucy said back. "Now, let's show these dark guild creeps what we're made of!"

"Agreed," Evergreen said as she stepped in delicately. "Look out boys, here I come."

"Let's get 'em babies!" Bixlow laughed. His little barrel-shaped minions giggled along with their master and flew off to attack. Meanwhile, Lucy had closed up Taurus' gate and pulled another key from her ring.

"Did you like Taurus? Because I'm just getting started! Open! Gate of the Maiden! Virgo!" She turned her key and a bright light shone as Virgo appeared before her.

"You called princess?" She took in the scene for a second and let out a small 'ah'. "Ah, I see, a battle. Would you like me to take care of them for you?" Lucy nodded, and Virgo responded with a bow. "As you wish." A light shone around her and she suddenly disappeared into the ground, a large hole where she had been a moment before. Not a second after, many of the dark guild members were pulled down so their heads were above ground slightly, but other than that, they were up to their necks in dirt. Virgo popped up before Lucy once more and bowed. "It seems they have all been taken care of, will that be all, princess?"

"Yeah, that'll be good for now, thanks Virgo?" Virgo got in one more bow before her gate was closed and she was sent back to the celestial world.

"Wow, impressive.' Lucy jumped, only just remembering that the Thunder God Tribe was still there.

"I love your spirits, and you have such good control over them," Bixlow complemented.

"It's more of a partnership, really," Lucy said, waving away the complement.

"Lovely way to make an entrance as well. Really gets things warmed up for a fight," Evergreen approved. Freed looked to his two teammates, a strange expression on his face.

"So, have we decided?"

"I think we have." Lucy blinked, not understanding.

"Um, decided what?" Freed and the rest of the Thunder God Tribe turned to her and stared her down, making her feel slightly uncomfortable.

"You see, Lucy, the Thunder God Tribe is a powerful group on its' own, but we cannot help but feel that something is missing. We thought that perhaps it was time for some new blood to join our group. You see, the reason we invited you was actually so we could see whether or not we thought you were what we were looking for, and you fit the bill perfectly. And so, we would like to extend this opportunity to you." Lucy stiffened, flustering as she realized what Freed meant.

"Eh?! You mean-"

"Lucy Heartfilia, we would like you to join the Thunder God Tribe!"